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Friday, February 28, 2014

Pouring New Driveway

It was 65 and you can see the clear blue sky we had to pour. We had 4 trucks with 10 yards each. We were about 1.5 yards. We had to get a short delivery.

All is poured now. The workmen are dressing it and putting the lines in it.

It will be 24 hours before we can drive on it.

Today We Pour The Paddock and Driveway

This picture is looking east. Seminole Drive goes left and right (north and south) - Clark Street goes east.

Yesterday was a busy day laying out the paddock and driveway. We had to grade to get the pitch just right. We do not want any puddles.

The paddock is 36 x 42. I know I am using the wrong word for that - but to me it describes it best. That is the area directly in front of the garage doors where you turn around. Next is a 10 feet wide driveway that goes to the street. The whole thing takes the shape of a wine glass.

The entire concrete project takes the shape of a wine glass. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Out With The Old Driveway - In With The New

 Today they are tearing up the old driveway and paddock. Tomorrow they will form the new one. Then after some grading and sod - we will be done done.

This drive and paddock are in pretty good shape for being 60 years old. Too bad the pine tree roots cracked them up.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Someone In Berlin Wants To Buy My Picture

The first Apple Computer - Apple I

Someone in Berlin wants to buy a picture I took in 2001.

Here is the letter - 

Hi Harry, 

I found the Picture of the first Apple computer ( ) on your Blog. And I was wondering if you would give me the permission to use it in an company employee lecture presentation and what you money you would like to have to license it for this usage. 

It would be great if you send us the image in higher resoultion. 

I happy to hear for you soon.


Philipp Stelzner
Berlin - Germany

My reply -

Hi Philipp - 

Thank you for reading my blog. You are welcome to use the picture of the Apple I computer - free of charge. If you would like - you can give me a credit. Use any one of these. 

Picture by

Picture by

I took that picture at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC in April of 2001. I was just there in December and the computer is still there.

This picture is old - 2001 - so it is not a very high pixel count.

I have never been to Berlin. But it is a small world - I am flying to Berlin on March 2nd. We will be there until March 8th. I will be writing stories about Berlin on my blog. My wife is a professor at Florida State University. She is going to a conference in Berlin. We will be staying at the Eurostars Berlin Hotel. Do you live near that hotel?

Again - thanks for reading my blog. Use my pictures as you see fit.

Sincerely yours -

Harry Everhart
1816 Seminole Drive
Tallahassee FL 32301

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Camper Sold - We Hardly Knew Ye

This was our 2002 Dodge Roadtrek camper. On the left in the background you see the foundation of our new home. On the right in the background you see the metal storage garage with doors high enough for the camper.

Inside - the camper slept 4 (tightly). It had 6 seats with seat belts - but one time it took 10 of us to the football game - ready for a tailgate party. It has 2 showers - 2 air conditioners - TV with DVD - Toilet - Microwave - Frig - Furnace - Sink. It has a 318 V8 engine and got 13 to 15 MPG.

We sold our Roadtrek camper. You may re-call we bought it last August. I got a call from Camping World then - they said they had the coach I was looking for. It was a 2002 Dodge Roadtrek. It only had 28,000 miles on it. It was a one owner and in perfect shape. 

Even though we were pouring the foundation for our new home - we zoomed over to Camping World - 10 miles away. The last time they called me with a coach - we hesitated - and lost the deal. This time we were really not in the market - but we took the chance. 

Aerial Snow Videos of Tamaqua PA

I am just blown away by the fantastic videos that Andrew Leibenguth produces. He owns a small drone helicopter that has a camera mount. He is documenting my hometown Tamaqua like no one ever has.

This video is an hour long but it covers most of Tamaqua. You can scroll through it to find spots you may want to study. the snow is just icing on the cake.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Home Stretch - We Need Garage Doors - Driveway - Grading - Sod

Today they finished painting the garage. We are waiting on the doors - that is my fault because we delayed selecting them. 

We are presently working a deal to sell the metal building. 

The house and garage are same lines - proportions - and materials. This picture was taken from the southeast corner of the property. 

A couple of wood rockers grace the front sitting porch.

