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Friday, September 30, 2011

The Everhart Family Visits The Cradle of Democracy - The Parthenon In Greece

At sunset - they climbed up to the Acropolis to see the Parthenon.

Jack is a good big brother with Kate.

The Parthenon with Jack and Kate Everhart. It was built in 490BC.
Drew and the kids after the long climb up from downtown Athens.

I am 63 years old - and have longed to see the Parthenon in Athens. but my grandkids saw it today. Robin - Drew - Jack - Kate - Everhart are on an extended trip to Greece and will have a few days in Paris on the way home.

Robin is doing a presentation at a Psychology Conference in Athens. She didn't want to leave the family behind - so here they are.

Drew was able to cut a deal for business class seats using frequent flyer miles. These are the ones that turn into beds.

After the conference - they are visiting a Greek island - then they fly to Paris - spend 4 days there - before flying back to Boston.

We just got done doing a teleconference with them using FaceTime. Drew found a free wifi connection just outside the hotel so he was able to shoot these pictures back to us. It was 5 PM here but Midnight there. They are all jet-lagged.

Can you tell how proud of them I am.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Here Is A Headline You Seldom Get

City Lowers Electric and Natural Gas Rates - Again!

City of Tallahassee electric and natural gas customers will see lower utility bills effective Oct. 1. Electric and natural gas rates for residential customers will decrease by two percent each. Rates for commercial customers will lower by between 2.9 and 3.4 percent, depending on the size of the business.

"Having recently met with a group of small business owners, I know this comes as welcome news as they continue to endure a difficult economy," said City Commissioner Andrew Gillum, lead commissioner on the City's Financial Viability of the Government target issue committee. Gillum also indicated that "the City needs to find more ways to help the business community in these trying times."

With the newly announced rate reduction, City electric rates have decreased by 23 percent since January 2009. Natural gas rates have lowered by 24 percent in that same time period. City utility rates are adjusted twice annually, in April and October, based on the cost of fuels to run power plants and the price of natural gas. Changes in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) are also taken into account.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Check Out This Fish Covered Camper

If you can get past the fish graphics - this is a neat camper.

It has a full bathroom and kitchen.

It has a private bedroom in the back.

It has a private enclosed bathroom - you could shave - shower and bathe privately going down the road. Toilet in there too. You could S & S at the same time.

You find some of the strangest things on Craigslist - and some interesting people.

When I saw this fish covered camper on the List - I had to go see it. Someone had a wrap put on it promoting a fish camp in Panama. The camper was never there - but the guy drove around promoting his business in the USA. What is underneath that wrap is what is most interesting to me - there is a 1991 Dodge Xplorer Camper under all those fins.

The camper has 2 full beds (not in lofts) - a full bathroom (with tub and shower) - a kitchen - roof air - water and sewer - heat - and 110 volt power. The floor is sunk down to give it full 6-2 walking around room inside. The allows it to fit into a regular 8 foot high garage door (without the AC on top). The bedroom and bathroom are claustrophobic.

It is owned by Jim Cameron - a lifetime Tallahassee resident and graduate of the local colleges. He is in the landscape heavy equipment industry and got it in some deal.

It is 20 years old - and has 80,000 miles on it. It drove relatively smoothly for a 20 year old truck.

Lulu and I have had 3 Class B campers similar to this - none would fit into a normal garage.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Tom Berner - Coalcracker Moves Home - Get This Plate

It feels like home. Tom Berner - old friend and Pennsylvania resident second time around - got this license plate.

Tom went to Tamaqua High School and ended up being a newspaper editor and then college professor at Penn State University. When he retired about 8 years ago - he moved to New Mexico and build a home there to be around family.

But you can't get the coal out of his veins - what do you thing they call them coal veins for. Tom moved back to the State College Area and got this license plate.

Now he is as cool as Cindy Zimmerman Fagan - my cousin - who lives near Tampa and has a license plate with "Tamaqua" on her car.

Honda Mower For Free - Curb Alert On Craigslist

You can see the black air cleaner and fuel hose that I cleaned out.

The wheels raise to 5 positions.

It has an OHC (overhead cam) Honda 4 stroke engine.

3 forward speeds - 21 inch blade.

Serial Number

There is a cosmetic dent in the valve cover. Not a big deal. A little soap and water and it was ready for action.
Honda specs from Internet

Many times when you find a good deal on Craigslist - it turns out to be some kind of con - or the item is rubbish. Not so this time.

