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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

I Wrote This Story About My First Experience with a Tesla Model 3 - it was 2018.


Monday, March 19, 2018

Tesla 3 - My First Impressions After Seeing Elon Musk's Wondercar

On Friday I was contacted by a researcher from Florida State University to be interviewed about what it was like to own an electric car. Mike's research was designed to find out what things led buyers to purchase an electric car. He wanted to find out if the electric car lived up to expectations. 

I pulled into the stadium parking lot and noticed a Tesla parked there. I thought it might be the researcher's car. I figured I would park next to it and wait. When Mike showed up - he assured me that it was his dream car - but not his car. He was driving a Pontiac. 

We had our interview - which will be another story someday. What changed everything for both of us was when the owners came to get in their car. I said to Mike - let's talk to them. He was too embarrassed - so I told him I would leave the window open and he could listen. 

The Tesla owners were visiting from Tampa - taking their daughter on a campus tour. It was their first time in town and their first big trip in the Tesla. Boy - were they willing to talk and show off their new toy. 

All I said was - that is my Leaf there - and boy I love your new Tesla 3. For the next half hour - no question was off limits. We were a mutual admiration society - it got so good - in minut4s Mike was out of my car and sitting behind the wheel of the Tesla. 


Elon Musk is a $20 billionaire. He made his money on PayPal among other things. He has branched off into making spaceships and electric cars. 

Nikoli Tesla was a scientist that invented alternating current and our present system of transferring electricity. Many scientists believe he did more to advance electricity than Thomas Edison. Musk named the car after him. 

Tesla currently makes 3 models - Tesla Model S - Tesla Model X - now the Tesla Model 3. the Tesla 3 is the one that excites the public because supposedly at $35,000 - it will be the car for the masses - like the Ford Model T. 


It is a 5 passenger car that can be purchased with a 220 mile range battery or a 310 mile range one.  It can go form 0-60 MPH in 5 seconds - faster than many Corvettes. The base prices is supposed to be $35,000. 

When Musk announced the vehicle - 500,000 people put down $1000 deposits to buy them. They started delivering them in 2017 from their Fremont California plant. Tesla builds their own batteries in their $11 billion factory in Reno Nevada. They are currently producing 2000 cars a month - far slower than they expected. 


This family from Tampa had already owned 2 Teslas - a Model S and a Model X. Their 2 kids have own Chevy Volts - plug-in hybrid cars. They are super advocates.

Although Tesla Model 3 is hyped to be a $35,000 car - this one was loaded up to the price of $57,000. One big option was the $9000 lithium battery that extended the range to 310 miles. 


I was surprised to learn that this Tesla is self-driving. On the interstate - the car drove 99% of the way for the 5 hours drive! It would speed up and slow down to any parameter you want. You can even set it to tailgate someone if you want  :-)  It can safely pass other vehicles.

I have told Lulu that the next vehicle we buy will be self-driving - a car or a camper. I like driving cars - but at age 70 - I realized that a computer would 100 times better than me - particularly at night. It will dramatically extend our adventuring into the future. 


I love electric cars - they are quiet - fast - efficient - dependable. I am not a greenie thinking they are saving the planet. Remember - most of our electricity is made burning - coal - oil - or gas. Pollution is made somewhere. I hope someday we will make most of our electricity from water power - wind power - or solar power. Countries like Ireland - Germany - and Holland do much of that now. 

My big problem is depreciation. I will use my Nissan Leaf as an example. In 2012 - it cost $40,000. I did not pay that - the original owner paid that. I bought it when it was 2 years old for $12,000. Imagine kthat - depreciating $28,000 in 2 years! It had 30,000 miles on it. I have driven it for 4 years and put on 10,000 uneventful miles. I plug it into my garage every night. when it was new it got 70 miles to a charge. That has dropped to 50 miles a charge. Now the car is 6 years old and the book value has dropped to $6000. It is still a great ride around town and our favorite runabout. But when we want to go on a long trip - we take our 2016 Honda Van or our 2004 Roadtrek camper. Our Leaf gets the equivalent of 120 MPG in cost benefit. If gasoline shot up to $4 a gallon - electric cars would be popular. Right now with cheap gasoline - Americans are back to their Ford F150's and SUV's.

I love electric cars - and this Tesla Model 3 seems like the most practical one. The fact that it can drive itself is a big bonus. But for now - I will be happy driving my little $6000 Nissan Leaf. Some people drive electric cars because they are green - they want to save the planet. I like to drive electric cars because I am GREEN - as in I like to save money. 

