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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Yesterday - Harry Had Spinal Micro-Disectomy

Feeling no pain right before surgery
My disk extrusion hitting the nerve
Tiger Woods had this surgery

It all started years ago in my Panther Valley classroom. I had just received several new computers for a project I wrote that had students taking home computers to log onto my bulletin board system - it was an early email and info sharing system - before we had Internet and Email. It was 1992. In my excited frenzy - I tried to lift up and pull my teacher desk across the room. I was completly frozen by a "pulled muscle" I thought. The ambulance took me to Coaldale Hospital. They drugged me up with opium and muscle relaxers. The pain was terrible. 

Ever since then - my problem came and went - usually at the worst possible times. Lifting and twisting was the culprit - but we still stuck to the "pulled muscle" explanation.  

It was just 12 days from my most recent attack to surgery. Since we are going to London in July and China for 6 months in August - I did not want to screw up Lulu's Fulbright Scholarship. I went to Tallahassee Orthopedic Center. They are the ones that removed the disk in Lulu's neck - and put new joints in 3 of my fingers. They did an outstanding job and also take care of the FSU football team. 

I told them our plight - going to China for 6 months - etc - for good old FSU and the USA. 

An MRI showed the culprit right away. The disk between 4th  and 5th  vertebrae was extruding and pushing on a major nerve. It was causing all sorts of pain in the lower back and right leg. This is the same pain I was having for 27 years - it would come and go. 

Dr Thomas Parks was my surgeon. He said let's do it now. Medicare and Florida Blue both quickly agreed to cover it. I could go to London - and have a 3 week window back in town before China. Wow - what speed! Tallahassee has 2 major hospitals - thiswas the first time I went to Capital Region Medical Center. Yesterday was surgery. 

We arrived at the hospital at 6am. The surgery was at 7:30am  and it took 45 minutes. Propofal was the main ingredient. Michael Jackson used to take it every night to go to sleep. He called it Mothers Milk - I call it Milk of Amnesia. The doctor said take 5 deep breaths and you will be gone. I counted them off and said Good-bye. It was 45 minutes later - it seemsed like 5 seconds - I woke up very lucid in the recovery room. They brought Lulu in - she said everything worked perfectly. They removed a large piece of disk that was sticking out and pushing on a major nerve - causing my troubles. They did not remove the disk - it was good. No splints - no screws - no bridges - no fusion. 

They said as soon as I pee - I could go home. I walked right to the bathroom and  peed like a horse.

My legs and back feel great. No nerve pain anymore shooting through my body. I have a little pain at the wound where they went in - but oxycodone relieves that. This surgery has solved many other things I will explain later - if they stay solved. No pain when I bend over. I can do the 6 inch leg lifts beautifully - no pain. I notice less frequent urination and complete bladder empty now. Strange - I was having trouble with walking barefoot pain - not anymore. My balance is better. Maybe it is all in my oxycodone head.

The main reason I did this now - I did not want to screw up Lulu's Fulbright Scholarship. I am very happy I did this now. My 71st year has been one of great opportunities and  let downs. It has been a roller coaster ride. Lulu had a disk removed from her neck that was causing pain for 2 years. Then we went to Dubai and Egypt. Next was 2 weeks in Montana. Then Fathers Day with family in Washington DC.

Next we will spend a month in London in July - then 6 months in China starting in late August. 

Now I am so happy to announce my Micro-disectomy. It seems to be a success.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Mike Martin - FSU Plays Michigan Tonight in the College World Series

Mike Martin  - FSU Baseball coach - Number 11

Tonight Florida State University plays Michigan in the College World Series at Omaha. Coach Mike Martin is 75 and he is retiring after 40 years as head coach at FSU. In each of the 40 years - his team has won 40 games in every season. His teams have been the the College World Series many times - but they have never won the crown of that coveted 8 team series.

This year his team has not been doing very well. There was a strong possibility of his team being left out of the playoffs. Since then - they have barreled through national powers Georgia - LSU - and Arkansas - all teams in the powerful SEC. 

I ask you to tune in tonight at 7 pm and cheer for FSU and Mike Martin. Us old guys stick together.

Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Lithium Battery Chainsaw for Fathers Day

Lulu bought me a lithium battery chain saw for Fathers Day. It is really nice. It is very powerful - lots of torque. It is super quiet - not smelly - push button start - and does 
not vibrate. It is good for my little prissy hands with the plastic joints :-)

It cost $199 at Lowes. It comes with a 40 volts battery and charger - 2.5 amp hours if you care. I have another battery and charger form my Kobalt storing trimmer. 

It is rated at 90 cuts of a 4 x 4 treated log. I have 2 batteries so twice that. You can cut down up to a 20 inch tree. It has a 12 inch bar. It has automatic bar oil injector. 

I have a Stihl chain saw that works fine - but it is smelly - loud - and really vibrates. 
You must pull start it with a rope. I will sell it on Marketplace. 

Lulu says I cannot use it until Fathers Day. I will post a video comparing it to my Stihl chain saw. I will cut the same log with both saws.

Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Had My Third Finger Joint In Today

New joint in finger
I have arthritis in my fingers. They hurt from time to time. The doctor has been giving me cortisone shots that last a while. They have replaced my two index fingers.

Today I was scheduled for an operation at noon. I got a call that happily moved it up to 9 AM. We drove in - they prepared me - and I was home for 1 PM.

This time they replaced my right ring finger. I am on oxycodone - and feeling no pain. I am typing now using all my fingers.

What miracles science has provided for us!

Update 24 hours later -

My finger feels very good. I slept great last night - no pain - no drugs.The wounds dry - no discoloration. I keep a splint and pad on it. I have little hands like Donald. I look like Herman Munster.