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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Back to Hofbrauhaus to Try Wheat Beer

Hofbrauhaus - The Everhart's Visit Their Roots

Lulu my lovely German maiden after supper at the Hofbrauhaus in Las Vegas.

The Everhart name comes from Bavaria. It started out as Eberhard - but over the years has been Anglicized to its present form. Whenever we go to Germany - we gravitate to Munich and the Hofbrauhaus. It is a 400 year old brewery turned into a social hall. It is owned by the State of Bavaria. They market a very mild smooth wheat beer that has become very popular. In that building in Europe - the Nazi party was formed by Hitler. We are not proud of that - it is just a fact of life. 

They have built a replica of the beer hall in Las Vegas about a mile off the Strip east of our hotel. 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

The World's Largest Classic Car Showroom - Buy A Classic At Harrah's Hotel

On the 5th floor of the hotel is this car collection. It cost $10 to see or go online and print out a free pass

The Car Collection is on the 5th floor in the Quad section of Harrah's Hotel on the strip. Admission is $10 but if you go to their web page you can print out a free ticket. It is several big rooms. It is very nicely decorated. I was surprised there were maybe only 50 enthusiasts or buyers there the whole time I was there. 

Each car has a little plaque on it explaining its history and condition. The options are listed along with a price. I could see coming here some day and buying one and trailering it home. But it would be more practical to fly in to the airport - take a taxi to Shelby America - and drive one of those babies home. 

This was Kennedy's Lincoln in NYC one week before Dallas. Just think if he were riding a hardtop in Dallas. Maybe Vietnam would have been different.

Here is President Kennedy riding in the Lincoln.

Lulu Was Presented With A Pin - She Is A Past President of the American Association of School librarians

This happened in Las Vegas - but it doesn't stay here.

Fremont Street - The Other Vegas Downtown

Lulu on Fremont Street in Downtown Vegas last night.

East Side Fremont Street is covered with old neon lights from casinos past.

Last night Lulu and I returned to the Vegas of old - Fremont Street. In 1977 - when we crossed the USA in our little trailer - we spent some time in this wild west town. It reminds you a bit of the old downtown shopping areas across America trying to complete with the new super malls. They are trying every trick they can - but mostly nostalgia fuels this place. Nostalgia and freaks.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Fun With Dick and Jan

Paris isn't Paris Without You. 

Carroll Shelby American Cobra Museum and Factory - Easily Ranks On My Top 10 Best Stops List

At $64,000 each - I could have bought these two Shelby Mustangs for my motor head buddies - Mark Hohmeister and Josh Gross. 

Shelby American builds Mustangs and Cobras for racers and wannabes.

In 1962 - I was in 9th grade at the Tamaqua Junior High on Broad Street - downtown. I wrote to a guy with an unusual name - Carroll. He had come up with an interesting idea - buying sport cars from England and putting small Ford V8's in them - and racing them around American beating up on Chevy Corvettes. Tamaqua was full of motor heads and their big Impalas and Mopar Dodges. It was so much fun tweaking their noses with information about these little cars that would beat anything they could put on the road.

Listen to a 1100 Horsepower Shelby Mustang GT 1000 Roar

I wrote to Carroll and he sent me a typewritten brochure listing the specifications and price of his Shelby Cobra. For just $6000 I could have one of these fire breathing little roadsters. I have kept very few things from my youth. One was a Rolling Stones ticket from a 1969 concert in Philly. The other is that piece of paper from Shelby.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

I have died and gone to heaven

Lulu and I just took a cab to Shelby America. It is a big factory. Museum. Show room. Store. All down by the airport. All brand new. They have a ton of historic and new. Cobras and mustangs here including the first cobra. I never knew something like this existed. We will take the tour. Then place our order. :-). I am so glad the closing has not completed on our house sale. :-)

The tour of the factory is at 1:30. Pictures later.


Dick and Jan Davis - What Happens In Vegas Stays On My Web Page

Our old Tamaqua PA friends - Jan and Dick Davis - insisted on being the host of our anniversary dinner. They took us to one of their favorite restaurants in Caesar's Palace. They muster be regulars there because they knew all the hosts - had their favorite table waiting - did not spend much time on the menu or wine list. The food was fantastic - but our old gab sessions about Tamaqua were even better. I certainly never went near the bill :-)

Jan and Dick Davis lived in downtown Tamaqua. They ran the town's premier funeral home along the Schuylkill River. They moved to Arizona - now living in Maricopa. Their kids are our kids' ages - and like us - they are grandparents from afar. You may re-call we spent some time in London with them. 

