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Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Friday Visit With Earl and Jeannie Eidem - My Former Students

Jean - Harry - Earl had a nice time talking about good times at Panther Valley Middle School.

Jean and Earl have 6 kids - 3 older ones - 3 younger ones. The young ones wanted to talk to me about the time I paddled Earl in school. I told them it never happened. 

Along the Mississippi Gulf Coast is Stennis Space Center. They used to work on rocket engines there. At the welcome center they have a LM (lunar module). Of all the big fancy rockets we built - this little LM is the only space craft that ever landed on the moon.

Halfway home from New Orleans - I stopped in Crestview FL to visit two of my students - Jean Santore Eidem and Earl Eidem. You know you are old when you visit one of your students and he is retired. Earl has already served a 20 year hitch with the Air Force - and has visited the world. Now he has a small ranch in the woods on the Panhandle of Florida.

Both Earl and Jean now work for Northwest Florida State College. They have 6 kids - 3 are almost grown up - and 3 are little cuties. 

They build a new home in 2006. Since both Earl and Jean are coal crackers - they insisted on a full basement in the new home. They have 10 acres of hilly forest in their backyard with a running stream. The built a 1/2 mile long nature trail that zig zags through the property. Earl also built a zip line ride for the kids. 

Last year Earl and Jean came to our house to see a basketball game at FSU. They are real Seminoles - their home is full of FSU sport mementos. We are looking forward to them visiting for a football game this fall.

Thinking back over my 33 years of teaching at Panther Valley - sometimes you think you were wasting your time - other times you thought you weren't helping anyone. It is so nice seeing your students when they are grown up and they are doing the good things and fighting the good fight. I left the Eidem home with a big smile on my face. 33 years of teaching - about 150 students a year - that is about 5000 kids I taught. If even 1/10th of my students turn out as good as Jean and Earl - I will have helped accomplish something. I am really proud of all my students. 

ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) Construction - Hurricane Proof - Bug Proof - Rot Proof - and Green

We visited this house east of town. 

This house's owner happily invited us inside to show off their new home.

Lulu and I have been interviewing builders and are considering both traditional and progressive construction methods. One of the systems that we are examining is called ICF (Insulated Concrete Form). Basically - they use polystyrene forms that fit together like Lego blocks. The blocks also include plastic nailing strips and a lattice for strength. After the forms are all set up - they pour concrete down into the cavities to make a solid concrete sandwich wall. The wall is 4/4/4 construction - 4 inches of foam/4 inches of concrete/4 inches of foam. The forms remain in place and are used as permanent insulation. 

After the concrete sets - drywall can be attached directly to the forms on the inside. The outside wall can be finished with siding - brick - or any other conventional material. No need for furring strips or studs - a nailing surface is included in the ICF. A conventional roof attaches to metal straps placed in the concrete wall during pouring. 

Rock Solid Builders in Crawfordville Florida builds this type of home exclusively. We have examined some of their finished products. You can see their web page here -

Friday, March 29, 2013

Last Night in the City of New Orleans

In the morning we took the trolley to the Garden District and Tulane University.   This was the biomedical engineering building. What a nice campus.

In the afternoon we took a long ride on our folding bikes. Here we were at Louie Armstrong Park.

I am holding Lulu's "Hawaiian Itch" glasses at Tropical Isle on Bourbon Street.

At Tulane University - this one tree was full of beads from Mardi Gras.

I am not sure if Lulu knew she was posing in front of those signs.

Today we drive home. It is 390 miles to Tallahassee - took 6 and 1/2 hours to get here. We plan to stop to see Earl and Jean Eidem - my former students - and their 3 new kids. They live in Crestview Florida.

Friday 9 PM - we made it home safely - had a fun with with Earl and Jean and family. We had no rain all week in New Orleans. It was 400 miles home - the Prius got 47 MPG and easily made it home without stopping for gasoline.  We left New Orleans at 11 AM. We made a stop at a shopping outlet in Gulfport MS - and spent a few hours with the Eidems. More picture later.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Last Night On Bourbon Street

Equal Rights For All - Gay Marriage

This is the gay marriage symbol. In most of the states in America - two people of the same sex cannot marry. There are over 1200 laws that favor married people over single people. Once again it is our government with their hand in social engineering. In 1892 - the Supreme Court ruled that "separate but equal is equal." For the next 60 years - black has to remain second class citizens - white only schools - restaurants - golf clubs - rest rooms - etc. It is time for our Supreme Court to end this discrimination. The Republican Party has a record of always coming down on the wrong side of history. I hope the Supreme Court  rules on equal rights for all - and strikes down the laws that prevent gay marriage.

