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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Watching Seminoles play Notre Dame in Berlin with Apple TV

FSU beat Notre Dame by 21 points. Notre Dame was ranked number 20 in the national before the game.

Apple TV is a little black box sold by Apple for $129. Wherever you are - you can hook it up to the Internet - by wire or wirelessly - and watch programming from back in the USA. We can use it to listen to our Sirius Radio or watch Netflix TV.

Do not get Apple  TV mixed up with Slingbox. A sling box is a device you put on your TV system back home - it sends your local TV programming (Tallahassee for us)  to our computer or phone. It allows us to watch anything that is on our TV back home - movies - games - news - network shows.

Watching both Apple TV and Slingbox cost nothing - you are using programming you pay for in the USA already.

We do get a full selection of TV programs  on the Berlin cable - but except for CNN World - they are in German. 

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