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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It's never easy when the love affair ends

by Gerald Ensley in Today's Tallahassee Democrat

Note From Harry - Gerald wrote this article and mentioned Lulu and I. It seems bloggers like to quote bloggers. Gerald writes a column for the Democrat for the last 40 years.

It’s not like I ever really loved the car.

It’s a 1994 Volvo 940 sedan. It was always too cramped for me. And it had no amenities. The Swedes put all their efforts into making crash-proof cars with good engines. They don’t worry about creature comforts like cup holders.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Harry Home From London - Lulu Will be Home Around 9 PM Tonight

I am safe at home. The house looks good - I have the laundry going - the grass is cut - the pool is clean. I am using my desktop iMac.

Lulu arrives around 9 PM if her flights work. Delta gave her $2000 credit for giving up her seat twice. She will end up arriving home about 26 hours later than she planned.

They put her up at the Hilton which was in the airport. She spent way too much time in the duty free shops.

Now it is time to start planning for the new house - the wedding - and next July in London.

Note Later - Lulu made it home at 9:30 Tuesday night. All is well.

Lulu Got a Second $1000 Bump

It is official. As I lie here on the terrazzo floor in Logan Terminal B - Lulu just was given her second $1000 bump voucher. This one is just for delaying her flight 2 hours. She will still get home tonight - $2000 richer - unless she gets another one. All this for giving up her seat twice.

From First Class to Wifeless to Homeless to First Class Plane Home

As I left London Heathrow - this guy gave me a hearty salute. I told him I would see him next year.

This is my alarm clock at the Boston Airport. It is a Zamboni machine. I feel like I am icing the puck.

I am sitting on some obscure corridor in Boston Logan Airport. It is 11 PM - I am not tired - I just slept 7 hours on the way to American from England. It is still July 29th - hard to believe. 

This morning we woke up in our apartment in London. We packed our bags and took the subway to the airport. After 20 subway stops - we were there. Lulu was supposed to fly at noon and beat me home by 7 hours.  I was scheduled to fly home at 7 PM - the long route from London to Boston to Miami to Tallahassee. When we got to the airport Lulu was informed she may be offered $1000 to give up her seat. We had to bid a speedy goodbye because security would not let me wait with her at the gate. I was going to go touring for 7 hours. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Harry Going Home From London - Left Lulu Behind

This is a map of the London Underground made of Legos.

Today we are going home - after 23 days of London sunshine - it is back to reality. 

We had 9 guests - 13 if you count Jan and Dick - and Barb and Dennis - who were staying nearby.

We went to tons of shows - made side trips to Oxford - Malvern Link - Cambridge - Paris and Normandy. We saw several plays - Dirty Dancing - Let It Be - Billy Elliot - Bodyguard - Wicked. We went to a big air show and an MG car show. I watched them build Morgan Sports Cars. We were lucky we only had 2 rain showers the whole time. 

Lulu was bumped

$1000 voucher. Hilton for a night. Safe flight tomorrow! Yahoo!

Harry's iPhone

waiting for a bump

This is Lulu writing from London.  I am in the Delta Lounge at Heathrow waiting for a bump.  When I checked in yesterday they needed volunteers and also when I checked in here.  I will know after everyone boards.  I think it's looking pretty good. They checked my bags but put special tags on them

Saturday, July 27, 2013

It Was a Roller Coaster on the West End - We Got To See The Bodyguard

This is a great video - right up to where I dropped the camera when "Whitney" grabbed my hand and sang to me - I Wanna Dance With Somebody.

This video is just to show our view from the front row - exact center - The Bodyguard. The cloud barreled down over the stage onto us. The camera was on my lap.

Saturday afternoon in the West End Theatre District it was like a roller coaster for us. We wanted to see the show - The Book of Mormon - but it is completely sold out through the month of August. For publicity - they do offer a lottery for the front row - 21 seats - 2 hours before the curtain. So we walked the mile from our flat to Piccadilly Circus - and the theatre. 

Mick Jagger, Birthday Boy

Sir Michael Phillip Jagger - once a knight is enough.

by Gail Collins of the NY Times

We interrupt our consideration of the profound political issues confronting America to point out that Mick Jagger just turned 70.
His birthday was Friday. Not much word on his emotions. Jagger did not twitter about it on his official site. So at least there’s that. Nothing is all bad if it avoids becoming a tweet.
Actually, it’s pretty clear that @MickJagger is handled by someone other than Mick himself. (“Our Hyde Park concerts have just gone live on iTunes! They were such such fun gigs, check it out!”) All his twittering is extremely dull.