Terry Young Took Us To Supper - And I Discovered Plessy Versus Ferguson

Terry and Lulu in front of The Joint.

Lulu's buddy - Terry Young lives in the French Quarter for the last 30 years. He is a school librarian in New Orleans. He is always offering us his living room floor to crash during Mardi Gras - and this trip he insisted on taking us out to supper at a local BBQ joint.

Less than one mile east of the French Quarter is "The Joint." It only has about 10 tables but has some of the finest brisket and ribs we have ever had. The area of New Orleans was never under water - most people do not know that the French Quarter survived Katrina pretty well intact.

Terry and Lulu sit on several national library committees together.

On the way back to our hotel - I caught a sign that said "Plessy......" About a block later I asked Terry to stop his Accord. He circled around and there is was "Plessy Versus Ferguson." It was one of the most famous civil rights cases before the Supreme Court. Unfortunately - the court ruled the wrong way - and black civil rights were put on hold another 60 years.

Homer Plessy was an Octoroon. This is a person 7/8th white and 1/8th black. He looked white - but in New Orleans you were considered 100% black. Louisiana has just passed the Railroad Car Act of 1892. The law stated that blacks must ride in separate train cars from whites. The train was going from New Orleans to Covington. Plessy hopped on the white train car. He was arrested and charged with "riding in a white train car while black." They put him off the train in this area of New Orleans and arrested him. 

The case went all the way to the Supreme Court. Ferguson was the judge that found Plessy guilty - so the case was Plessy versus Gurgeson in front of the final arbiters in Washington DC.

The Supreme Court ruled "separate but equal is equal." From this - the cities of the South - segregated schools - restaurants - bathrooms - trains - hotels - you name it. This went one for 60 more years until the 1954 case of Brown Versus Broad of Education. At that time the Supreme Court ruled - "separate is NOT equal." They said the country must integrate with all deliberate speed. This piloted the civili rights movement - along with Martin Luther King.

There I was - standing on the spot where Home Plessy like Rosa Parks many years later challenged the law saying blacks had to be beholding to whites. You gotta love New Orleans.

Lulu had ribs - Terry and I had beef brisket - at The Joint.

In this spot Homer Plessy was arrested for riding in the "white only train car."

The Supreme Court ruled against Homer Plessy - and for 60 years the South kept blacks "separate but equal." Even in 2013 - blacks schools down South are still not funded as well as white school. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Wednesday Afternoon Stroll in the French Quarter of New Orleans

New Orleans is one romantic city. There are lots of shops selling Cajun souvenirs. Add to that tons of great places it eat and drink. There are more people than I expected here for the end of March. The place is level and the pace is slower so it is a good place for riding bikes. 

The Crescent City is dripping with history. It has been under the flags of France - England - Spain - the USA - and the confederacy. Just a few miles south and west of town - Jean Lafitte flew the flag of a pirate and ran his own country for years. He was wanted in the USA - but whenever he walked the streets of New Orleans he was treated like a prince - sort of an early mafia godfather. Jackson and Lafitte are having a contest down here to see who can spread their name around the most.

Jackson Square is sunny and breezy - note St Louis Cathedral in the background.

The old New Orleans Mint has been converted to a free museum. They also have a jazz museum there with a preforming arts theatre. In the museum is one of Louie Armstrong's trumpets. 

One of my favorite spots in the world is Cafe Du Monde in the French Quarter along the river. They sell one thing - Beignets - French square doughnuts without holes - piled high with powdered sugar. You get 3 for $2.30. What a bargain. Lulu and I broke our diet and each had 3. The lace was packed in the middle of the day - you had to wait for a table and lunge at it. 

In the old New Orleans Mint is a performing arts theatre. They have daily free jazz presentations there. This is Lulu in the theatre.

It is a beautiful clear week in New Orleans - sunny - breezy - 60s - but it feels cold in the shade with the wind. This stern wheeler - the Creole Queen - takes you on a 2 hour cruise for $20. 

