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Friday, September 29, 2006

Your Read About Her Here First - Morgan Miller

Morgan Miller - daughter of Tamaqua favorite son Gary Miller - will be the world's next famous clothes designer. She is opening up a very special shop on South Beach Miami next month. She has a very interesting idea - you go into her designer shop - select several different sandal design features - colors - textures - straps - fabrics - and they make the sandals for you on the spot.

There are dreams of a national franchise.

Gary graduated from THS with me in 1966. Gary retired from the fashion industry at age 50 in 1999. Gary E. Miller Productions have been featured in the New York Times - Playboy - Gentlemen's Quarterly - Vogue - and McCalls. Gary lives in a Mansion in Plantation - a few miles from Fort Lauderdale - and Morgan Miller in South Beach.

Fort Lauderdale Beach From Our Room at 7 AM

Nancy is already up and dressed and ready for her presentation to the Broward County teachers. She is recruiting 30 lucky teachers into her program to make them federal board certified media specialists.

It seems almost a waste of a good beach front hotel - when Nancy - the real beach - lover has to work.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

This Car Looks Like It Needs A Shave - It Has LOVE Bugs

September and March bring out the Love Bugs in Florida - and they aren't called that because people love to see them coming. It is because the bugs fly around in pairs - batting their wings like two boat rowers - one bug is always flying backwards. Of course this makes the bugs slow going and they are the easy target of car bumpers. Probably because the female wants to go shopping and the male wants to stay home and watch TV.

The bugs are very sticky - and if left on your car too long - they mar the paint. One of the first purchases I made in Orlando was a bottle of Windex.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Ant and The Grasshopper: How Nancy and Harry Did Orlando

They left home at 6AM and were in Orlando by 9:30. After a nice lunch - Nancy went to meetings about her grant at 2PM and she is still going strong at 9PM - the ant.

Harry went to Disneyworld's Magic Kingdom - the grasshopper.

Since our one year Disney passes are running out soon - I decided to go to The Magic Kingdom. Although it is only about 5 miles away - it took about an hour from when I left the hotel to the time I entered the park. I used the Disney bus system. Disneyworld was empty on this beautiful September Wednesday. I went into several rides w ith no waiting. I walked right onto the boat at the "Pirates of the Carribbean."

As I walked thru the park - I had a little bit of a sad feeling. I remember all the good times I have had there in the past - with Nancy - the boys - my students - friends and family. I have lost count of the number of times we have gone there - starting with the "summer of 72" trip when we went to Miami for the Democratic and the Republican National Conventions and stopping on the way home. I remember my Dad being my bus co-pilot. I remember my Mom liking to sit on a bench and watch all the different people in the park. I remember my students gathering in front of Cinderella's Castle for a nose count. I remember Drew with his coonskin Davy Crockett hat and Keith punching out Pinnochio on water skis. One can't forget all the camper trips to Fort Wilderness and driving all the busloads of kids down for 6-day Thanksgiving breaks. Then there were the plane and train trips where Nancy would bring 10 kids down by plane - and I would bring 10 kids down by train - and we would swap tickets so the kids could sample both forms of transportation. Also seeing the kids' eyes when they saw their first rocket launch at Cape Canaveral.

A Disney trip alone - reminds one that those times are gone forever and just a warm memory.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Our Orlando Hotel

Nancy and I will be spending a few nights in Fort Lauderdale and Orlando. While in Orlando - we will stay here. While we travel - George will house sit.

Click on title for more hotel pictures.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Bid on Vespa just like Mine - that Jay Leno Signed

Click on the title to see the auction. Jay Leno signed this Vespa for a charity. The auction is in Jessup Maryland.

Catch Tallahassee Ballet matinee today

The Tallahassee Ballet presents an evening of original choreography with live musical accompaniment when the annual "An Evening of Music and Dance" twirls onstage for an abbreviated performance at 2:30 p.m. today in Opperman Music Hall. Ticket prices range from $5 to $15. Call 644-6500.

Hob nob with theater folk in the Big Apple at the Neil Simon comedy "45 Seconds From Broadway" at a final held-over performance at 2 p.m. today at Tallahassee Little Theatre, 1861 Thomasville Road. Tickets are $16 for adults, $14 for senior citizens and students. Call 224-8474.