Friday, July 26, 2013

For A Cheap Clean Fun Place to Eat in London - Try a Cabman's Shelter

Harry has his first lunch at a Cabman's Shelter - his new faculty room.

While walking around London - you often spy one of these cute little green houses. They look like some sort of guardhouse or restroom. Believe it or not - they are Cabman's Shelters - a little place for cab drivers to relax - have a spot of tea - and gab a bit. They remind me of the faculty room back at Panther Valley Middle School. Conversation was more important than eating. 

Walking home from the museum yesterday - Lulu decided we should try one. I was very wary of entering another man's mancave - but when I saw the sign out offering lunch - my mind was put at ease. You can buy food at the window - but the real treat is going inside. 

In the early part of the 20th century - a Cabmen's Shelter Trust Fund was set up to build 40 of these cute little restaurants. The rules stated that it could be no longer than a cab - that was when cabs had one horsepower. It is small enough that the cab driver can keep and eye on his cab - because in the old days cabs were stolen when the driver went to lunch. There are about 14 shelters left.

Inside - it reminds me of one of those Arabian tents - you know - they look small on the outside but really big inside. Can you imagine it seating 13 people? It does - you must flap the counter over to get into your seat. Once seated - your nose it about 3 feet from the person in front of you - and if you did not know him before you got in there - you will know him after a lunch. It reminded me of the old Texas Lunch in Tamaqua.

Scott served Lulu a nice ham off the bone sandwich and a spot of tea. Scott guessed her tea as plain - a little milk - Lulu complied. People sit in a U around the one end - the kitchen is a U around the other end. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dirty Dancing In London Was Fabulous But Not Too Dirty

The show opened with a small record player on the stage. This shot is taken from our seats.

Lulu was escorting her class to see a Shakespeare play at the Globe Theatre on the Thames River. So Lauren went along with me. Lauren is a graduate of the FSU School of Library Science. she is now a professor at the University of Rhode Island. She is visiting us after doing a presentation in York. 

The Last Dance - Dirty Dancing - The video is better near the end - I had to shield the camera and point it blindly. Maybe I should buy a pair of those camera glasses. The good part starts at the 3:30 mark.

This afternoon we walked to the box office at the Piccadilly Theatre on Piccadilly Street right by Piccadilly Circus. I did not see any animals - but we did see a fantastic musical - Dirty Dancing. We took the subway each way - it took about 20 minutes. There was still a bit of rush hour crowd on the subway at 6:30 when we left our flat.

We Welcome More Guests to 12 Bedford Place

Last night we had a dinner party to welcome 4 guests. We set up a table in our courtyard at 12 Bedford Place - London.  Circling the table starting in front - Laura/library professor - Mimi/library professor - Mia/editor - Manny/retired professor - Barbara/professor - Dennis/professor - Harry/trailing spouse - Lulu/ library professor. The two younger ones are two of Lulu's students turned professors. The four older ones are neighbors from back home in Tallahassee. In this picture you see our kitchen in the upper middle - our bedroom in the lower right - our living room in the upper right. The courtyard is surrounded by a stone wall that is 300 years old. Soldiers from the Revolutionary War may have sat in this same place. For the record - we have had 9 guests this summer. We do not charge  - as I have been accused of doing :-)  The thought has crossed my mind but Lulu will never allow it. :-)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

This Guy is Chief of Police in Gilberton PENNSYLVANIA About 10 Miles From Tamaqua

Caution - Profane Language

He is also a school board member in the North Schuylkill School District.

Fun With Dick And Jan - Delayed At The Airport

Guiness and spa treatment in the airport club - and reading my web page.
Just finished reading your blog. Loved it!! What fun!! We are so happy that you write things down so we can refresh our memories as things begin seeping out. We had such a great time with you two. Thanks for everything!! We will be sure not to wait so long to get together again. 

We are delayed at the airport for an hour and a half, and got here very early this morning. Now we don't  leave until 2:20. We are passing time in the Virgin Atlantic lounge - both of us getting mini facials and a mini-mani for Dick and a mini-pedi for me. Between that and shopping and eating and drinking all we want, it is not a bad place to be stranded. 

