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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Goodbye Reno - Hello Tallahassee

We are in the Reno Airport using free Internet. We will leave here
3PM eastern time and arrive back in Tallahassee around 11 PM. We have
a short stop in Houston. Of course we will try for "bumps" - which
might extend our trip but give us free tickets for future flights.

It has been a fun week in Nevada. We have visited Reno - Virginia
City - Carson City - Lake Tahoe - Truckee - and the Donner Pass. We
did a little gambling - way too much eating - and a lot of driving.

I think Lulu likes this convention (ASSL) better than all the others
- it is just school librarians and some school library professors. It
seems that she knows everyone that was here.

Ou hotel - the Harvey - sits directly on the California/Nevada line.
This morning the temperature was 36 degrees when we woke up in Lake
Tahoe. Temperatures were as high as 75 on the first day we were here
in Reno. It snowed last night at about 8000 feet and the mountains
has a fresh coat of white stuff.

I am posting these messages to my weblog via email - that is the
reason there are no pictures. Pictures will follow later.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Harry and Lulu Survive Donner Pass

It was 30 years ago - when Lulu, Harry, Drew and Dad - drove across
the "USA in their Chevrolet" Chevette pulling a Scamp trailer.
Imagine 4 people in a little Chevette with automatic transmission and
no air conditioning pulling a 1000 pound travel trailer up over the
Donner Pass. Well - we made it in 1977 - and we made it today.

The Donner Party was not so lucky.

The Donner Pass is the place where the Donner Party tried to reach
California after they left Illinois for the hope of a better life.
They had to cross the Sierra Nevada Mountains and chose the pass that
would later carry their name. They started out with about 70 people
in the party - and got snowed under by 22 feet of the white stuff.
The party was eventually rescued after the winter of 1846-47 - but
not before half of the party died and members survived by eating the
flesh of those that died during the ordeal.

Several transportations routes still go through Donner Pass. The
Union Pacific Railroad - Interstate 80 - and US Route 40. Usually by
this time of year the old road through the pass is closed from snow.
It was October 24, 1846 - went the Donner Party was snowed in.

While meandering up the Old Donner Pass Road - you really can
appreciated the beautiful extremes. The giant trees and rocks stick
out like Disney movie props - except the road have few guard rails
and the cliffs are very high. There is so much sky in all directions.

Tonight we will spend in our hotel on Lake Tahoe. The lake can be so
quiet and clear. You can almost hear Fredo saying his "Hail Mary's"
while fishing here. Tomorrow we will wing across the country and
spend Tuesday night in our bed back home in Tallahassee. It took the
Donner's 12 months it make it but we will be home a few hours - and
hopefully no one gets eaten.

Lake Tahoe in the Morning

We are sitting in a quaint little breakfast place on the shore of
Lake Tahoe. It is sunny and 48.

Monday mornings are very quiet here too. It is weekend time in this
area right now - between the hot summer retreats and the skiiers.

Yesterday was really great in Virginia City. There is a lot of
history there with Comstock Lode mining and all. Incredible money
came out of that town in the 1870s. there were 40,000 people then -
now it looks like about 2000 live there. The desert air has kept some
of the buildings in great shape - most of the other were torn down
for firewood.

Some of the saloons in Virginia City have small casinos in them.
Lulu walked by, dropped a dollar bill, won ten, cashed out and
continued shopping. She bought something special.

Then we drove through Carson City - by the Capitol - and oven the
mountain to Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is 22 miles long - about 12 miles
wide. It is about 6200 feet above sea leavel - 800 feet above Reno.
The water form this lake flows thru Reno in the Truckee River.

It's supposed to take between 4 and 5 hours to drive around the
lake. It should be a nice day in our van with heated seats.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Comparing Reno and Tallahassee

Visiting Reno during a "librarian's convention" my not be the
greatest time to judge a city. And five nices in a luxury hotel do
not expose you to the real flavor. But things like that never stopped
me before. So here I go.

Reno and Tallahassee are about the same size. One is a state Capitol
- the other is 20 miles from the Capitol. Reno is split in two by
I-80 - the transcontinental railroad - and the Truckee River.
Tallahassee has I-10 and Cascade Park.