At 1 PM this afternoon - someone posted a Honda mower in a curb alert. Curb Alert means that someone gave up on an item and put it out for the trash.

I have a soft spot for anything Honda. I know new Honda mowers are expensive. I thought if I could get this one - do a little work on it - and I would have a nice trimmer mower for spots that are too tight for my tractor. Lulu had the Prius which I use to pull my trailer. I had to be quick so I threw a couple tarps in the trunk of Lulu's convertible. Away I went - top down - cruising about 5 miles north. It started to rain on the way there - so I put up the convertible top. I wasted a vital 2 minutes - maybe I would lose the deal because of that. Then I thought - rain is good for me - no one else would show up at this obscure place to get an old mower.

The rain stopped. There was the mower on the driveway at the curb. It looked good - dirty - but good. The owner posted that it needed a new spark plug wire - I looked - and could see that the clip was stretch open. I also check and found out it had a full tank of gasoline.

I opened the trunk - spread out the tarps - folded the mower handle and placed it in the trunk. The lid would not go down but that didn't bother me - as long as nothing was rubbing. As I finished loading - an SUV with a trailer arrived - slowed down - did a U-Turn and left. If I had stopped for lunch - I would have lost out.

I got it home - lifted it out of the trunk - and quickly ran for my starter fluid. I tightened that plug wire with a pliers. I opened the air cleaner - gave it a squirt of starting fluid. On the first pull of the cord it fired up! Then it died. More squirts - tug again - it fired up - this time I kept squirting. Surly this mower was getting good spark - the fuel line must be blocked. I pulled off the fuel line and gasoline squirted all over. As I plugged the line hole with a bolt - it was obvious that gasoline was getting to the carb.

I took my compressor air gun - and shot air into the carburetor. You could hear the air clearing all the passages and jets. It must have been gunned up from someone leaving gasoline in it for a long time. This time - I fired it up and it kept running and running and running. Surely it could not be that easy.

I gave the mower a test - and it cut beautifully. The engine is very quiet. The drive wheels have 3 speeds. It cuts 21 inches wide paths. It has a rear bagger - but it also has a 4 armed blade for mulching.

I looked the model up on the Internet and it says it cost $479. We'll see how long it lasts. So far - so good.

Next day story on the Honda Mower - The guy that I beat to getting the Honda Mower from the curb alert wrote this on Craigslist - "I get to the mower to see this guy in leather sandals - fancy shirt - fancy shorts - loading the mower into the trunk of this fancy Chrysler convertible. You could tell he didn't need the mower - I needed that mower - mine has been broken all summer and my lawn's a mess. That guy is a piece of s---!"

Somebody flagged it and the flame was removed from Craigslist. That guy made my day with that post. If he would have asked I would have given it to him - but he didn't even wind down his window. This is the world of Craigslist.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Goodyear Blimp Visits Tallahassee

Blimp pilot Mandy Martin

Blimp at Tallahassee Airport

APPROXIMATELY 1,000 FEET ABOVE TALLAHASSEE — As the Goodyear Blimp cruises leisurely above Doak Campbell Stadium, pilot Mandy Martin glances to her right and soaks up the amazement of her passengers.

"Not bad, huh?" Martin says with a wry smile. "Low and slow. You get to enjoy everything at this speed."

And when she says everything, she means everything.

Cruising at a speed of about 25 mph, the blimp provides its passengers — only about six at a time — a breathtaking and steady view at less than 1,500 feet. And with the use of high-tech camera and satellite equipment, the blimp's crew is able to share those images with millions of television viewers at home.

For more than 85 years, the Goodyear Blimp — there actually are four of them in operation today — has sailed above Super Bowls, golf tournaments, parades and countless other high-profile events. And this weekend, the icon was visible almost constantly in the air above Tallahassee.

On Friday, the blimp's crew provided a handful of tours for local media, including the Tallahassee Democrat. On Saturday, it made one trip up as part of ESPN's "College GameDay" broadcast and another for the actual game between No. 1 Oklahoma and No. 5 Florida State.

Martin, a native of North Port, served nine years in the U.S. Air Force and was a fixed-wing pilot before being trained to fly blimps four years ago. She was one of four pilots on the 20-person crew that made its way to Tallahassee at the end of a month-long journey around the country.

Goodyear, which uses the blimps as marketing tools for its industry-leading line of tires, provides free aerial coverage of events such as Saturday's game in exchange for on-air promotion.

About the blimp

• The Goodyear Blimp is 192 feet long, 50 feet wide and 59 1/2-feet wide.