We are driving home Friday. We plan to visit my students Jeanie and Earl Eidem in Crestview - Florida. It is 4 hours from here to there. We will spend a couple hours there - and then drive the last 2 hours home. 

Only A Rumor - The Brew Pub at Cascades Park in Tallahassee

The old power plant at Cascades Park drawn up as a microbrew pub.
For the last 5 years - the city has been working on a new park downtown - called Cascades Park. At one time their was a small river with a cascading falls there - thus the name. This park is about 1/2 mile from our front door.

The area was a derelict superfund site - polluted by an old coal fired power plant that was there. One of the main buildings was left behind during the park work. Supposedly the park will be done this summer.

These pictures and rumors are flying around Facebook. I generally do not pass on gossip - unless it is positive. Tallahassee has been documented to have 1000 different places to eat. One wonders if it could support another. But it would be a nice destination where we could walk to eat - or at least take the golf cart.

Personally I do not care what they put there - as long as it is built with private money - not supported by my tax dollars. I would be happy to patronize it. They say there are two times when a restaurant is busy in Tallahassee - in the first month when it is opened - and in the last month after it announces it is closing. 

Note - this is only a rumor.

Particularly interesting are the gas fire pots as conversation pits.

Presently the old power plant looks like this.

Cajun Food in New Orleans

Monday night we had supper with Marcia Mardis at LeBayou on Bourbon Street.  It was late for supper and after  getting turned down at 3 places with a long wait - we took this place because it had a table. The food was excellent - with lots of local flavor.

Tuesday afternoon - I had lunch at Rocky and Carlo's. It is in Chalmette - a bayou town where the Battle of New Orleans was fought. This area is 9 miles down the river from town - I rode my folding bike there. The place was a plain block building with a truss roof covered with painted plywood. It was new from after Katrina - fantastic food - prices low - lots of locals that live in "Katrina" trailers. You can tell they feed lots of people there. Biking home - against the wind - I got sun burned. Temps here are 50s and 60s - but breezy and sunny.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Battle of New Orleans - I Was There

"In 1814 we took a little trip - along with Colonel Jackson down the might Mississipp. We took a little bacon and we took a little beans - and found the bloody British in the town of New Orleans."

In 1957 - it was the number one song in the nation for 5 weeks - and cemented in America's mind all the folklore. 

Today I rode my folding bike 9 miles south of downtown New Orleans to Chalmette - the actual site of the battle. It was a beautiful but breezy ride - and a wonderful trip back into history. The Battle of New Orleans was not fought in New Orleans. It did not occur in 1814. And the biggest blunder - the battle was fought two weeks after the peace treaty between England and America was signed in Belgium.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Arriving at the City of New Orleans

We are ready to have five great days in the Crescent City. It was 6.5 hours door to door from Seminole Drive to our Sheraton Hotel on Canal Street in the French Quarter.

It is crystal clear and breezy here. Only 55 degrees.

The Prius made the trip on 9 gallons and got 40 miles per gallon. We were driving into a strong headwind.

We left home at 8 am and pulled into our hotel at 2:30 pm our time. We stopped 3 times to stretch.

The sun was on our back all the way over the empty I-10.

This is my third trip to the Katrina City since the 2005 disaster. Many homes and businesses still look like they were bombed out.

Lots of pictures waiting out there for me to take them home.

Harry's iPhone

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dying Soldier's Letter to Bush and Cheney

Harry - I seldom copy and paste political stuff on here. Usually the stuff does not stand the sniff test. I checked this letter out with It is legit. If there were ever two guys that I really hated on this earth for what they did - it would be Bush and Cheney. Those bastards lied us into the Iraq War for political and financial gain. They dealt this country a blow from which we may never recover. I hope there is a special place in hell for these guys.

A Message to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney From a Dying Veteran
To: George W. Bush and Dick Cheney
From: Tomas Young
I write this letter on the 10th anniversary of the Iraq War on behalf of my fellow Iraq War veterans. I write this letter on behalf of the 4,488 soldiers and Marines who died in Iraq. I write this letter on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of veterans who have been wounded and on behalf of those whose wounds, physical and psychological, have destroyed their lives. I am one of those gravely wounded. I was paralyzed in an insurgent ambush in 2004 in Sadr City. My life is coming to an end. I am living under hospice care.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Florida State University - School Library Media Program - Named Number One in the Nation

Nancy Everhart - Marcia Mardis - Linda Swaine - Sylvia Norton celebrate being selected by US News as the top school library media program in the nation.