Reno has an arid climate and gets less than 10 inches of rain a year
- while Tallahassee is closer to tropical - with lots more rain. We
have experienced temperatures from 35 to 75 here - Tallahassee
probably has had 60s to 80s. Tallahassee would win the tree wars -
from the top of its Capitol you can't see the city for the trees.
Reno has lots of nice trees in town - but outside the town you can
see for 30 miles because of the lack of tall trees. We have not had
anything that could be considered precipitation here.

Reno thrives because of legal gambling - they even have legal
prostitution outside the city. If you have seen "Reno 911" on the
Comedy Channel - you can see that Reno does have an inferiority
complex to Las Vegas. Reno is to Vegas as Tallahassee is to Orlando/

The poor people in Reno lose their money to slot machines and black
jack table while the poor people in Tallahassee waste their money on
the lottery and the dog tracks.

Reno was settled in the area when the railroad came through from the
east and west. Tallahassee was settled when they couldn't make their
mind up whether to put the Capitol in Pensacola or Saint Augustine.

Reno has the University of Nevada Wolfpack and Tallahassee has the

Right now Reno has the Trailing Spouse and in a few days he will be
back home in Tallahassee. On to Lake Tahoe.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Touring Nevada

Happy Nevada Day!

While Lulu is busy at the convention - I am enjoying the site and sounds of Nevada.

Reno sits in the middle of nowhere - it is desert and mountains in all directions. Historically - it was very important because the national railroad crossed right through town. In the 1920s - folks traveling west had to stop for a break on Highway US 50. Today I-80 passes thru on its way from New York to San Francisco.

In 1977 - Lulu - Drew - my Dad - and I stopped here for a night while crossing the country in our first camper. Drew was about 6 months old - but we all enjoyed the trip in a Chevy Chevette with no air conditioning and our Scamp trailer. the main attraction at that time was Bill Harrah's Car Collection. Yes - in the middle of July I suffered Nancy through the tour of 1400 perfectly restored cars in museums without air conditioning.

Yesterday - I revisited some of that collection. When bill Harrah died - his company auctioned off most of his car collection. They donated 220 cars to a non-profit company in downtown Reno. The cars are still perfect and for $9.00 - you can wander through the air new museumon the Truckee River right in downtown.

I was surprised to find the river flowing so fast in the middle of the desert. It runs west to east form Lake Tahoe to Pyramid Lake - a distance of maybe 30 miles.

Pictures that interested me -walking along the banks of the Truckee River - a little town called Panther Valley about 5 miles north of Reno - my first car was a 1956 Volkswagen Convertible like this one - and a small scooter soild in the 60s called the Centaur. It went 40 MPH - got 100 MPG - and folded up into a 90 pound suitcase.

I am typing this from my car parked in Carson City on Nevada Day. There is a big parade here - lots of guns shooting off - plenty of whiskey drinking on the streets - and a few flyovers of old planes.

It is a tough life being a trailing spouse - now I must drive back to Reno Convention Center - pick up Lulu after her "show" - go back to the hotel and cheer for the Noles against Duke. I am worn out.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tell All the Guys in Reno - the American Association of School Librarians is in Town

Lulu is the new sheriff in town. You can see that Reno is not too busy at 8 AM. What they don't realize is that it is lunch time back in Tallahassee - time for some steaks.

What a beautiful day it is - temperature about 70 - not a cloud in the sky. It is amazing how far you can see out here. This place gets less than 10 inches of rain a year.

This is a picture looking west from our room. We are on the 19th floor of the Silver Legacy Hotel on the main street - Virginia.

This morning we went to a great buffet for breakfast at Harrah's. I try to watch my weight - but you know how hard it is for me not to try to get my money's worth. There were so many nice dishes for brunch - all made to order. But the show stopped for me with "all the New York Strip Steaks you could eat." Fruits - desserts - omelets - lots of meats - beverages - all for $9. I still can't believe the strip steaks. I will probably visit that place often.

After that brunch - we had to walk it off a bit - so we toured town. Then Lulu had to go to a meeting and I decided to try black jack. The cheapest table I could find was $3 a hand. After the moths cleared my wallet - I laid a $20 bill on the table. The dealer gave me 20 silver dollars. It was just $3 a hand for quite a long time - but then the chips started piling up - first red - then green - all under one dealer. When the dealer walked - so did I - $143 to the good. Do I have to claim this income? Probably not - because I will lose that and more before we go home.