Lulu often says to me that when she met me in 1969 - I had a brand new VW Beetle that I paid $1600 for brand new. She says - think of all the money we would have saved if we just kept that one car. 

Tesla Model 3 - seats 5

The fancy wheels were an option

Electric cars do not need a grill

Mike could not stop smiling

Car has the lowest co-efficient of drag

Plain dashboard - just one big screen

Two trunks - one in front - one in back

Saturday, June 08, 2024

For Sale - 2022 Ram PromMaster Motor Home - Camper Van - $76,500

 June 8, 2024

Call or Text - Harry - 850-766-1105 - Tallahassee FL - $76,500 or reasonable offer. 

2022 Ram ProMaster Motor Home

I am selling this 2022 Ram ProMaster Custom Coach. It was built in August 2022 on a brand new Ram 2021 Van chassis. It has 4600 miles on it. It is powered by a V6 engine that produces 280 horsepower. It has a 6 speed Automatic transmission. It is only about 18 feet long and is easy to park at a meter with its rear view camera - and rear bumper warning sensors. This front wheel drive van moves along smartly with cruise control and a solid rear axle. 

In the cabin is a bed that measures 39 by 72 x 6 inches. It has a sink with running water - a stainless steel microwave oven that also air fries - grills - and is a convection oven. The refrigerator and freezer are also stainless steel. It has overhead air conditioning and heat. 

All the appliances are powered by a giant 450 amp hour lithium battery - with a 3000 watt inverter that has plenty of 120 volt AC power. There is no propane gas nor a gasoline generator. The lithium battery is charged while driving from a 220 amp alternator. You also can charge the battery using the 50 amp or 30 amp shore power cord. The cabin is illuminated by 8 LED lamps. 

Outside it has an automatic retractible awning which also has LED lights. On the back bumper is a Class 4 hitch receiver. It comes with an outlet for 3 prong or 7 prong trailer plugs. There are more 120 volt AC outlets inside and out. It also has USB outlets and 12 volt outlets. The full length black running boards allow for easy entry to the back cabin and the front passenger seats. 

The engine uses regular gasoline and gets about 18 miles per gallon. The van only weights 4600 pounds. Everything is still under warranty. 

There are plenty of cabinets and they are all lined with carpet to keep them quiet. The front passenger seat swivels 180 degrees. The rear windows have screens - all the windows have covers. There is even an optional screen for the door. On the ceiling is also a power vent that can be reversed - it can be operated even in the rain. 

The van was built for a single woman to travel during covid. She only took it to campgrounds. She decided to go back to normal travel after two years. It took Custom Coach Creation of Deland FL six months to build this once we bought the chassis. The deep cherry red color is very attractive. You can see where it was built at 

We reduced it to $76,500 or reasonable offer. I have the clear Florida title in hand. We can do this deal today. We can transfer money from bank to bank. I may be available to deliver it for a separate fee - after you pay for the van - if the timing is right. You can call or text me directly at - 850-766-1105. My name is Harry. I am retired. Do not be afraid to call or text with questions. 

Stainless microwave - and refrigerator 
they all run on big lithium battery

Microwave is an air fryer - grill - 
convection oven

Cabin under bed passes right thru - 
could haul ladder or surfboard

Electric sink with running cold water

Stainless sink

Bed is 39 x 72 x 6 inches
Rears blinds and screens

Automatic awning with LED lights

Van is 18 feet long

Only 4600 miles

Running Boards

ProMaster Chassis

120 volt Ac outlets

It was built here

Class 4 hitch with plugs

Rear bumper sensors

Manual of all the workings

Plenty of drawers and cabins

Cabinet under bed

Cabinet under refrigerator

Self contained toilet with
sealing system

Electric porcelain toilet 
hides in cabinet

Lots of lined overhead cabinets

Air Conditioner runs on battery or shore power

Control panel for 3000 wat AC inverter

Alarm - AC control - 
Awning light - Awning buttons - Water pump

Water cabinet under sink

8 LED lights

Fan blows in or out - 

Cubby above driver

The bed

Privacy curtains

Ram chassis and engine

Driving lights

Ramp 1550

Regular gasoline

Shore power plug - city water inlet

Power vents keep battery cool

Storage under bed

3000 watt AC inverter

450 amp lithium battery

125 amp charger

Cabinet for battery and inverter

USB outlets and 12 volt outlets

Digital radio with iPhone hookup

Simple engine AC

Rear backup camera

Cruise control and wheel controls

Power winds and power door locks

Cup holders

Passenger seat swivels

View form rear cabin

V-6 engine 280 horsepower

Fuel injection

Driver hops in on running board

Rear doors open and storage

Power awning
Two folding bikes stored inside