Let them eat cake! We are celebrating the U.S. News and World Report #1 ranking of our school library media program with a delicious cake from Publix today in the PALM Center. Faculty, staff, and students have all stopped by for a slice and to relay good wishes. 

Everhart - Director of the School Library Media Program at FSU - encouraged librarians on her Vision Tour in 2011 with "If you get an award - have a party. If you don't get an award - make one up."

Skip Over TV Commercials with DirecTV


We have had Directv and their DVR for 14 years. It is a great service for recording shows and watching them later. Dish TV has come out with something that automatically skips over commercials - the hopper - it is almost worth switching over for. Big TV is fighting it in court - but for now - this DVR really cuts out commercials on playback. While researching satellite TV and DVR's - I found out about a neat feature I do have. My DVR has a manual commercial skip - you press the button and it zips thru 30 seconds in 6 seconds. But it still takes 6 seconds per 30 seconds for about 36 seconds for a 3 minute commercial break. With this hack - you can go thru 3 minutes of commercials instantly. Directions - 1 - go to search for programs - 2- type in "30SKIP" - select it - 3 - nothing will happen that is okay - 4 - now when you play a recording and press the skip button it will instantly go thru 30 seconds. Press the button 6 times and it instantly goes thru 3 minutes of commercials. Please - no comments about how commercials are important to sponsors. They always blast their commercials at 10x the volume. I do not want to see or LISTEN to their sales pitches. Let them find a work around around me for a change.

Lulu and I are a couple of eggheads that are not shamed to say we watch a lot of TV. Most of the time we record stuff - then watch it at night skipping over commercials. I tend to like history channels - Lulu likes home makeover channels. We both watch lots of FSU sports. I watch way too much CNN. Believe it or not - our TV's are seldom on from 9 AM to 5 PM.

When I was a kid - I was always amazed that President Lyndon Johnson has three TV's in his office - always tuned into ABC- CBS - NBC. Now I have 4 flat screens - not all in one room,.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Cheap Electric Car - Mahindra Reva - Made in India - $12000

The Mahindra Riva will start at $12000 US.
Copied from PlugInCars web page -

Mahindra Reva e2O, an all-new electric four-seat hatchback. But it might get some attention in translation: U.S. $10,974. That’s got to be an all-time low price for a lithium-ion battery vehicle that’s more than a golf cart.

Of course, that’s the price in New Delhi, where the car was unveiled March 18. The capital city subsidizes electric cars, and the E2O will run $12,800 to $15,651 in states with no incentives. Still, it’s an eye-popping price for an EV. Mahindra also claims that the car will cost only a penny per kilometer to operate, and that’s pretty low, too.

Chetan Maini, Reva's chief of technology and strategy, told that the new car is aimed at "people who are looking for a second car in the family for their daily intra-city use."

FSU Girls To Play Princeton in NCAA Playoffs at Waco TX

FSU was selected to play Princeton in Waco TX - then if they win - they play National Champion Baylor in the second game.

Last night I attended the NCAA selection party for the girls basketball team at the President's Box in Doak Campbell Stadium. Between 300 and 400 fans enjoyed having a light supper and cake with the team as they waited for their name to be called on ESPN. 
Alexia DeLuzio is our favorite player. In the 5 years she played at FSU - we never saw that beautiful smile -  she usually has such an intense game face on. In her freshman year - she blew out her knee - and sat out the season on the bench with a big bandage and crutches. 
FSU will be playing Princeton in the first round at Waco TX. If they win that game - their second game will be against national champion Baylor University featuring four time All-American and Player of the Year - Brittney Griner. Coach Sue Semrau commented that she felt like David going up against Goliath  with the basketball as her rock. I look at it this way - they would have to play Baylor once to win the national championship - I hope they are lucky enough to get to play them second. First - they have to beat a very good Princeton team. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Tallahassee Leading Nation in Starting All-Electric Bus Service

By August of this year - Tallahassee will have 5 electric buses in service and have their own charging station. We are not talking about hybrids here - these are 100% electric. With the super charger - they can charge in as little as 10 minutes.