Dick and Jan Davis - Two World Traveling Coal Crackers - Pay Homage To Their Roots

Abbey Road was about 2 miles north of the hotel - but traffic was bad that we did our Beatles pose here. Just pathetic. It reminds me more of Jackie Gleason of The Honeymooners - and away we go.

Jan and Dick Davis live in Maricopa County ARIZONA - but travel the world in their business. I took this picture from the steps of O'Neill's pub where we drank and laughed all night. In the summer - the London sun stays up until 10 PM. After our party - they had a very short stumble to their hotel in the background.

Dick - Harry - Jan - Lulu enjoying drinks and supper at O'Neill's Pub. There was a lot of  talk about The Tamaqua Paper. 

Can you think of a better way to re-live the past with old friends than having a Guinness together in London? 

Jan and Dick Davis were good friends of ours from our salad days in Tamaqua. Jan and Dick were managing the family funeral home and sponsoring the biddy league baseball team - The Davis Morticians. Lulu and I had just got done building our cedar chalet from a kit and founding The Tamaqua Paper. Jan and Lulu met thru the La Leche League - and formed a play group. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Sunday Drive From Caen To Paris Right Into the Tour de France

We zipped past the Paris Opera House - during the Tour de France.

We slept last night in an Ibis chain motel in Caen with the windows wide open and no screens. The air was just beautiful - no bugs - a mild breeze. Caen is 9 miles from the open sea so the ocean modifies the weather there - making it a tourist mecca in the summer. 

Omaha Beach at Normandy

We woke up with anticipation in our downtown Paris hotel. We had to go to the train station to pick up our rental car - another first - as we would be hitting the local roads on the 150 mile trip to Normandy. 

We cheated a little - we had an old GPS that had the maps of Europe in it. We would drive to Caen - the largest city near the battlefield - have lunch - and then explore the coast.

France has super highways - and they are good - except for the toll booths. All the cars must stop - pay tolls - usually using a regular credit card. This take extra time - especially that most of them were waiting for receipts. Some folks did not have cards that worked - which would hold up the lines. This easily added an extra hour to the trip. Also - for some odd reason - traffic would bunch up - and a jam would occur for no apparent reason - not near an exit - not driving into the sun - no wrecks - just slow down. 

Caen is a pretty little city. There is an old Norman fort downtown - but we were on a specific mission - Omaha Beach.

Almost another hour of driving got us to Omaha Beach. There were 5 major beach assaults - Omaha took the worst casualties. This is where USA troops came on shore. I find the word - casualties ironic to describe dead or wounded soldiers. Nothing casual here. If I scratch a finger on a nail - it is a crisis.

If there is such a thing - the Omaha Beach Cemetery is beautiful. It is so well organized - so well manicured - and so peaceful. It sits right on the cliff overlooking the beach. 

The battlefield was windy. Just miles and miles of very wide beach. The Americans coming ashore had to run across at least 1/2 mile of sand. I never saw a beach so wide - imagine what those kids thought. When they were in the wide open - the guns on the hillside opened up. Carnage. Cannon fodder. Death.

The Atlantic Wall - the row of forts and armaments that Germany build along the entire coast of France - was breached. It cost 1000's of lives. It is hard to take any good feelings from this place - just sadness. What a terrible way to die. Far from home - very little control of their destiny. 

Over 9000 are buried in the American Cemetery at Omaha. We had a tour - there are no gift shops or restaurants at that museum - mostly screens - some artifacts. Except for 150 Stars of David there were over 9000 Latin crosses - each one exactly the same - with different names - each one made of marble - not polished. They were lined up perfectly - they did not seem one millimeter out of line - just like soldiers lined up for revellie.

We quickly moved down over the cliff to the beach.

It was windy - it was wide - the metal rip rap was long hauled away. The sand was fine and tan - almost khaki. Foliage masked the pillboxes in the hills - that opened up like spider traps to reveal giant guns. This happened on all 5 beaches - really all one beach - defined by names of battles. 

The troops were Canadians and British - but the majority were Americans - young Americans that never got to live a full life. 

We hiked up the hill - back to the car - a few French pastries in the back seats made an effort to raise our somber spirits. My German ancestors lived in Deutschland long before this war took place - but that did not deaden the embarrassment I felt. Why did they cause this? Really why?