From the Democrat.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Florida State 55 Rice 7 - We Biked to the Game

It was a pretty day in Talllahassee - sunny and 90 with a breeze. Since the game was at 3:30 we decided to forgo our regular tailgate party. Instead Wayne and Shirley went with us to the game - by bicycle. Yes - we drove our bikes the 2 miles to the stadium via the backway - avoiding Capital Hill.

When we go to the stadium there were plenty of cheap tickets for sale. Since Doak Campbell Stadium has a sunny side and shady side - we decided we would take anything between sections 30 and 35 - with 4 tickets together. A nice young lady was holding up 4 tickets - I looked at the numbers - section 31 - row 66 - perfect. I offered her $5 each for the $30 face value tickets - and she was happy to get rid of them. So the 4 of us sat together for a total of $20.

We got to our seats in time to see the band - we were delighted to be in the shade of the press box on the 25 yard line.

At times FSU showed greatness - Xavier Lee - the backup quarterback got plenty of playing time. At other times - fumbles - dropped passes - penalties ruled the day.

The place holds 85,000 - I would say there were 60,000 people there - the sunny student side was markedly more bare than the shady side.

After the game - it was still daylight and we got home by 7 PM.

The Seminoles are 3-1 now. Folks are back on the band wagon. Do not let this score fool you - the Seminoles of old were nowhere near this field.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Florida State Beats Maryland in Volleyball

Nancy and I drove the scooter to the volleyball game. Florida State won three straight games to shut out UMD. Next game is this Sunday versus Boston College here at 1 PM.

Tamaqua High School Girl Dies in Iraq

A New Ringgold woman was among three soldiers killed in a Sept. 14 suicide car explosion in Baghdad, Iraq.

Jennifer M. Hartman, 21, had been assigned to the 4th Support Battalion, 1st Brigade, 4th Infantry Division, based at Fort Hood, Tex.

Hartman ran on the Tamaqua Blue Raiders girls' track team in 2002. Teammate Danielle Butala recalls her as a "really great athlete. She had a great spirit. She was always a good person."

Teacher Phillip Houm said Hartman, who attended his honors American History classes, was "an outstanding student. She had a very very positive work ethic."

From the Morning Call

Our Neighbors Wayne and Shirley Have Written a Book

Today at 2 PM - I attended a research colloquium presented by Shirley and Wayne Wiegand. You may recall that they recently built a house down the street that looks like a 1920's doll house.

Shirley is a law professor and Wayne is one of the world's most famous experts on the history of libraries and library issues. They recently got together to research a book called "Books on Trial" - a story about a 1940 Oklahoma City book store that was shut down because they sold books about communism. Four people that worked there were convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison. The entire book inventory was put into a jail cell.

About 40 faculty and students attended today's event.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Nancy Receives "Loving Cup" from FSU-CI

Dr. Nancy Everhart received an inscribed loving cup from the Florida State University College of Information as a token of appreciation for her work of attracting research money to the school. Here is Nancy in her office after the ceremony that was attended by about 40 faculty.

Keith Calls It "The Perch"

It reminds one a little bit of the treehouse they always wanted as a kid. Up high with a balcony away from Dad and Mom's prying eyes. Put out a rope ladder and a "no girls allowed" sign and you can start a card game with Spanky and Alfalfa.

Wayne calls is "La Casita" - whatever that means. Nancy calls it the "guest suite" - I call it the "barn."

Today is a beautiful day in Tallahassee - temp around 80 - sunny - breezy - low humidity. Open both doors in "the loft" and a breeze blows right thru it.

Note the new "area rug."

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

"Oriental Rug" - Gotta Love Craigs List

A family is moving Friday - so they listed lots of things on Craigs List. We saw this rug and made a call - we went out to see it and it was beautiful - dark blue - perfect for the guest house.

After a little negotiating - we settled on a price and brought it home on the truck. When we got home - we looked it up on the net - Dalyn Rug Company - made in Egypt - 8 x 11 - $799.

Here it is on our living room floor - right after I shampooed it. When it dries - it goes into the guest house.

I know - Egypt is not in the Orient.

Nancy's Gas Fireplace

After 2 years of pesting plumbers and gas appliance guys to install gas log in our fireplace - today it finally happened.

Tallahassee has city natural gas and we have a line to our home to power the pool heater and hot tub heater. But you would think we were trying to dump fly ash in the lake for how hard it was to finally get someone to install gas to the fireplace. At least 5 contractors came and told us what they were going to do - gave us a price - and then we never saw them again. Luckily we never gave them any money.