From the city - 

Construction Begins on FastFill Charging Station for Electric Buses
March 18, 2013

StarMetro is one step closer to launching its brand new all-electric, zero-emission buses. This week, the transit agency will begin construction on a fast charge station at C.K. Steele Plaza. This FastFill charging station, manufactured by Proterra Inc., will charge the electric buses at the central transfer station in as little as ten minutes.

Our Selection Show Party in the FSU President's Box Will Be On ESPN

Our women's basketball team has become a national power. They have made it a habit of playing in the NCAA Tournament almost every year. Ironically - last year when Tallahassee was hosting several tournament game - FSU was not invited.

Tonight at 6:30 - I am attending a party in the President's Box. Lulu can't go along because she is teaching a class. Refreshments and door prizes will be the order of the night. The President's box holds about 300 people. It is worth the trip to just enjoy the facility - also to see the team up close in street clothes. 

The Happy Couple

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Unreal - Now the Lansford Women Attacking the Valley Guy Made It across the Atlantic - The London Sun


A FRUSTRATED girlfriend was arrested by cops after she attacked her boyfriend claiming he would not have sex with her because he is addicted his XBOX.

Heather Hayes, 24, burst in to a supermarket – naked from the waist down – and assaulted her lover in front of shocked shoppers.
She claims Eric Zuber had been playing his Xbox for TWO days with pals and had refused to sleep with her.
Zuber fled their flat to a convenience store to call police after redhead Hayes flew in to a rage.
Cops in Pennsylvania, US, said that Hayes had bitten her boyfriend’s arm and grabbed his testicles before he fled.
Zuber called police from the Lansford Turkey Hill convenience store before Hayes turned up half naked and began screaming insults at him.
They took the pair to a local police station where Hayes explained that Zuber would not have sex with her.
Hayes is charged with indecent exposure, simple assault, open lewdness, and harassment.
She explained to police that she was not wearing any trousers because she had been trying to seduce Zuber before she ended up attacking him.

Read more:

From a reader - So I was the clerk working the night this happened! It was way more than I wanted to see! Haha - Linsey Romig

American Pickers Made It to Lansford PA

Frank Fritz of American Pickers and two of my former students.

Lulu and I watch way too much television. Usually eggheads like to hide their TV in a box - and pretend they only watch PBS when you find it. Hopefully the crooks do not read this - but we have 4 flat screens in the house. 

It is great when you finally find a few programs that the family can share together. American Pickers and Pawn Stars are two favorites. 

In American Pickers - two fellas drive all over the USA in a Mercedes van - going through peoples' junk. It is amazing how many hoarders there are in America - and these guys can fill an hour buying junk to be sold later at a profit. 

Pawn Stars is a real live pawn shop in Las Vegas. The whole show is people walking in and trying to sell strange and interesting stuff. The sellers are paid cash right on the spot. 

One of the stars of American Picker is Frank Fritz. He was spotted in Lansford last week looking for booty. I stole this picture off Facebook. 

A reader added- 

Coaldale, too. Franz' Garage in Lansford and an old school building in Coaldale by the Viennese Villa.

Only in the Valley - Nearly Nude Women Arrested Wanting Sex

I was the science teacher in Lansford PA for 33 years. I am very proud of most of my students. They have gone on to be teachers - doctors - lawyers - nurses. They have served the community well. As a teacher you never know how large a sphere you influence.

Many of my students make the newspaper - sometimes positively and other times negatively. They seldom surprise me with ways of making the news. 

This time one of my students made the news for a truly odd reason. To show you how small the community is - not only did I teach this young man - I taught his mother. 

At first when I read this story on Facebook - I thought it was a joke. Surely nothing like this happened - and surely no newspaper would write it up this way. But alas - I went the the Times-News web page - typed in "nude" and there it was.

This story truly gives a new meaning to being caught with your pants down.

Click Here for Nude Women Arrest Story

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Free Family Tree Information - March 14 to March 17

For the next 4 days - you can look up your family history for free.