Our little black Hyundai I-10 - yes that is the model - was the perfect car for the winding trip along the coast east. We were getting used to the metric road signs - we even changed the GPS to metric reading. The road zigzagged through tons of resort communities - stone houses along the narrow road that were there before cars. It was a very warm sunny day in Northern France - and the people were out to enjoy the beach. I can't imagine swimming in water that cold with a 30 MPH wind - but they were. They were oblivious to the battlefields and the monuments from 70 years ago. It reminded me a bit of the people living in Gettysburg among all the statues in their front yards.

After driving all the way to Oesterham - through every farm house with their barns on the opposite side of the road - around every street party in the coastal breeze - every caravan camp ground - we settled into a nice little restaurant for supper and a drink. We set the GPS for an Ibis Motel in Caen - and for 65 Euros - had a great sleep - good shower - and free internet. Once I send this story - we will go downtown in Caen - have lunch - and start the drive back to Paris.
Caen - Normandy - France

5 Beaches of Normandy

Omaha Beach from the cliffs above.

4 Women buried there too

9000 graves at Omaha Beach

Serenity lines up.

Such a wide expanse of open sand to cross....

.....then the hills of hell opened up.

German forts in the Atlantic Wall

Inside a gun fort.

Tons of steel enforced concrete - all along the French coast.

Like rats in holes.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lulu Always Impresses With Her 12 Hour Tour of Paris - They Will Always Have Paris

Lulu and her class cruising the Seine. This was hour 8 of 12 hours in Paris.

Taking a rest at the Louvre after hour 3.

Lulu just loves her 3 weeks in Europe teaching graduate students from all over the USA. Her course is the first to fill out every year. It is a rather intense multi-media course - lots of projects - field trips - and hours in the computer lab. One of the favorite side trips is a one day gala event in Paris. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ben Franklin Lived in London 16 Years Before the Revolutionary War

Of all the great things Franklin did - he always signed his name - B Franklin printer. H Everhart printer is glad he got to see Ben's London digs.

When you think of Ben Franklin you usually think of his life in Boston and Philadelphia. Most people do not realize that he spent 16 years in London as an agent for Pennsylvania - Massachusetts - and Georgia.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

London Olympic Park One Year Later

It was exactly one year ago that the London Olympics were opening here. Today I rode by the park on my visit to the Docklands Museum. The park looks run down - weeds - construction - demolition. I got a little sad because I remember all the good times we had that week with friends and family. Keith was able to land a fist full of tickets so everyone got to at least 3 or 4 events. Drew - Robin got to meet their hero coach K. Jack's great grandfather Jack Robinson got to address the Men's gold medal basketball team. Lulu - Drew - Keith - and I sat in the upper deck of that stadium to see the opening ceremony - one of the coolest things I ever witnessed. I remember the feeling in my chest when all those miners came out from under the ground - like rising from the dead. 

There is a super shopping mall at the Olympic Park called Westfield. It was very busy today. I bought two bags of groceries there at 5:30 - and even in rush hour on the subway - I was home at 6:04. I was able to email Lulu from the Apple store - to tell her I would miss supper. 

They also built two train stations there - one is an international station where the Eurostar passes on the way to Paris thru the tunnel.

I never did get up that red tower.

Florida Biker Dies in Maine Trying For Speed Record - 300 MPH

Bill Warner, 44, not long before he crashed on Sunday.
Motorcycle racer Bill Warner, 44, of Wimauma, Fla., died Sunday of injuries after a high-speed crash at an event in Loring, Maine. Warner appeared to lose control of his bike after he was clocked accelerating past 285 miles an hour, officials of the Loring Timing Association said.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Nothing Says Britain More Than Their Tiny Little Sports Cars - Today We Visited the Morgan Motors Factory

The latest model Morgan - the 3 wheeler - can be imported into the USA as a motorcycle.

After World War II - GI's brought home stories of the cute little super handling cars in England. Many soldiers brought the cars home with them. Names like MG - Austin Healey - Mini Cooper - Triumph - started to become common words in America.

Monday, July 15, 2013

We Just Completed The London Trifecta - The Beatles - The Rolling Stones - The Who

Having a beer at one of our favorite pubs - The Coal Hole - before the Beatles tribute concert. Both the Coal Hole and the Savoy Theatre are on The Strand in London. Harry - Lulu - Wanda - JP. Yes - the bar crowd spreads right out onto the sidewalk. Many people stay in town after work to see a show. 