• The main portion of the blimp, which is called the "envelope," is filled with helium.

• An "elevator wheel," which sits to the right of the captain's chair, allows the pilot to adjust the blimp's altitude. Rudder pedals are used to move the ship right and left.

• The blimp that made its way to Tallahassee actually is named, "The Spirit of Innovation," and it is based in Pompano Beach.

• Flights on the Goodyear Blimp are by invitation only.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lulu Is On Her Way To Minot NORTH DAKOTA

Very few cars were at Tallahassee "Regional" Airport this morning at 6:30 as we unloaded Lulu's travel bag from her Prius.

At 6:30 this morning I dropped this lovely lady off at the Tallahassee Airport. She is off to a library conference in Minot ND. As past president of the American Association of School Librarians - she is obligated to give presentations at a few different states. When I say different - I mean she wanted to visit places that weren't on her Vision Tour . This includes places like North Dakota - Idaho - and Montana.

Minot is only 50 miles south of the Canadian border. To get there - Lulu flew form Tallahassee to Atlanta to Minneapolis finally to Minot. Minot is pretty small and the airport sits along its main street. Temperature will not reach 60 during the 4 days she will be there. She expects to arrive there at 3 PM - over 8 hours of travel each way.

She will leave there at 5 AM Saturday - hoping to get home around 1 PM. She wants to watch the Seminoles play at Clemson at 3:30.

Tastykake Comes to Tallahassee

A Coal Regions and Philadelphia treat has come to Tallahassee - Koffee Kakes and Kandy Kakes. We bought these down the street at Flowers Foods.

Tallahassee feels a little bit more like home today. We can buy Tastykakes right down the street.

Flowers Foods of Thomasville GA bought Tastykake Corporation. The cakes are still made in Philadelphia - but Flowers Foods is expanding the market. A few months ago - Lulu and I visited their world headquarters in Thomasville. We were promised that Tallahassee would soon be able to buy Tastykakes locally. They kept their word.

In the Coal Regions - we were brought up on a steady diet of these cute little snacks. When I was a boy - we could buy a pack of their chocolate cupcakes - 3 for 5 cents. They were wrapped in waxed paper and were big enough to share with two friends.

Lulu's Dad - Jack Cox - worked for Tastykake for 35 years. He was a delivery salesman. He worked long hours servicing all the little corner grocery stores around Tamaqua. His day started at 4 AM and went on to 5 PM. He maintained his own delivery truck - and kept it at their homestead. Each morning - he would drive to a local warehouse and take delivery of the fresh products for the day - fresh from Philadelphia. In 35 years of service - he missed two days to illness - an admirable record.

Yesterday - Lulu stopped by the Flowers Foods Outlet on South Monroe Street. She bought two boxes - one of Koffee Kakes and one of Kandy Kakes. A box contains 6 packs of two cakes each. At $2.50 a box - that comes down to about 40 cents a pack or 20 cents a cake. Sure it is more than 5 cents a pack but that price was from 1960.

The cupcakes look quite a bit smaller than back in the 50s and 60s - I guess that is so they can say "only 90 calories a pack."

Now - when we feel we need a little taste of the Coal Regions - we can hop on the scooter or golf cart - go down the street - and buy Taskykakes.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Kids Are Here For The Big Game

Drew - Keith - and Liz arrived at 2 AM this morning - driving in from Jacksonville. They all flew down on the same plane from Washington. So we are all set - we have the kids - and we have 5 seats together on the 50 yard line. Lucky for us - this morning we took 3 cars down and found a great free place to party. It is along Stone Valley Road - just where it crosses the railroad tracks to the South Side of town. It is a nice grassy spot - hopefully it seems just as nice at midnight :-) One huge benefit is that there is a back way out - through the FAMU campus to our house.

To our surprise - last night we went over to our regular tailgate spot - FSU had it roped off and they are going to charge admission to park there.

The map above shows our new parking spot marked with a red circle. We will be tailgating there for about 5PM on. You are welcome to drop over for a sandwich and drink.

It is about 1/4 mile from the stadium.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

We Got Tickets! 5 Together on the 50 Yard Line

The red circle marks the spot where "The Griswald Family" will sit "wearing berets."

Drew - Keith - and Liz are flying down to Florida on Friday night for the big clash between Number 5 Florida State and Number 1 Oklahoma. There were plenty of tickets available on Craigslist at very high prices. One fool wanted $1850 for 4 seats in row 1 on the 50 yard line. You would spend the whole game looking at the back of players' helmets.