It is a lot of fun. Be careful - you might find out something you do not want to know.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

We Remember Hurricane Andrew and Doris - 20 Years Ago

Bob Hollenbach was at peace in South Florida - just being with Sissy. 
In August 1992 - BC- before cellphones - we got a phone call from our buddy Doris Hollenbach Meneses. I already was hard of hearing - so I could barely make out her voice. Basically she said Hurricane Andrew virtually leveled the entire bottom half of Florida. She had nothing - the well was out - the power was out - and the monkeys were out. Monkey Jungle was just up the road and the natives escaped. The inside of their home was stuccoed with mud from 150 MPH winds. Doris's family survived in the bathroom.

Doris graduated from high school with Lulu - and all her family was still in Valley. They gathered aid from the entire town and we were going on a mission. 

We had this 20 year old Argosy Motor Home. It would be our rescue vehicle. Lulu and I piled into the camper. Doris's father - Bob Hollenbach would come along. It was 1300 miles from Tamaqua to Homestead FL - south of Miami. Along the way we had a couple hardships - the water pump died - and a wire came off the starter. 

Some things stick out along the way down. I remember Bob taking a shower as we were on the move - bouncing around inside like a washing machine - but he came out clean and dry. We were waved thru the toll booths on the turnpike at 40 MPH. I remember pulling into Doris's yard on the end of a wrecker hook in the dark pulled by a guy named Angel.  

We spent a week with Doris and her family. We were living on her back porch - cooking on a picnic grill - sleeping in tents - and having our camper for hot showers. We tried helping clean up - a Herculean task.  Little did we realize that Doris would not have electricity again until Thanksgiving. They were on their own for 4 months - living in a FEMA trailer for a year while their house was completely gutted and rebuilt. 

It was August and Doris's front door was less than a mile from the gate to the Everglades. It was hot - humid - and the mosquitoes were trying to carry away the small kids. In the morning we would wake up to the sound of the DC-3's spraying for mosquitoes - although I felt like I was having flashbacks from Vietnam - but then I realized I was never there.

We had to return to Tamaqua for school. It was hard leaving Doris - but we were happy to return to some stability back home. 

Doris and Elias rebuilt the house. It took a year - they lived in a trailer in the back yard. Everyone was insisting they move north - but South Florida was their home.  Elias had a business there. The kids had their schools. And Doris was at home.

FSU School Library Media Program Ranked Top in the Nation

The US News and World Report Magazine - world famous for their lists and rankings - has chosen the Florida State University School Library Media School as the top program in the country. The school concentrates on developing school librarians. They offer an MLS (Master of Library Science) and a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) - two graduate degrees in the field. 

The magazine goes on to say - this program is for future librarians who like to work with young people, a graduate degree in school library media prepares them to work in elementary, middle, and high schools. These are the top graduate programs for school library media.
Wikipedia says - U.S. News & World Report is an American news magazine published from Washington, D.C. Along with Time and Newsweek it was for many years a leading news weekly, focusing more than its counterparts on political, economic, health and
education stories. In recent years, it has become particularly known for its ranking system and annual reports on American colleges, graduate schools and hospitals. Since June 2008, the magazine has gradually reduced its publication frequency three times, switching first from weekly to biweekly, then going monthly in November 2008. In November 2010, it was reported that U.S News and World Report would be switched to an online-only format, effective after it published its December issue; it will still publish special issues in print on colleges, hospitals, and personal finance.

FSU has been ranked number 1 in the nation in football - now it is number 1 in the nation in School Library Media.

Lulu is the director of the school library media program.

See Magazine Story Here

Monday, March 11, 2013

Caterham Show Room Closed Down

In this video you see the last Caterham being driven out of the old factory and showroom in downtown Caterham.

I immediately fell in love with the older Caterham. It had the sloping fenders - about 20000 miles on the odometer - and a price tag of about $14000. 

For almost 50 years - the Caterham (Lotus Super 7) sports car was built and sold in this old brick building attached to the train station in Caterham - south of London. Last summer I visited the place thinking that it would go on forever. Little did I realize that I was in a time warp and time was marching on around me. 

In February 2013 - they moved out of the old quarters and into a new showroom. I was looking forward to taking my friend JP Brown to see this old complex when he comes to visit us this summer. I have not even taken the time to find out where the new complex is located. 

The Caterham is a fine hand made sports car that weighs only about 1000 pounds. You can buy it with engines that produce anywhere from 120 HP to 280 HP. It may be the fastest production car through the cones. 

See my tour here - 

Harry's Visit to Caterham Showroom