Bobby Bowden Comes Home To FSU - Oct 26th

Lulu and I Had A Full Sunday in Cambridge - Car Show - Air Show - Colleges - and Hospitality

A 1920s pre-war MG
We rose early Sunday morning. We had our goal and a fresh set of legs. The night before it was Jumping Jack Flash - and the morning after was let's take a cab to the train station to save our legs. We stepped out of our townhouse saw a cab coming up the street and tried to flag him down - he was full but he pointed around the corner - and another cab whisked in and took us to Kings Cross Station. The cabs here are so nice - little black diesels that can turn on a dime. The drivers are so helpful - speak perfect English - do not blast the radio - and are very appreciative of even the smallest tip :-)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Harry Found New Use For Walker At Rolling Stones Concert

Ticket prices were too high but the walker made Harry higher.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Harry and Lulu Were At Hyde Park To See The Rolling Stones - Saturday Night

Tickets for the Rolling Stones were selling for 100 pounds to 1300 pounds. We went to the concert without ticket like tens of thousands other Nodnolians. Standing room only tickets were available at the box office for 105 pounds - about $150.

I like the Stones - but I can think off better places to drop $300 for two hours of entertainment.

We stood outside and heard all of the songs. I will post more of my video tomorrow. Lulu saw quite a bit of the concert knotholing.

When the finale started up - Satisfaction - at 10:30 - we ran for the subway - and were home by 11 PM.

Last year - when Springsteen and McCartney went past the curfew - the cops pulled their plug.

Tomorrow we are going to Cambridge for an air show - a car show - and to see  the American WWII Cemetery and War Museum. So my videos might be late.

Jumping Jack Flash - in honor of our grandson. Lulu could see the show thru that crack.

Our First Tour of Parliament Today

Lulu and I toured the Parliament. As we were leaving the building - big Ben struck 3.

You can see Big Ben and Oliver Cromwell in the background.

Buried in Parliament are King George the 6th - the stuttering king from the movie. You may recall that Jack Robinson met him during the 1948 London Olympics. He was married to Queen Elizabeth's mother - also shown here.

This afternoon Lulu and I toured Parliament - the capitol building of England. For hundreds of years it was the royal palace - but now their government works there.

There are about 600 Members of Parliament in the House of Lords - and a little less in the House of Commons. The United Kingdom is not as Democratic as you might expect. Many people in the House of Lords are born into the position. The MPs of the House of Commons are elected.

Also - they do not have regular elections like we do in America. The majority party decides when there will be an election and they must have one every 5 years. So if things are going good for your party - you call an election. It does not drag on forever - like America - but lasts maybe a month.

To compare to America - right after Obama killed Bin Laden he would call an election. Oh yeah - he did that.

The building had heavy damage during World War II. The first portion of the build was used in the 1000's. 

The inside of the building was much prettier than I expected but protocol is way over the top.

Today Is The Big Miner's Gala Parade in Durham ENGLAND

Click Here for Durham Miners Parade in 2012

Last year Lulu and I spent the Saturday in Durham - north of London. It was the center of the coal industry. You may remember the saying - like carrying coal to New Castle. Well New Castle is just up the tracks.

We are not going to the parade today - but our old Tamaqua friends - Jan and Dicky Davis will be there. We hope to see them next week here. Maybe I can get Jan to write up a story about this year's parade.

Dicky and his dad Tommy Davis - were undertakers in Tamaqua PA. They buried many miners with lungs full of coal dust.

Lulu's Birthday Odyssey

This is the 12th time Lulu has seen the play Billy Elliot. We saw it opening in Chicago with Elton John on stage in a tutu. We refused to pay the touts in NYC the sky high prices for tickets outside the theatre - but for me our 27 pounds tickets in the premier 8th row front and center seats - and having good friends along - made it the best ever. When you are senile - the last one is always the best one.

JP - Rysa - Wanda - Michael - enjoyed the play as a preamble of what was to come later. Rysa's prom dressed that she designed and made - won a national contest as number 1. I foresee her someday being one of those one name celebrities - like Sting - Versace - Picasso - and now Rysa. Gee I hope I have that spelled right. 