Being the trailing spouse of a member of the American Association of School Librarians is pretty neat. I get to follow along on these neat trips - and Lulu is busy - so I can do what I want. If I want to sit in the room and type on my blog - fine - just as long as I don't visit the Bunny Ranch.

On the Way to Reno

Drew said that there is nothing more boring than someone else's travel pictures. So for your snoring pleasure - here are mine.

On the way to LA - we passed over White Sands, New Mexico - a big test track in Arizona - the Colorado River - the LA fire - and our GPS helping our way thru the smoke to land in LA.

More bore later.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

We Caught Our Scooter Crook

Only kidding. The other day Lulu looked out the front door window to see a shiny new black electric scooter sitting on the walk. She sreamed, "the scooter is back!"

Alas - it was only Shirley - my favorite lawyer. Wayne and Shirley liked my scooter so much - they went to Sam's and bought one. Shirley was riding it over to show off.

Wayne has already taken the scooter to work. I think he is trying to gain some "street cred" with the students. He even takes it up to the second floor for safe keeping in his office. There are rumors that he has been seen doing wheelies in the hallway.

Wayne also has seen the 3 kids in the neighborhood casing other homes. I reminded him to keep his garage door down.

The picture is Harry and Shirley fighting over the scooter. Some readers have tipped me off that Wayne's scooter mysteriously appeared right when my scooter disappeared.

The saga continues.

Sitting at the Airport on the Way to Reno

Up at 4 AM - George picks us up at 5 AM - for our flight to Houston
at 6 AM. That is what it would be like in a perfect world. But at the
airport - we learn our flight was delayed until 10 AM - so we are
sitting - lounging - sleeping - reading the paper - surfing the net -
checking the email - blogging - at the airport.

No use complaining. Our flight has been re-routed thru Houston to Los
Angeles. Then we get on an Alaskan Airline flight to Reno. We were
supposed to get there by noon - but if everything goes well - we will
get there at 10 PM Tallahassee time.

The Tallahassee Airport is very nice - but not every busy. I am
guessing there are about 30 flights a day. But one of the best things
about this airport is the free Internet. They call it the digital
canopy - I call it great. Lulu and I are sitting here on our laptops
- she is doing "important" work - I am just goofing off. It is a long
time since I have done anything approaching important.

Yesterday was a busy day. It seems that always right before a trip -
things get busy. First - the sodders wanted to visit Darrel and
Donna's house - and they wanted me there to "help" cut the deal. Then
- 3 different buyers called about my truck. Then - I had to mow -
trim - edge - and blow the yard. Finally - I got a great deal on
craigslist for a Mastercraft solid pine armoire for the guest room.

After a call from Drew - I started packing for the trip at 11 PM. I
have a travel list on my computer - so packing took 15 minutes.

My head hit the pillow at 11:30 and was gone before Jay Leno finished
his monologue. Next thing I heard was the 4 AM alarm.

I am not going to badmouth airlines - I am actually on their side -
but that is another story. Will write when we come out of the tunnel
in Reno.

Friday, October 19, 2007

The Trailing Spouse Was Robbed

Well it wasn’t really a robbery – the police are calling it a burglary.

Yesterday – someone stole my electric scooter – I am not kidding. I had an electric scooter 5 days – and poof - it was gone in 60 seconds.

Let me start at the beginning.

Two weeks ago – 3 kids of middle school age came to my door. One had a flat tire on his bike. They said our neighbor Mia told them that I had an air compressor and that I would fill the tire. So trying to be helpful and feeling nostalgic for my middle school teacher days – I fell for it – and filled their tire. Meanwhile one asked my name – and I said Harry. He said, “Thank you Mr. Harry,” and put out his hand.

I felt like I was fitting into the neighborhood like Mr. Wilson in “Dennis the Menace.” Little did I realize that they maybe were casing my house.

A couple days ago – I bought this neat little Schwinn S1000 electric scooter. It was sweet – it went about 15 miles an hour for 15 miles – I could make it over to campus and back. It only used about 4 cents of electricity a night to charge it up. I was so proud to be wearing the official energy “greenie” sticker.

Today – I was expecting guests for the Miami game. They were to arrived around 3 PM. I have 2 garage doors and had both of them open. The scooter was in the garage – in plain view from the street. A lot of strange folks drive down Seminole Drive.