This is the back yard and the back sitting porch. All that is left is the garage doors - some grading - some sod - and the concrete driveway and garage paddock. I tease Lulu that the back porch would be a great place for the camper. It is certainly high enough - long enough - wide enough.

We Saw The Broadway Show Memphis Last Night - and Keith Emailed to Say FSU Beat Pitt at Pitt

We bought a very nice pair of tickets on Craigslist to see the Broadway Show - Memphis. It is a very upbeat musical comedy that won a Tony Award on Broadway in 2010. The tickets were up front and included VIP parking and dinner with the cast. To my surprise the show started at 7:30 and the dinner was AFTER the show at about 10 PM. That was quite a task for a guy that eats at 5 PM  :-) It was a fantastic meal - and the cast were genuinely happy to sit there and talk about the show.

During the second act - Keith texted us to tell us that FSU beat Pitt at Pitt in basketball. Not only did we expect to lose - but Pitt seldom loses at home. FSU led bell to bell with one tie at 5 minutes to go. Lulu was all excited to get home to see the recorded game - but for some reason she did not get the last 30 minutes. So she stayed up until midnight to see the full replay.

Our team has been in the doldrums and we did not expect to make the NCAA playoffs. A big win like this puts them back on the bubble.

We are going to be in Germany from March 2 to 8. The game against Syracuse that we have 4 tickets for is March 9. I was going to sell them for a hearty profit - now Lulu is not so sure. We like to volunteer to be bumped on our plane flights . That would make us late for the game and $300 of tickets would go to waste.

At any rate it was a great weekend. Someone bought my camper (more on that later) - w head a fantastic play - and then FSU beat Pitt. We also have a deal in the works to trade the metal building for a new driveway and paddock. but that is another story.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

WhatsApp Messenger: iPhone + Android + Nokia + BlackBerry + Windows Phone

Harry Note - What's App is a company that Facebook bought for $19 Billion. Can you believe a company of 55 people for $19 BILLION! I think the price was insane - but it is free to use. You can send text messages  - pictures - video - for free.

Their Text - 

I just downloaded WhatsApp Messenger on my iPhone.

It is a Smartphone Messenger that replaces SMS. This app even lets me send pictures, video and other multimedia!

WhatsApp Messenger is available for iPhone, Android, Nokia, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. There's no PIN or username to remember - it works just like SMS but uses your Internet data plan.

Get it now from and say good-bye to SMS.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mail Gator - A Fantastic Invention To Protect Your Home and Mail

Harry getting ready to install his second Mail Gator. With a little imagination it does look like an alligator.  

I dug a hole about one foot deep and 2 feet wide. Some people will be amazed seeing me working. 

In 2009 - I came across this great invention called The Mail Gator. We travel a lot - and do not like our mail or newspaper all over the driveway to warn crooks we are not home. We do not like to tell the post office and/or local newspaper we are away - that is just inviting crooks. So we bought a Mail Gator.

Mail Gator is simply a specially designed secure mailbox. When the mailman puts the mail in the box - it drops down into a safe bin. No one knows what is in the mailbox until you open the back door. Then the mail comes pouring out. The Tallahassee Democrat also drops our newspaper into the bin. When we go to London the box safely holds a month of mail and papers.

Click here for the story of my 2009 Mail Gator

FSU Seminole Girls Are On A Tear - It Is Now 11 Wins In A Row

Last night while Lulu was teaching her class - I went to the ball game with George and Joel. It started at 6 PM in the daylight and about 73 degrees. By the end 2 hours later I was glad I brought along a jacket and some socks. 

FSU girls are playing some great ball. they started the season with a loss - but since then have rolled off 11 straight wins. Yesterday - University of Central Florida (another one of Lulu's Alma Maters) had upset on their minds with their own 7-0 record. 

All-American Lacey Waldrop pitched an effortless 6 inning to shut down the Orlando crew 6-1. 

Softball games are free - they last 7 innings - they have a beautiful park - and the girls play for the fun of the game. It is college sports at its purist - these girls are students first - athletes second. 

Garage Is Nearly Done

The garage still needs paint - soffits - doors - and a service lock. You can see our back porch in the background. The only exposed wood will be the louvered vents.

The sidewalk goes to our back porch. It is 50 feet to the house - no we are not building a covered walkway. This is the way Pennsylvania Dutch farmers do it. 