Finally Mark Sumner of Journeyman Plumbing did the job. Good thing we didn't pay him by the hour because it took his crew of 3 men a total of 4 days to run the steel pipe thru the house and hook up the logs. We shopped locally but Nancy went on the internet and found the exact same log set for half the price.

With the turn of a dial you can have an instant bonfire - it even has burning embers on the floor of the hearth. The chimney damper must be open while the logs are burning - but is does not require a glass front or screen because there is no wood burning.

During the installation - the city made an inspection on 3 separate days to make sure everything was to safety code.

The pictures are not the greatest - but you get the idea.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Latest Report From Chuck in Iraq

Hi Everyone.............just wanted to say hello while I was here at the MWR tent..........I also wanted to tell you about what Gabe did on mission today while searching houses and market stores..........First and foremost I had to wake up in the middle of the night and I was tired as heck......I don't do 3 am wakeups very well.......we got to the second house we were searching for explosives when an Iraqi soldier told me he wanted me to seach this small shed outside the main house so I released gabe off his leash to go search and he ran into this shed and all of a sudden I heard and saw birds going bird came flying out with Gabe in tow......there was no listening to me at this point as he already had a mouthful of feathers and the chase was on.........needless to saw the bird lived minus a mouthful of feathers. I had 14 Infantry guys rolling and me mad as heck because Gabe once again wanted to eat everything in site. ...... Overall though Gabe had a very awesome mission and hung in for the entire 9 hours we were out........he searched a total of 7 houses, 4 cars and 10 small stores.

On a more serious note, today the Military Police corps suffered another great loss as 1 soldier was killed and 2 were wounded. I ask tonight that you keep their family in your prayers along with their unit over here in Iraq. Life can be tough as a soldier, but once again I will stress that we do this not because we have to, but because we want to. Their isn't a soldier over here that wouldn't think twice about risking his or her life in defense of this great nation. Fly your American flags high and proud because many soldiers have made the ultimate sacrifice so we can continue to be the great nation we are! God bless you, God bless America and May God bless us, his American soldiers and Military Working Dogs!

Chuck and Gabe

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Maiden Voyage of Paddle Boat and Boathouse

Wayne and Shirley moved down from Milwaukee. They brought along their paddle boat that needed a home. We keep it on our lake. Today - Drew and I made the maiden voyage on the lake in it. We were quite surprised how manuverable it is.

Here is a picture of our home from the lake. You can see that I still have a lot of work on the property - trimming the trees and landscaping. You can see the pool's screened room and the guest house balcony if you enlarge the picture.

The second is a picture of our first guest - Keith - with Nancy.

Family Together for Clemson at FSU Game

Robin and Drew flew in and we are all together for tonight's big game.

We will take the truck and tailgate canopy over to the stadium this morning to get our favorite spot. We will set up the satellite dish to be able to watch other games during our tailgate party.

Later - we will all drive over in the Jetta - have some food and drinks before the game - and try our luck getting tickets.

Hopefully - Clemson will cooperate and allow Bobby to win "Bowden Bowl VIII." Clemson has won 2 out of the last 3 games with FSU.

Sunday Keith flies back DC to start his new job at FERC.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Pottsville Man Wants Shootout with Police

John Conrad Philips referred to himself as “The Lone Tonto” and hoped to organize a “Pot Protest in Pottsville,” according to court records.

However, after being apprehended Tuesday by Pottsville police who say Philips tried to lure them into a gun battle in the Greenwood Hill section of the city, Philips faces several drug charges. City police said more will be filed.

Philips, 58, is in Schuylkill County Prison after police apprehended him outside his 441-443 Greenwood Ave. row home.

City officers conducted a search of Philips’ residence midday Tuesday after the Reading explosives unit was called to secure the property.

An undercover officer, who asked not to be identified, said police seized about 60 marijuana plants growing in the backyard, along with military-grade ammunitions, 20 pounds of marijuana and survivalist equipment and literature.

“This amount of marijuana... I don’t think any of us have seen,” said the officer.