My guests arrived on time – we went in the house to chat. A couple minutes later – I invited them to the garage to see my new scooter. I looked around – and all I could think about was the movie “Gone in 60 Seconds” with Nicholas Cage. My brand new scooter was gone. Yes – it only cost $350 – yes – I should not have let it visible in an open garage. But that did not make it any better – I felt raped.

It gets better.

I called the police – they came over right away – took down the information and I gave them a picture of the scooter. They put out an APB (All Points Bulletin) on the computer in the car.

I called my friends – Wayne and Shirley – they live about 2 blocks away. Wayne and Shirley were going to Sam’s today - to buy a scooter just like mine. They bought one.

I told Shirley about my burglary – it is a felony because the “perp” entered my home to get the scooter - and Shirley is my lawyer. She said she saw it about one half hour ago. They were on their front porch assembling their new scooter – when 3 kids came bay – pushing two "mopeds" – and a scooter just like mine. Shirley said, “That scooter looks just like Harry’s.” They smiled but kept walking. One of the kids had on a football jersey just like the one the kid that said, “Thank you Mr. Harry,” was wearing 2 weeks ago.

They say that a conservative is a liberal that was robbed – so right now I am feeling a little like Ronald Reagan even with the Alzheimers. Maybe this is how Al Gore felt when they stole the election from him. I hope I don’t gain 100 pounds.

Chris Rock used to do a comedy bit about being robbed in the hood. He said that someone broke into his house at night while he was sleeping. In the morning 3 kids on bikes rode by and said, “How are you doing, Mr. Harry? I heard you was robbed.”

Monday, October 15, 2007

I love Monday Mornings

One of the nicest things about being a retired trailing spouse in
Tallahassee is Monday morning.

It starts out with the delivery of the Tallahassee Democrat. When you
pick up the paper on your driveway - it is still dark out - and
quiet. The newspaper is so much lighter - not stuffed with a lot of
advertising flyers. Even the printed pages are not as crowded with
ads. The daily writers are back to work after a weekend of rest. The
stories are in the right places - even though the obituaries
eliminate a lot of the jump space.

Breakfast is on time. Lulu is all primped and dressed for a hard day
of work at FSU. Sometimes I drive her - other times she takes the
Vespa. Parking at FSU is a zoo - especially on Mondays. I put on the
chauffeur's hat - and away we go. It is fun to see the half-awake
students struggling to make a 9 AM class.

I put out the dumpsters - Waste Management comes by to dump them -
and I have two big empty containers - fresh and ready for a week of
filling. I wave to the guys in the guys in the truck with a big smile
on my face. They wonder why I am so happy.

Inside - I put on my favorite Sirius satellite radio talk - Howard
Stern - and I put Good Morning america on the TV for Lulu - once she
is out the door - CNN goes on and the sound goes down. This morning I
take a short stop to see Hillary Clinton on "The View." On a Monday
morning even she looks hot.

I get showered and get to work on the Monday morning laundry.

After that - it is a little scooter or bike ride around the
neighborhood - it is so quiet with all the others off to work or
working inside the house. If I decide to mow the lawn or run the
blower - I do not annoy the worker drones' weekends.

Shopping is a pleasure on Monday mornings. The sky seems bluer and
the humidity seems lower than normal. You go in the stores and you
get the "regular clerks" that know where everything is. A visit to
the gas station finds all the pumps empty. If you decide to have
lunch out - there are plenty of clean tables.

After 33 years of having to answer the 6AM alarm clock and the 8AM
school bell - there is a smug pleasure knowing a new generation of
teachers is slugging it out in the trenches. No more feeling guilty
when you are taking a sick day to visit the doctor - and you do not
want to meet friends that would always ask, "Are you playing hookie?"

People are always asking me what do I do to fill my day. My answer is
always the same, "Nothing - I am retired!" They usually reply that
they could never be retired - they are too busy.

I just smile.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Ipod Touch Versus an Old White iBook

As you can tell - I travel a lot - but I love to sit online - surfing
the net - and checking my email. I am looking for the perfect
computer for travel.

I thought that the ipod touch would be the perfect machine for me.
For $300 - I thought I would have a nice little PDA that would store
all my vital information - and also allow me to check email and surf
the net. But the jury is still out on this one.

The ipod touch is compact - even skinnier and lighter than the iphone
- but it has the same screen and "keyboard." It is probably great
for some people - but I find it laying around collecting dust here.