The garage hides the metal building from the street. The roofers put the shingles on in under 2 hours yesterday. Next is an asphalt driveway.

Replacing a Pool Pump

Old pump on left - new pump on right

The heart of a swimming pool system is the pool pump. It circulates the water thru the filter - keeping the water fresh and clean. In our case - the old one horsepower pump was making noises - time for a "pump transplant." Pinch A Penny is the local pool supply store we use. They had plenty of new pumps in stock. Believe or not - the guy reached under the front counter and opened a box with the exact pump in we needed. 

With all the pipes and filters around - our pump was a little awkward to get at. My old body still had a little bit of flex left in it and I was able to get to all the 4 stainless steel bolts and the connection wire. It was out in a few minutes and the new pump went in even easier. 

The new pump is much quieter and it provides much more pressure than the old one. The pump was $248 tax included. I probably could have gotten it cheaper on the Internet - but I would have had to wait a few days. 

The For Sale Sign Went Up On Our 1607 Seminole Drive Home

1607 Seminole Drive - House For Sale

We have moved into our new home 5 doors down the street. Today - I put a for sale sign on our old home. I have also listed it on the Multi Listing Service - for a flat fee. Buyers can view it on the national listing service or go to -

We still have a few things to move - and a few repairs to make. There are a few pieces of siding that must be replaced. 

As luck would have it - yesterday the pool pump failed. So I bought a new pump and did the installation job myself. It was pretty straight forward - just 4 bolts and 3 wire connections. It is much quieter and more powerful than the old pump. 

Once everything is removed and the repairs are made - I will be taking new pictures of the home to post on the MLS and on the web.

Wish us luck - we want to get out of the multi-housng business - one is enough for us. :-)

Here is our MLS Listing

Putting The Roof On The New Garage

Our garage is about 90% complete. Yesterday was a perfect day for shingling the roof. It was in the 70s and sunny. A crew of 5 guys took less than 2 hours to do the deed. The underlayment was already  on the ¾ plywood sheeting. Since the roof is plain - they had very little cutting to do.

Since we are not finishing the inside of the garage - they used the shortest nail possible that met building code - one inch - to apply the shingles. With the stack of fiberglas asphalt shingles - the little plastic washers - and the ¾ inch plywood - very few nail tips came through to the inside. We turned the plywood to the smooth side facing inside. It leaves the appearance of a finished roof and walls.

All that is left to do are - the 3 garage doors - the painting - the soffits - the service door lock - and the driveway.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Noles Lost Basketball Game To Carolina Last Night

Lulu and I went to see FSU play North Carolina. We hoped for an upset - but knew better. We jumped out to a 21 - 6 lead. Everyone was so happy. But the arena was only about ⅓ full. More people came -later - I guess they were watching the game at home and wanted to jump on the bandwagon.

The lead dwindled to 3 at the half. It was like a tsunami - you knew it was coming. At about 10 minutes to go - the game was tied. People started to leave. They announced a crowd of 7800 - their noses must be a foot long - I doubt if it ever really broke 5000. For the rest of the way the Seminoles flirted with being as close to 3 and it ended up a 6 point loss.

Carolina just had more bench. Our guys got tired. Our two 7 footers scored under 4 points each. Ian Miller had something to prove because Carolina did not offer him a scholarship. He score 20 - 8 of them right out of the starting blocks. It was his last shot at them.

We have to play number 1 Syracuse here on March 9th. But I doubt that we will make the NCAA playoff - even with that fluke win. We just do not have any blue chippers - and the chances are slim to get any. Simply - FSU and Tallahassee are not basketball places. I do not think a coaching change could help. Hamilton is a good coach but the talent is not there.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Modern Prolific Journalist - Andrew Leibenguth

Aerial views of Tamaqua PA

Andrew Leibenguth produces an incredible web page. It is called Tamaqua It is chuck full of local Tamaqua news - and a plethora of pictures. Above is an example of one of the 150 pictures he posted just yesterday. 

He has a drone with a mounted camera that just takes breathtaking views - he can make the most mundane thing seem exciting with a fly-by. 

