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Thursday, January 12, 2023

A Calendar of 12 Places We Visited in 2022


Wales - July

Switzerland - December

Sweden - May

Poland - June

Germany - May

France - December

Estonia - May

England  - December

Denmark - May

Australia - September

Hegins - April

Tamaqua - August

We love to travel. With Lulu's work - it takes her all over the world. Thankfully I can tag along if I pay my own way. 

In Wales we visited the town of Aberfan - where a coal mine avalanche killed 144 kids and teachers in a school in 1966. 

In Switzerland we climbed to the top of a 13,000 foot mountain - on cog railroads.

In Sweden we visited the city of Stockholm with the Abba Museum.

In Poland we had porgies in Gdansk. 

In Germany we explored Rostock.

In France we shopped in downtown Paris for Lulu's present. 

In Estonia we walked the walled city Tallinn. I can see Russia from my porch. 

In England we saw the Christmas decorations of London and the Queen's 70th. 

In Denmark we had a very late supper and it was still light out. 

In Australia we saw so many kangaroos.

In Hegins - Sally restored a Farmall Tractor.

In Tamaqua - we celebrated our 50th anniversary with a renewal wedding.

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Our Friends Back Home - The Turrano's

This is the Turrano's. They live in our old hometown of Tamaqua PA. Ben and Melanie were students of mine - a long time ago. Their sons in the middle - Benny and Ethan - they remind me of our good old days - when we had sons at home. 

Dr Melanie is a professor of English at LCCC - a community college that occupies the site of my old high school. Also my sons attended junior high school there - before the building was torn down. 

Ben is an admissions counselor at LCCC. 

Benny is a second year teacher at Panther Valley - where I taught his parents in the middle school. I taught 7th grade science - he now teaches 8th grade social studies.  His younger brother Ethan is finishing his degree at Bloomsbury University. 

Benny owns a home in Lansford PA - where I spent my 33 years as a teacher.

I just love this picture of this wonderful family. 

Saturday, January 07, 2023

Christmas in Paris With the Kids

Clark Kent with his new wonder glasses.
Also his hot chocolate stain
from Louis Vitton.

Opening presents in Paris

The kids think it is a tourist trap - 
but I love it. 

We just completed a lovely trip to Oxford - London - Switzerland - and Paris. We were invited along to a winter wonderland vacation in the Swiss Alps. Then we stayed over at their Paris apartment from December 22 to December 26. Lulu brought extra suitcases for presents - decorations - and baking supplies.

They have an extra bedroom and bath that has become quite comfortable for us. It feels like home. We have a wonderful balcony window that overlooks the street scene near the Eiffel Tower. 

One problem - I did not have a present for Lulu - so on December 24th - I went on my own and explored downtown for the perfect present. The Champs Elysses is one of the most famous shopping streets in the world. Surely I could find something for her there. 

Another bonus - Lulu gave me my Christmas present early - a pair of Ray Ban glasses with a camera built into them. The glasses take high quality pictures - while not holding up a camera. People act differently when they know they are on camera. Candid shots are cool. I would use the glasses while shopping - getting a flavor for what it is like to shop in Paris. 

We had a wonderful Christmas day with the kids. 

On December 26th - we had an all day trip home. We left Paris at 7 AM and were home by 7 PM - same day. On the way home - Lulu got a little of the stomach bug - which I got the next day at home. This is my first illness in 3 years. We tested negative for Covid. 

Our plane was routed up over the Arctic - we entered the USA over Cleveland Ohio. There were lots of flight cancellations in the USA and we saw luggage starting to pile up in Atlanta. But our flights were on time. 

We got home about 7 PM - we turned on the lights on our Christmas tree - and went to bed. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. 

Gift wrapping the sweater.

Louis Vitton - let me see - backpack. 

Apple Store quite busy

Standing in line - Louis Vuitton

This electric Citroen can be bought for 
$6000. 30 mph - 40 mile range.
Kids 14 and older - no license.

Land Rover 

Emily in Paris on 
McDonald's window. 

My Mom's name was Lillian Quick.

Champs Elysses - dry and 50s

Louis Vitton store - that was my line

Lego Christmas tree

I stopped for a free Apple class

Apple Store

Galleries Lafayette

I love Galleries Lafayette

Sweater shop

I love this 4 wheel Cooder

This is by our front door

Cute street restaurant

Walking along the Seine.

Christmas decorations.

Our flight from Paris crossing the 
English Channel to London

Yes we crossed over Greenland

I loved the computer on
the plane

We came in West of Cleveland.