Lulu had a full birthday yesterday that would leave a teenager exhausted.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Mimi Got Caught Up in the Middle of a Protest in Brazil

Was out shoe shopping and got caught up in middle of protest!!! There was a big strike today- our visits to schools were cancelled cause school was closed. We were fine until things started amping up - then we had to run back to hotel. But we are fine and visiting schools in the morning before our flight tomorrow evening --Mimi

Mimi is at a library conference in Brazil.

FSU Study Centre in London

The FSU Study Centre in London ENGLAND

About 40 years ago - someone at FSU did some very smart planning. They bought 5 large townhouses on Great Russell Street in the heart of cultural London. They then gutted the interiors and created a modern campus - with classrooms - library - theaters - apartments - dorm rooms - and conference centers.

Today FSU offers programs to their students along with allowing many other USA colleges to use the facility for a fee.

I took the above picture from the top of a double decker bus as it was turning to head down Gower Street. In the foreground is a rack of the famous London rental bikes. One inserts a card into the machine and then can use a bike - returning it to any other rack in the city. If you use a bike for less than 1/2 hour - it is free.

Lulu has been teaching courses at the FSU Study Centre for each of the last 6 summers. Her classes are offered to graduate students from all over the USA - the classes fill quickly. This year she has 16 students - 4 of them are from FSU. The class runs from July 6th to July 27th. Housing is provided in the tuition.

The British Museum is less than one block away.

Lulu - My Caryatid Woman Has a Birthday Today - Guess Which One

Lulu with the Caryatid Porch Women in London. Note same skirt in both pictures.

Lulu and I on the Acropolis in Athens last month with the real Caryatid Porch from 410 BC.

caryatid  is a sculpted female figure serving as an architectural support taking the place of a column or a pillar supporting an entablature on her head. I think it is appropriate to call Lulu one because she supports me.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Monument to the London Fire

Today - JP and I hiked up The Monument to the London Fire. It is 200 feet tall and has a spiral stairway to the top. 

The fire occurred in 1666 - this monument was built by Christopher Wren - finished in 1677.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Flying First Class in a Boeing 747 to London

The Boeing 747 - the first jumbo jet - barely could fit on a football field. This was my plane - a British Airways 4 engine jet with the Union Jack painted on its tail. 

Last Sunday - I boarded a Boeing 747 for the first time. They have been making them for 43 years - they are easily recognized by the second floor hump on their back. This was the first jumbo jet - it can be configured to hold 660 people. It flies 570 MPH - and can go 8000 miles on one tank of fuel.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Flying Legends Air Show at Duxford This Weekend

Last year I visited the Imperial War Museum at Duxford. They restored the old field and hangars where American 8th Bomber Division left on raids over Germany.

This weekend I would not miss the Flying Legends Air Show - nothing like it in the world.

Harry Teaching in London

FSU London Study Centre

Harry teaching the only things he remembers - designing web pages and Craigslist. Has it been 10 years since I taught my last class?

I can't tell you how many teachers and professors I know - that take a one day tour of Oxford or Cambridge - and then list it on their resume as "studied at Oxford or Cambridge." Does the hour I spent with Lulu's grad students fumbling through qualify me for a Florida State teacher's pension?

Lulu's class this year is 16 graduate students from all over the USA. They will be here for 3 weeks and earn 6 graduate credits. Classes are conducted online before and after the three weeks in London. Class meets from 9 to 5 every day - sometimes at night - and some weekends. The students certainly earn those credits. 

This is the 6th straight summer for us in London where Lulu had to close her class because too many applied. The course has gotten legs of its own.

In all my years in education - this endeavor that Lulu runs is the best I have ever seen. It reminds me of the old days when we would pile twenty 7th graders in our bus and drive them to Disneyworld and Cape Canaveral from Pennsylvania for a week. 

We will come home August 1st - just in time to start building our new home. 

Monday, July 08, 2013

We Saw The Who Live At Wembley Last Night

Pinball Wizard by the Who - at Wembley Arena - July 8th - 2013

Harry scored two tickets for 30 pounds each - a pound is $1.50

The scooters were ridden by The Mods in the 60s. The Mods loved The Who thus the scooter logo.

Lulu in front of Wembley Stadium - fortunately the Wembley Arena was close by where The Who concert was.

After supper - Lulu decided we were going to see The Who. They were playing a show at Wembley which is about 10 miles northwest of our place in downtown London. We had no tickets - didn't know if it was sold out - had no idea what tickets would cost.