This is what we had in mind when we started The Tamaqua Paper in 1975. I can only imagine what it would have been like to have a digital camera and a computer back then. One of those drones wouldn't hurt either. You could get the stories and the pictures to the readers fast - no middle men.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Jameis Pitched Two Perfect Innings Tonight

6 up - 6 down

Eric Barron leaving FSU for Penn State - Our Loss Is Your Gain

From the Orlando Sentinel

Penn State University is expected to nameFlorida State University President Eric Barron to the same position on Monday, according to media reports.

Barron, who has been president of FSU since Feb. 1, 2010, would be taking on one of the highest-profile presidencies in the nation at a school that continues to re-establish its reputation following a child sex-abuse scandal involving now-jailed former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky.
A press conference at the State College, Pa., school is planned for Monday, after the Penn State Board of Trustees holds a special noon meeting to consider the appointment. The meeting and press conference will be streamed live on the web by the university.
Officials from Penn State did not immediately return requests for comment Friday.
FSU Board of Trustees Chairman Allan Bense issued a statement late Friday saying there has been "no official communication from anyone about this."
"If it is true that Dr. Barron is leaving, it will be a great loss for Florida State University," Bense said in the release. "But we would certainly wish him well in his new endeavor. He would be greatly missed."
A spokeswoman for the Florida State University System deferred comment to FSU.
The Penn State trustees have been searching for a new president for about a year, contacting nearly 400 people about the job, according to the Centre Daily Times in State College.
The Times is among the news organizations citing unnamed sources to confirm Barron's hiring.
"Barron, who previously was the dean of the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences here, has been chosen to be Penn State's 18th president," the Times posted online Friday.
Barron, a 1973 FSU graduate, has long ties to Penn State.
From 1986 to 2006, he served as professor of geosciences, director of the Earth System Science Center, director of the EMS Environmental Institute, and finally dean of the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences.
Barron will replace Rodney Erickson, who took the position after the Sandusky scandal forced Graham B. Spanier out of office in November 2011. The scandal also resulted in the firing of the football team's long-time head coach, Joe Paterno, and strict NCAA sanctions on the football team.
Erickson, who has announced he will step down as president on June 30, is being paid $600,000 a year to oversee the 96,000-student, 24-campus university, which employs 44,000 on an annual operating budget of $4 billion.
At FSU, Barron received a base salary of $395,000 a year, plus bonuses of $100,000 for each $100 million in fundraising for the school.
Barron was director of the Boulder, Colo.-based National Center for Atmospheric Research before taking the FSU job.
Barron follows former Florida Chancellor Frank Brogan to the Keystone State.
Brogan ended a four-year run as the head of Florida's State University System in August to take a similar position with the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. Brogan is being paid $327,500 a year.

Why the NFL Rejected Rhodes Scholar Myron Rolle

Myron Rolle - All-American - Rhodes Scholar - current med student at FSU.

Read the story here -

The World Economy of the USA

Fantastic Map From Business Insider

Friday, February 14, 2014

Sue Paterno Spent $2 Million To Get Her Name On A College Library - Harry Did It The Discount Way

What a Valentine's day gift! A couple of years ago I was driving down the street and a wrecking crew was tearing down an old club called "Late Night Library." I stopped the action to save the sign because I thought it would be a cool gift for Lulu. She is a library professor - you know.

For two years I had the sign hanging on our back porch. Then one day - a friend Wayne was at one of our parties. He said - he thought that the Strozier Main Library would like to have that sign for their new Library Commons area.

Today Lulu and I were invited to an unveiling. I was asked to make a few remarks about how I "saved" the sign. It turns out that the Late Night Library was a famous college hotspot. Many kids told their parents they were at the library - when they were in fact drinking at the Late Night Library.

After I spoke - and they unveiled the sign - Lulu seemed relieved I did not say anything too embarrassing. She even posed for a kiss in front of the sign on Valentine's Day.

An engraved plaque hangs next to the sign in the Starbucks in the Library Commons. It claims I rescued the sign for posterity. Really - I thought it would just be a cool sign to hang on our back porch bar. Now my name is engraved on the library wall "for posterity." Sue and I both made big donations to college libraries  :-)

Lulu's Childhood Home in Pennsylvania Today

You cannot see the ladder to her bedroom window from this angle. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Garage Shell Is Complete

The garage has a 2 foot roof overhang all the way around. The back of the house and garage line up.