The Republican

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Tamaqua Italian Bakery - Click Here

FSU Seating Chart

We sat in section 10 row 46 for the Troy State game. Nancy got tickets for free outside the stadium. This Saturday tickets should be more difficult for "Bowden Bowl VIII" - the game between head coaches Bobby Bowden and Terry Bowden. Last year Clemson pasted a big loss on FSU up there. Let's hope it is payback time.

The Everhart family will be getting together for this game - all three kids - Robin - Drew - and Keith will be here. Watch for tailgate party pictures.

FSU Loses to Gators

Gotta loves women's volleyball at FSU.........heck it's free.

FSU Podcast About Football - Click Here

Monday, September 11, 2006

Seminoles Back in Black

Bobby Bowden confirmed the worst-kept secret in Tallahassee this fall. Florida State will wear an all-black uniform Oct. 21 in a home game against Boston College. The uniform, which was the idea of Nike, will also commemorate FSU's relationship with the Seminole Tribe through wording an patchwork.

Chuck Reports from Iraq and 9/11

Dear friends,

I hope this email finds you all in great health and spirits.......Today is a special day is so many ways because of the tragidies in New York, The Pentagon and Shanksville, much has happened since that terrible day in 2001, I just wanted to take this time to thank you all for being such great friends....sometimes in the mist of life, we forget to say I love you and thank you because we take for granted that there will be a tomorrow and in this day and age, tomorrow is not so certain.........So tell those people how special they are to you just because and for no reason at all, one smile or one word can change a life forever....

As for Iraq......I bet I got asked 30 times why this deployment is the best one? For starters I have Gabe, he is the one thing that will keep me in the Army....I was going to get out of the Army in 2010, but that is still uncertain, I want to be a state police officer........ Well the place I am living with Gabe has AC and we have a bed to sleep in.....the dining hall we eat at is one of the best in Iraq and I kid you not, I eat better here than I do in Texas and I am not having mortar rounds being dropped all around me everyday........There is two sides to Iraq and I can clearly see that and it truly hurts to see the woman and children suffer because of this.....Last night I went on a raid to a suspected insurgents house and there was about 8 kids in the house and I hate to see that.....I cannot comment any further on that, but know everybody isn't bad in Iraq..........Anyways, I am sorry if I don't respond back quick enough to individuals emails....if you ha ve questions in the emails, I do save them and will get back to you I promise........thanks again for all your support and Gabe says hello.



FSU Recruiters on Scouting Trip to Tampa and Lakeland

Dressed in their garnet and gold outfits - Florida State Professors Dr. Eliza Dresang and Dr. Nancy Everhart are seen leaving the Tallahassee Airport on a three day recruiting trip of the Tampa Bay Area. Just like Bobby Bowden travels the country looking for the best students for his football team - Eliza and Nancy are scouring the world looking for the best library and information science students to take the challenge of Project LEAD.

Project LEAD is a project funded by IMLS branch of the federal government. The project is designed to recruit potential leaders in the school library media specialist field and prepare them to complete the National Board Certification Program.

Project LEAD was created when the Institute of Museum and Library Services selected the grant written by Nancy and Eliza and provided $1.3 million in matching funds to make it happen. 30 students will be selected and provided full scholarships to complete the program.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Click Here to See the Blog of Doris Hollenbach Meneses - The Former Tamaqua Doris Hollenbach

Doris updated her web page today - so go take a look. Doris has lived in Homestead south of Miami for over 35 years.

Florida State Barely Beat Troy State University of Alabama

If Saturday night was any indication of what FSU's football season is going to be like - we are in for some very rough sledding.

Our day went like this - we got up at 9 AM and took the van over to our favorite tailgating spot. We set up the canopy and then George and I rode back home 2 miles on my new scooter. Then at 4 PM we all piled into the Jetta - stopped by Pizza Hut to pick up our 2 free pizzas and drove to the game. We sat around until 5:30 PM - watching Notre Dame beat Penn State on our little white TV and then walked across the street to the stadium. Heavy overcast gray clouds encouraged us to carry our ponchos - but no rain fell all night. When we got to the ticket area - plenty of tickets were being held in the air.

Once again - Nancy hit her spot and someone handed her tickets on the 50 yard line - row 46 - free. I guess the terrorists are not mad at FSU - because no one was checking our bags and pockets for drinks or bombs.