All 4 of us were working the computers and phones - and Drew found 5 together - owned by a booster that was invited into a club box. Except for the food and smoozing - I can't imagine why anyone would give up there spectacular seats to sit so far away from the field - just to feel important. We will sit in Section 11 Row 24.

They wanted $1000 for 5 seats - Drew worked them down to 60% of that - still highway robbery. Usually we wait until game time to buy cheap seats outside the stadium - but sometimes - rarely - tickets dry up and you are left standing with your fingers up. The kids are traveling so far to see the game - and I did not want that to happen.

One early offer - with much serious discussion - was a guy offered 4 great seats together - in return for using our guest house.

So things are set. We will have a tailgate party at about 5:30 - then watch everyone get cranked up - before the 8 PM kickoff. Booze is not allowed in the stadium - so everyone stays in the parking lot until the last minute. Then - the whole nation will be watching Osceola ride onto the field on Renegade - rear up and plant the spear in the field. By midnight - one of these teams will be out of the race for a National Championship. Last year Oklahoma clobbered FSU in Norman.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Buying Tickets For The Big Game - Oklahoma

My FSU player to watch - Tim Jernigan. This defensive tackle may be the best player on the field. Right his name down - in 4 years he will be All-Pro on the Philadelphia Eagles.

It feels a bit like old days - when tickets in Tallahassee on the market sold for over face value. Last weekend we sat on the 50 yard line for $10 each. We had our pick of the litter at game time - outside the stadium.

The week number 5 FSU play number 1 Oklahoma. The game is on national TV - ESPN Game Day is broadcasting from here. It is "this year's game of the century."

Last year Oklahoma pounded FSU in Norman - this year we are hoping for a different ending. I must not be a very good fan - because I am not guaranteeing a victory - not even predicting one. The gambling line is FSU plus 4 points.

Usually - we seldom buy tickets before kickoff time. I can't remember the last time that every seats in Doak Campbell Stadium has been filled. They have announced many times the place was sold out - but the stadium looked half full. I think this Saturday night at 8 PM - the place with be packed and the town rocking.

My sons - and Keith's girlfriend Liz - are flying in for the game. What this means is - since they had to buy plane tickets to get here - we must be sure to get them into the game. Lulu was able to land to excellent seats on the 50 yard line - but there are 5 of us.

We are watching tickets on Craiglist - and have been offered several set of 4 for $150 each. Face value is $75 for this game only. What is really funny is a guy offered me 4 excellent tickets in trade for the use of our guest house. Lulu and I would have done that in a minute - but the guest house is already taken.

Back in Pennsylvania - even when Penn State is having a losing season - they fill Beaver Stadium in Happy Valley every game - 110,000 seats. Even though a majority of the seats are in the end zone - and the stands look like the new "twin towers" - they are that high - people line up to sit there. Single seats demand a premium outside the stadium . Also - it can get VERY cold there. One time Lulu and I took our motor home there for a PSU/Miami game in August - and the temperature dropped into the 40s at night - and we had to turn on the furnace - in AUGUST.

I may end up paying $100 a seat for 4 tickets together - notice I said 4 tickets. If the price of a tickets for me at game time is over $100 - I am hopping on my scooter and going home to watch it on TV - two miles away.

Our tailgate party starts at 5:30 PM - at 8 PM kickoff there will be tons of fans flooding into the stadium during kickoff - already having spent hours of drinking in the parking lot. It will be 80 degrees - at least the sun will be down.

FSU has lots of talent this year - so does Oklahoma - heck they are number 1. I guess this game will be decided by coaching. It is time to start making a new legend - Bobby is out somewhere signing books and talking about his "secret" prostate cancer. I hope the Noles win - but the house titles are safely locked away.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

FSU Dominates I-AA Charleston Southern University - 62-10

Two tickets on the 45 yard line for $10 each - row 24 - behind the Noles' bench.

I forgot my camera - so Lulu caught the full moon rising in the east with her iPhone.

Lulu took this picture in black and white - with a splash of color on the Seminole logo with her iPhone.

Lulu and I went to the game alone on our new Honda SH150 Scooter. Two things that were good about it - first - it is FSU garnet color - second - it is much more comfortable for the back passenger. We left the house at 5:30 driving west on Gaines Street right into the evening sun.