1. The ipod touch is a fantastic music player with a interface that
is the best ever. You search thru songs and album just by flicking
your finger thru the album art.
2. Viewing and cataloging pictures and videos works in the same manner.
3. The calendar is solid - as is the contacts - clocks - calculator.
4. Also you can buy music straight from the itune store.

Problem for me is - I seldom play music - nor do I prefer to carry a
bunch of videos and pictures.

What I want is - internet access - and to easily be able to read and
write email. Also - I want to be able to take notes easily.

My macbook is perfect for my travels - except one looks stupid
walking around the streets in cities with one - especially carrying
it on a bike. Also - you all know my troubles of getting an expensive
macbook swiped while in San Diego.

My alternative was purchasing a white ibook G3 from Greg for $300. It
does everything I want - is actually smaller than the macbook - the
battery lasts a long time - and its processor is plenty fast for the
things I do. Also - I keep a full copy of the Encyclopedia Britannica
2008 - great for looking up stuff you see on your travels -
especially when you can't get online - like in a car or plane.

I have not made my mind up yet - but I am guessing the ipod touch
will be on ebay before this month runs out.

Some might say - Harry buy an iphone - like your son did. He has had
his iphone since the first day and loves it. But there are plenty of
reasons against that for me. First - I can't stand having a meter
running - namely paying a monthly fee. Second - the little screen
keyboard is difficult for me to type on. Third - I get maybe 2 or 3
phone calls a day.

That being said - the little white ibook looks better and better
every hour.

Envision this - Harry riding his bike around Disneyworld. Left front
pocket - car keys and change. Right front pocket - little LG cell
phone. Left rear pocket - wallet. Right rear pocket - ipod touch.
Shirt pocket - GPS Nuvi 200. Belt pouch - Canon G7 Camera. Next thing
you know I will be wearing a fishing vest to carry - sun glasses - a
can of coke - snacks - handiwipes - tire gauge - adjustable wrench -
sun lotion - bug spray - hotel card.

Then - the sun goes down earlier here - and I am caught in the dark
about 7 miles from my hotel on the bike - and a Disney cop stops me
thinking I am a terrorist. He says, "Did you ride all the way from
there to here?" After a yes he says, "Be careful getting back!" I
say, "I'll email you."

This Class Never Lost to the Gators

Bernie Sliger was president of Florida State University from 1979 to 1991. He died Tuesday.

In 1988 - when Lulu was at FSU working on her degree - I was hired to work on a science project by George Dawson. I was invited by President Sliger to attend an ice cream social at his house. Before I make it such a big deal - he invited all new students and faculty to the event. I met Bernie - and he seemed like such a nice guy - he seemed too nice to be the top administrator of a major university. Now - people are recognizing him for that talent among many others.

A couple years later - he oversaw Lulu's "coronation" - being hooded as an FSU PhD. One seldom remembers what was said at a graduation ceremony - but I do re-call Bernie saying this - "This class has the distinct pleasure of never losing to the Gators." You may re-call that the Emmitt Smith Gators never beat FSU. Bernie probably spoke several thousand words that day. Isn't it funny the things you remember?

Thanks Bernie.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Ipod Touch as a Replacement for My Laptop

I am in Disneyworld at my hotel - more details on my web site below.

I am writing some notes about "Using the Ipod Touch as a Replacement for My MacBook on Trips."

So far I am a little disappointed with the ipod touch. It does many things well - but is not fulfilling my needs. Good thing I brought my MacBook along too. Our hotel room has wired internet - not wireless - so I can't use the ipod touch to get online. I did bring along an airport express - but you pay $10 a day for internet here - for each device used. So the ipod touch sits - as does my wife's powerbook 17. We have been reduced to one computer in the hotel room.

Also - the ipod touch comes with one wire that goes to a usb port. Thus - the only way to charge it without buy something else - is plugging it into my macbook.

Another thing I would like on the ipod touch is a notebook - just some place you could write notes and store them. you could probably do it in the "contacts" section - but it was not made for that.

Now the good things about it -

1. It has a wonderful system to access you music - great for kids - but I do not use that much.
2. The calendar looks great - can sync with ical - but right now we use the google calendar - so that is out.
3. The contacts section looks like it is direct from the mac mail program.
4. One frown - when you do get on wi-fi - you must check your mail via webmail - a pain having to type in name and password - does not fill in itself. I would prefer it to use "mac mail." My son claims that it can be hacked.
5. The clock - timers - stopwatch - and alarm are great. But with my ears - I can't hear the alarm.
6. The viewing of photos and videos is spectacular.
7. The "one button" home feature is great. when in doubt - press it to get back to the main screen.
8. The calculator in big - bright - and intuitive.
9. The glass screen is beautiful - bright - clear - and the touch controls are great.