The 3 garage doors face the street. Next - we wrap the garage and cover it with Nichiboard siding. Nichiboard is a cement and fiber material that is fireproof and it does not rot. 

The garage is going way faster than the house did. Of course - the garage does not have all that infrastructure.  Today - they put on the ¾ inch thick plywood sides. Next comes the siding - then the soffits - then doors - and finally roof shingles.

Since the garage is 24 feet by 36 feet - they were able to use complete 4 x 8 foot sheets. The only cutting was for the gables and around the doors. The walls are made of 2 inch by 6 inch studs on 2 foot centers.  Vents will be cut into the gables.

Due to the Florida Hurricane Law - they have to put  many tie down straps and clips to hold things together during a wind storm. This adds a small cost to the building - but the wind abatement advantages are worth it.

When we moved here - the locals told us that Tallahassee "never" gets hit by hurricanes. Then in 2005 - our second year - 4 hurricanes passes directly over town. Yes - by the time they got here from the coast they were calmed down. Because of the new wind abatement construction - our insurance on this home is $500 less than on our old home.

After the garage is complete - we will landscape and install the new driveway.

The garage will be the same color as the house. It will have white trim with dark brown doors. There is one service door facing the house.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Garage Is Waterproof for Wednesday's Rain

Today they installed the roof trusses - put on the ¾ inch plywood roof sheeting - put on the titanium underlayment - and build a mini-attic loft. The garage and house are the same shape and materials. 

The loft is 8 feet  wide and 36 feet long. It will be for storage if we ever need it. The whole garage is 24 by 36 feet. It will have 3 car bays.

No Sheeting Around With The Garage

Gary Wayne is being careful not too miss the trusses with nails. We are turning the finished side of the ¾ inch play in - so it is smooth inside.

This mini-attic is about 8 feet wide- 6 feet high - 36 feet long. That is a free 288 square feet of storage space. It will have ¾ inch plywood floor. 

Gary is cutting off the trusses so we have exactly 2 feet of overhang - just like the house.

Gary is a blur - he wants to beat the rain coming tomorrow. 

The finished garage will be 24 feet x 36 feet. It will have 3 big bays for cars. It will be completely sheeted with ¾ inch 9 layer plywood. the roof will be covered with Titanium underlayment - followed by a layer of fiberglass asphalt architectural shingles.

Pompeii - Coming In 2 Weeks

Trusses On Garage Roof Going Up Fast

Using a crane to place the trusses.

Trusses are set on 24 inch centers.

Gary and Josh each work an end. The trusses span 24 feet. In the center triangle will be a little attic - 6 feet high - 8 feet wide - 36 feet long.

Today Gary Shiver and Company started installing the roof trusses of the garage at about 7:30. By 9 AM all trusses were in place thanks to some nice crane operation. They will put ¾ inch plywood decking on the roof. We expect the entire garage to be done in a week or so.

Everything is being constructed of 2 x 6 framing studs - ¾ ply walls and roof - ½ inch hardboard siding and trim. The interior will just be a plain plywood finish. 

There will be a small attic storage area with a ¾ inch plywood floor. It will be  6 feet high - 8 feet wide - and 36 feet long.

It will have three 7 x 9 garage doors and one 3 x 7 service door. It will have the shingles - siding - soffits - and trim as the house. 

After that - we will do an asphalt driveway and some landscaping and we will be - done - done.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Jean Charles LeBeau Christens Our New Kitchen With His French Apple Tart

You mix - sugar - flour - European butter - into a batter. 

About 3 years ago we met Jean Charles when he was fresh off the plane from Paris. He came to FSU to study Sports Psychology and he needed a place to stay. He has been a good friend ever since. During that first year - he showed up on our doorstep at 8 PM with a birthday present for me - a French apple tart he made from scratch in the old brick house kitchen. We always teased him that we would like to learn how to do it.

Today - just 2 days after my birthday - he remembered. He came to visit us and see our new home. We had all the ingredients ready hoping for him to show up. Here is a step by step story on how it is done.

Then you shape it in a metal tart pan. 

Then you cut 3 large apples into very thin slices.

Lulu helped peel and slice the apples.