All night long - FSU was looking for a way to give this game to Troy State. Sometimes you like making the ESPN highlights even if you have the worst loss in Bowden history. FSU was losing the whole game and finally scored 2 touchdowns in the last 7 minutes to win. FSU managed less than 50 yards running. Two interceptions prevented the disaster that would have riveted everyone to the TV screen after this non-televised game. It is good that the nation did not see this lackluster performance after only 4 days of rest from beating Miami. Right new FSU is averaging 25 running yards a game.

At the ending bell - we walked back to the car - Keith went to a party with his friends - and the spoiled FSU masses tomahawk chopped their way home. A short ride and 20 minutes later - had us home watching the highlights on ESPN.

Pictures - Tailgate party with Curt - George - Joel - Keith - Nancy - me. The little TV on the Jetta hood kept us in touch with the Penn State dabacle. Go Noles. Go Nits. Also 2 pictures from our 50 yard line seats.

Friday, September 08, 2006

FSU Plays Troy State Saturday Night

Game starts at 6PM for the first of 8 home games this year at Doak Campbell Stadium.

It will be interesting getting tickets this year. The State of Florida passed a new law saying you can buy or sell sports tickets at whatever price the market will bear.

FSU will be playing with just 4 days rest after beating Miami in the Orange Bowl on Monday night. That game had the largest audience in television history. This year's big home games are Boston College - Clemson - and Florida.

2007 Vespa LX150

Today we bought a new motorscooter. It is a 2007 Vespa LX150. It is dark blue - Tamaqua blue - with a tan seat. We bought it at Florida Motorsports right here in town on Capital Circle NE.

You may recall that we sold our two other scooters using This new scooter has 12 horsepower compared to the 8 horsepower that the Vino 125 had. It also has a roomier seat and foot steps for two middle age adults. It has a 4 stroke engine - with electric start. It gets near 100 miles per gallon.

This scooter easily does 60mph - but Nancy and I are comfortable going 30mph. 99% of the time we will use it in town. Nancy likes having a scooter because there are so many cars on campus and so few parking spots. The scooter parking spots are almost always empty. We also like to use the scooter to go to football games. We get around traffic - also they let us park in the VIP parking lots for free.

Nancy seems to be more concerned with capturing her flowers in the photo than the scooter.

Side note - orginally this morning I had cut a deal for one that was plum color with a tan seat - because I thought it was close to Florida State maroon and gold. When Keith and Nancy went to dealership to pick up the scooter - they quickly switched the deal to dark blue with a tan seat. I am glad they did.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Crikey Cracker

Guest Suite / Workshop / Barn is Complete

Click on the title to see more pictures.

I guess this is what old retired guys do. Nancy calls it my cave - I call it my barn. Hopefully - friends will come to visit and and call it home.

Keith, Nancy, and I worked very hard to complete the barn. Our neighbor and builder - Bill Gwynn and his crew did a splendid job. They get our highest recommendation. They did what we wanted - stayed on schedule - and provided no surprises on price. The craftsmen were perfect gentlemen - no loud music or bad language. Their craftsmanship skills were excellent.

Boring details of the barn -

Harry did the design work
Bill Richardson did the architectural drawings
Soil test borings had to be done
Tons of permits and inspections were done by the city
Hurricane code required tons of steel straps and 150 mph windows
A concrete and steel foundation was engineered.
Walls we made with 2 x 6 studs
3/4 plywood was used for exterior walls - roof - floor
One piece trusses were manufactured to support roof and floor
Roof joists are 2 x 8 lumber
Insulation is liquid styrofoam that expands when applied
Insulation is 6 inches in the wall and 8 inches in the roof
Outside walls are covered with 1/2 inch concrete hardiboard
The pocket doors are custom made and have tempered glass windows
The balconies have 4 inch thick concrete floors
The sewage system drains into a sewer easement manhole on our property by the lake
There are 10 electrical circuits
A 20 gallon water heater provide hot water instantly
Mahogany laminate flooring upstairs is 1/2 inch thick
The bathroom vent exits downward thru the roof soffit
Harry did all the electrical work
Keith and Harry installed the floor
Keith and Nancy did the inside painting
Wesley and Mayfair Head painted the exterior
Gary Moran did an excellent job digging for 300 feet of sewer line
The City of Tallahassee was a joy to work with for permits - inspections - and especially hooking up the sewer pipe.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Who's the Wild Man Now?