When we got to the stadium - we noticed a few security changes. They had a fence around my regular parking place up against the stadium brick. Still security waved us all the way through to the stadium. Lulu got off while I found a free place to park. I was able to park behind a car in a numbered space - not blocking his exit. After the game - we got to the scooter - and the guy was gone - but the scooter was fine.

I held up two fingers and a nice older guy came over and said he had two. We wanted to be in the shade and also be on the 50 yard line. When he showed me his tickets in section 33 - row 24 - I quickly offered him $10 each. He was happy to sell them. By the time we walked to the seats - it was kickoff time at 6 :00.

Our seats were on the 45 yard line - just 24 rows up from the field. The sky was clear blue in all directions - sun still up - but not on us.

FSU got the ball and scored in less than two minutes. Then another score in the next 5 minutes. It was men versus the boys. I expect FSU to schedule Kutztown State College next year.

The Noles started to roll to a 62-10 final score. It reminded me a little of the Collosseum in Rome - where the people were cheering for the Lions versus the Christians. E J Manual amassed 300 yards of passing in the first half - but was very erratic - missing his receivers by several yards - lots of overthrown bombs. Maybe they were sandbagging for next week's game against Oklahoma but it was not pretty. Also - there were a lot more penalties in this game than last week.

Three highlights in the second half were QB Clint Trickett - DT Tim Jernigan - and RB James Wilder Jr. Tickett came in with 6 minutes left in the third quarter. He immediately hit 5 passes in a row including his second pass - a touchdown bomb on a rope. This kids has hit his first 6 passes of his career as a redshirt freshman - 2 of his first 3 passes being touchdowns. Yes - he did it agains two Mickey Mouse schools - but heck he did it.

Jernigan may be the most talented kid on the team. He is a massive freshman defensive tackle and was in the CSU backfield almost every play. Rumors were he was going to be redshirted - I guess tonight's play ended that.

In the last quarter - James Wilder Jr single handedly marched the ball the length of the field with about 7 straight carries. You may recall that his dad James Wilder was an all-star running back for Tampa Bay in the NFL. Clint Trickett went the last 5 yards on a quarterback run after all receivers were covered.

Lulu packed a fantastic lunch of fried chicken - and several other goodies. As the full moon rose in the east over the stadium - we finished our last drinks. We did not move from our seats the whole game to buy anything or go to the bathroom. We stayed until the end - as we always do - and only had to walk maybe 60 yards to our scooter. They routed us west out of the stadium - then north - then we went east thru campus - finally coming on Magnolia St south to our home.

The band did an excellent half time show of patriotic songs - America - and The Battle Hymn of the Republic. Charleston Southern's very small band did one number at half too. FSU has two twirlers that were twirling 4 fire batons at one time each.

It all felt like the calm before the storm of next week - when Oklahoma comes to town. They are ranked number 1 in the nation and we are number 5. I sure hope the Noles were sandbagging tonight - because they did not look sharp. Tonight - tickets were cheap - we were great seats for $10 each - without even trying.

Charleston Southern - which is about 10 miles north of Charleston - I am guessing has a very long bus ride home - with a pretty large check in their pocket.

The Noles better forget about this one fast. A mean wind is rolling in from the prairie. The Sooners showed no mercy on the Noles last year in Norman. I hope the aren't caught with their pants down reading their newspaper clippings.

Next week - our sons - Drew and Keith - are coming for the game. Nancy was able to get 2 tickets so far. We will need 5 because Liz - Keith's girlfriend - is coming along too. After getting into so many Seminole games for $5 and $10 - I think we will make up for that next week. Tonight tickets face value was $45 - next week they cost $75 face. People on CL are trying to get $200 and $300 per ticket. I will watch it on TV before I pay that. But Nancy and the kids will be there.

The Noles are now 2-0 - and ranked number 5 in the nation. They look good sometimes - we will see which Noles show up next week.

The FSU Band doing halftime patriotic show. iPhone video.

The number 1 college mascot in the land - Chief Oceola on Renegade. iPhone video.

Left House 5:30 Without Tickets

Scootered right to statue. Bought first two tickets offered. 45 yard line in shade $10 each. In seats for 6 pm kickoff. 7 minutes later 14-0. Whoever scheduled this should be shot.

Harry's iPhone

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

FSU Quarterback and Receiver Get Touchdown On Their First College Play

Usually a touchdown with 6:57 left in the fourth quarter of a 34-0 win would be considered rather meaningless.

Not this time though.

No, this one actually had plenty of meaning. As evidenced by the gruff, veteran, tough-as-leather offensive line coach wiping away tears on the sidelines while his son, the redshirt freshman quarterback, celebrated his first career touchdown pass on his first collegiate throw.