The best part about the ipod touch is that it has many of the iphone features - but at least you are not paying $70 a month to be able to surf the next and check you mail - even if it is only webmail. That is what I got it for.

I am not good at it yet - so far it does NOT replace my trusty macbook - or ibook.

Bonus - if you are into being a "poser" - you can sit in the lobby checking your email and safari - and some people will think you have an iphone :-)

Harry Everhart

Greetings From Disneyworld

While Lulu is busy at the FAME Convention (Florida Association of Media Educators) - I am enjoying 5 days in Disneyworld.

We left Tallahassee in the Honda around 1PM - got here about 6PM. We are staying at the Coronado Springs Hotel - the site of the convention.

Yesterday - we stopped at the Citrus Tower on Clermont. The Citrus Tower is an old concrete tourist attraction. When built in 1955 - one could see half of the world's citrus crops from this tower. In the 1980's - there was a killer frost that virtually wiped out the orange groves. The undustry moved south - and urban sprawl has reached the area.

Lulu and I visited the Citrus Tower on our honeymoon trip to Miami back in 1971. For $4.00 - the tower is still a nice toruist stop.

Here are some pictures from the tower.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Phil Zimmerman - My Cousin's Son - Works for Frontline - A Boston TV Program

You all know Carl and Marylou Zimmerman from Tamaqua. Carl is my cousin - our fathers were brothers. Mary Lou is one of Nancy's best friends.

Their son Phil at his young age has already received a Fullbright Scholarship. He earned a masters degree in Film and Media in New Zealand. Now he is a publicist for Frontline/World in Boston.

After clicking on the title above and reading his well written article about Turkey - I think he should concentrate on being a writer.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Seminole Weekend in Jacksonville

Back in 1993 – when my boys and I went to Miami to see FSU beat Nebraska, one guy said to me, “FSU fans can drive to the Orange Bowl with a ten dollar bill and a copy of the Ten Commandments – and not break either.”

He was commenting about how frugal and jaded FSU fans have gotten with being in so many bowl games in their home state.

He could add the “River City Showdown” in Jacksonville to the list of “inexpensive” places to visit to watch the Noles beat top teams in championship settings.

Although the media kept barraging fans with the “soldout” word – almost any fan showing up without a ticket could easily get into the game for free or at least under $10.

Last week I wrote to you how my family was going to Jacksonville without tickets. The rumors claiming that another 80,000 tickets could have easily been sold by both schools turned out to be bogus.

We arrived in Jacksonville to beautiful weather even though a storm was swirling off the coast sending 20 mile an hour winds our way.

How often can you say that you paid more to park at a game than what you paid for your ticket? Parking adjacent to the stadium was $30. After driving around a little – we found a lot that only cost $20. After parking and partying a little we noticed] a sign saying, “Environmental Superfund Site.” Yes – we would parked on a live waste dump! We were hoping it was not a signal of things to come.

We went to the stadium – and to our delight there were tons of people holding tickets in the air for sale. Obviously, a few fans were speculating and they bought extra tickets hoping to make a profit. Thanks to Florida’s new anti-scalping law – it is perfectly legal to openly sell game tickets for any price. I could go on and on about some foolish folks expecting to get face value for their extra tickets – but I won’t. I will just tell you I got 7 tickets for $10 total. That’s right $1.43 each.

My son – Drew – the scientist from the medical school at Syracuse – did a Venn diagram of his Dad’s attitude about a football game trip. In the top left corner he had “FSU wins, Dad paid nothing.” In the lower right corner he had “FSU loses, Dad paid a bundle.” According to those calculations, this was a weekend for the ages.

Son Keith – the economist – was able to schedule his return trip from Seattle to Washington DC via Jacksonville. He was commenting on a “supply and demand” theory on why FSU game tickets were available.

George and Joel delivered with a great condo on the beach, Lulu got plenty of beach time, once again I had gathered my family from the 4 corners of the world to spend a magical 48 hours in the River City…

… and the afterglow of a Seminole victory for the long van ride home.