Florida State 13
Miami 10

Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin Killed

The Associated Press
Monday, September 4, 2006; 2:55 AM

BRISBANE, Australia -- Steve Irwin, the hugely popular Australian television personality and environmentalist known as the "Crocodile Hunter," was killed Monday by a stingray during a diving expedition. He was 44.

Irwin was filming an underwater documentary on the Great Barrier Reef in northeastern Queensland state when he was stung, Sydney's The Daily Telegraph newspaper reported on its Web site.

Click Headline for Full Story

Chuck Shuck Still sitting in Spain on the Way to Iraq

Hi everyone......I am once again sitting in the airport in Spain awaiting my flight to Iraq.......We now have a new plane so hopefully everything goes as planned this time......Gabe and I are doing well, but so ready to get to work and earn our keep.....please continue to pray for all soldiers and dogs (Gabe especially) and I will send an updated email as soon as I can with an address etc.......until next time, stay safe and take care


Note - Chuck was one of my students in 7th grade in Lansford PA about 18 years ago. He is starting his 3rd tour of duty in Iraq with his bomb sniffing dog - Gabe. For the past 6 months - Chuck has been training in Texas. Chuck is a "coal cracker" too - just like me.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hard Coal: Last of the Bootleg Miners

On Friday, September 1st - the documentary "Hard Coal: Last of the Bootleg Miners" premiered in Mahanoy City - 10 miles north of Tamaqua PA.

The film tells the story of the last 12 surviving hard coal bootleg coal mines.

Although our country is running short of fuel - and Pennsylvania has a 400 year supply of Anthracite - efforts are being made to curtail mining it. Presently - a coal to oil industry is being developed in Schuylkill County. If properly done - coal could be the solution to our country's energy needs.

These pictures were taken from the production of that film. You can see a preview of the film by clicking on the title - Hard Coal - in the headline above.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

FSU Volleyball Runs Record to 4-0

The Seminoles beat South Alabama this morning at 10AM - 3-0.

October Visit Back Home to Northeast Pennsylvania and Northeast USA

Nancy is attending a conference in Rhode Island in October. So we thought it would be an excellent time to visit Drew and Robin in Syracuse and our friends and family in Tamaqua.

We will fly into Providence - visit Martha's Vineyard - then drive to Syracuse and Tamaqua - then fly back home.

Connect the names to the pictures - Providence - Syracuse - Tamaqua - Martha's Vineyard

Harry is Scooterless

We sold our scooters. You may recall that last week I sold our 2004 Vespa 50 scooter. Well yesterday I also sold the 2005 Yamaha Vino 125. This does not mean we will be scooterless long. We are in the market for a 2007 Vespa LX150.

This picture was not taken on the steps of our new guest house. That is the Florida Supreme Court in the background. You recall that court - it is the one where Jeb Bush fixed the election for brother George. Boy - he really did us a big favor.

The picture was taken in September of 2004 - when we bought the scooter. Since then - Nancy and I put 2300 miles on it. In that picture - Harry was sporting 225 pounds of flabby gut. I would like to say that two years of scooter riding has Harry under 200 pounds now - but it had more to do with refraining from drinking sugared soda and constructing our barn.

We sold both scooters using It is a free service that allows you to post classified ads and pictures. We have gotten a lot of response.

Please note - the only reason I sold the scooters is because Nancy gave me permission to buy a new one.

Click on "Harry is Scooterless" to see the advertisement that sold the Yamaha Scooter.

Out with the Old - In with the New

We bought a new dining set. It is solid oak made completely of full one inch planks. The set includes the table and six high back chairs. It also includes two table extension leaves.

After with brought the dining set home - we sold our solid pine dining set including the hutch on Craigs list. It sold immediately.

Picture 1 is the old set and hutch.
Picture 2 is the new set.

The buyer and seller of the sets with remain anonymous.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Man Does Play About Father Damien on Molokai

Click on the title for the full story.

Father Damien served the patients at the "leprosy prison" called Kalaupaupau on Molokai. A one-man play was written and performed in the National Park where the patient's were kept and some still live.

Nancy and I visited this site last summer. To get there we had to ride mules down a 2000 foot high cliff - zig zagging for 3 miles to get there - and of course 3 miles back up.

FSU Volleyball Beat Stetson 3 games to 0

The Florida State girls team - full of freshman - ran their record to 3-0 - shutting out Stetson University. FSU plays again tomorrow morning at 10AM.