On Tuesday, Florida State backup quarterback Clint Trickett was asked about his dad Rick's emotional reaction immediately after his 28-yard TD pass to Rashad Greene.

"I didn't see it," Clint said. "The first reaction I got from him was when he came up to me and said something that was a typical (Rick) response."

"I can't really say (what he said)," Clint said with a laugh. "So I was like, that's typical."

Only after the game did someone inform the son that his father was caught by ESPN cameras tearing up on the sidelines.

Later that night Clint saw the footage himself while watching SportsCenter.

"I had a moment," Clint said, "where I was just like, I saw how much he cared."

FSU head coach Jimbo Fisher wasn't as surprised as the rest of the world when the highlights came on. He said the bond between a son and father can be strengthened even more when they're a part of the same team.

"Because you know everything that goes into it," Fisher said. "You see the practices. You see the sweat. You see all that kind of stuff. … It's a proud moment. That's one of those moments as a father that you'll remember forever and ever.

"It's a very special moment, and I was happy for both of them."

All three of them, actually.

Because not only was the 28-yard score the first college snap for Trickett, but it was also the first career play for Greene as well.

Talk about a promising start. Florida State sports information couldn't find any record of two players — combining for a touchdown — on the very first snap of their college careers.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

FSU Beats Louisiana-Monroe - 34-0 in the Opener. My Cousins Cam and Janeen Enjoyed the Victory With Us

Renegade and Chief Osceola - selected as the number one collage mascot in the country - plants the flaming spear at the 50 yard line. This year Renegade gets up on his/her back legs higher than any I remember.

Our Craigslist tickets included a parking pass right by the statue of Chief Osceola. That is Cam and Janeen with Lulu and me.

Janeen was one of my students at Panther Valley in 7th grade. She now works in Jupiter in the travel industry. Cam is still a practicing nurse.

The Noles won big - 34-0 over Louisiana - Monroe. These pictures were taken from our seats on the 40 yard line. We were lucky to be sitting in the shade because it was hot - but with a breeze.

FSU was sluggish at first - but the defense was strong. The other team did not cross the 50 I think.

Cousins - Cam and Janeen - came up from Jupiter Florida to be with us and see the game. They will be leaving tomorrow morning. Cam lives in the White Bear part of Summit Hill PA. Janeen lives in Jupiter.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Seminole Football Starts Saturday at 3 PM

This is the view of the stadium from our parking spot in Lot 4. See the statue of Osceola and Renegade.

Since we have guests for this game - Lulu bought tickets ahead of time - she got a super deal.

My cousins - Cam and Janeen - are coming to visit this weekend. They are part of the Schleicher family from Ashfield along the Lizard Creek. They could not have picked a better time to come - opening day at Doak Campbell Stadium.

Usually we take our chances on game day - buying tickets from the crowd. A couple of fingers in the air may earn you tickets for $10 to $20. This time - Lulu wanted 4 tickets together - in the shade - since the temperature at game time is expected to be three digits. On a quick trip to Craigslist - Lulu hit the mother lode. Face value is $45 a ticket - highway robbery - but Lulu landed 4 tickets - on the 40 yard line - in the shade for a total of $100. Not only will we all be sitting together in spectacular seats - but included was a Golden Chief parking spot - Lot 4. To get this parking spot - boosters must give $6000 for the season spot!

We are hoping this is a signal of good luck both for us and the Seminoles. It has been quite a few years since the expectations for the team have been so high. They are picked to beat University of Louisiana - Monroe by 29 points. The Seminoles had the number one recruiting class in the country this year. Last year they won 10 games - this year we have 7 home games.

Our parking spot is right in the center of the prime tailgating area - near the statue of Osceola and Renegade. It should take us less than 5 minutes from our house to our spot. The big games at home this year are Oklahoma and Miami. If the Seminoles keep winning - we expect these tickets to be the last ones we get for $25 each.

Drew and Keith are coming to visit for the Oklahoma game on Sept 17th. That game has been sold out for months - I hope we get lucky.

Golden chiefs pay $6000 to park in these spots. You know I am too tight to pay that much.

Usually we park next to parking Lot 9 - by the old post office. Next year Lot 9 is going to be a shopping mall. We will park in Lot 4 on Saturday.

That silver Audi is in our parking spot. So is my Honda 150 scooter. In two days it will be the center of a beehive of activity. Go Noles!