After dinner - we walked across to the Flamingo Casino where the top ranked Vegas show - Donny and Marie is playing. Jan has gotten advanced tickets so we walked right in to our table. We loved the show - it was very upbeat. Either Donny or Marie was on stage the entire time - helping it up with the dancers and the band. They show many pictures and video form the 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Day With The Davis's

Dicks' Last Resort

This is a home game for Dick and Jan Davis. They jetted in from Maricopa AZ a few hours south. They come to this a lot and tools us to a lot of neat places. Lulu and Jan found some half price tickets for a Pet Comedy Show and The Australian Bee Gees.

Harry's wants to see the Beatles' Love Show.

Lulu fancies a Mercedes C Class but did not win this one.

Bee Gees

Bee Gees

More Bee Gees

Saturday Night Fever

I like this classic Vegas sign

New York New York from the cab

This half size - 500 foot tall Eiffel Tower graces our hotel.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Busy Day in Paris Hotel ------ Las Vegas

Places along the Strip get farther and farther apart every time we visit Las Vegas.

We were up at 6 AM. In the morning it was only in the 70s and was quite pleasant.

Dickie and Jan Davis arrived from Phoenix around noon. We chatted a while and then got tickets for two shows. Then we had lunch in a restaurant in our hotel.

First - we went to the Popovich Animal Comedy Show right next door at 4 PM. Now we are in an intermission back at our rooms - getting showered up for a second round - a 7 PM BeeGees Show at the Excalibur Hotel down the Strip about 1/2 mile.

All afternoon it was sunny and 100s.

Lulu lost our tickets to this second show. We called the theatre and they said we could come over because she bought the tickets on credit card and they have a record.

The Davis's are spending 2 nights here - they have a room on the 24th floor. We are on the 30th.

I did not get to see Shelby America yet - but I have 6 more days to go. That is the place that makes the lovely Shelby Cobra sports car.

Happy 43rd Anniversary From The Paris Hotel in Las Vegas

From the 30th floor of the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. That is the airport in the back ground

The large flat building is our casino. We do not have a car - we will walk and take taxis most of the time.

It is 6AM Las Vegas time - and we are all excited about our anniversary. 

Lulu and I eloped from Tamaqua PA back in June of 1971. We had a brand new Chevy Vega panel truck hidden and ready to drive to Las Vegas. We got to Cincinnati OH and Lulu was terribly car sick. Traveling without glasses can do that to you. So we return to Maryland - got married in Finksburg - then started our trek to Miami for a month long honeymoon on South Beach. At that time Miami Beach was just a runner down retirement community. We were able to rent a motel right on the sand for $8 a night. In July - we returned to Tamaqua - got an apartment downtown - and continued our school lives. 

We have put a lot of miles on our odometers since then. 

The Paris Hotel is gigantic. We are on the 30th floor facing the airport.  The American Library Association will be here this Friday. Until then - Lulu and I have some time to enjoy together. 

Dickie and Jan Davis are flying here from Phoenix this morning. It will be fun spending some time with them. 

A main attraction for me is the Shelby America Factory and Museum. The have resumed building that fabulous sports car here - it is walking distance from our hotel.

No one likes to hear other people's travels troubles. Ours was simple. We were delayed out of Tallahassee by rain. We missed our regular flight to Las Vegas. They then gave us tickets to go a long way through Phoenix. Lulu went to the desk and insisted we be placed on standby for the 8 PM straight flight to Vegas - and they complied. At takeoff time there were a few extra seats - and we go on. Luckily we got the exit row - which give you lots of leg room. We got here around 9 PM Vegas time - midnight back home. We were tired - but enjoyed settling in our room. 

Next - we exchange our anniversary presents. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Made Standby To Vegas At 8PM

Rain held us up in Tallahassee. So we missed our regular flight to Las Vegas. The next flight was booked but lulu worked her magic and got us on this 8pm flight. We would have had to stay in Atlanta the night or fly to Phoenix or Minnesota.

When we got into the plane we were surprised with siting in the wider exit row. We are set.

We will be on the strip before midnight eastern time

We are set. I hope to sleep all the way and arrive fresh.

Harry and lulu.


Late liftoff from TALLAHASSEE

Delayed by rain. 80 minutes late. 5 pm. Will miss our Atlanta to Vegas flight. Taking off south on runway 180. We are up. Goodbye.


At TLH Airport - On The Way to Las Vegas

We just had a cloud burst at Tallahassee. The drainage ditches along Seminole Drive were flowing as the cab brought us here.

We will fly to Atlanta - then on to Nevada. Lulu has a first class upgrade to Atlanta so far - she is second on the list for an upgrade to Las Vegas.

Temperature on The Strip have been in the hundreds.

We will be staying at the Paris Hotel on the Strip for the entire 8 days.

Lulu has an American Library Association convention - but we built in plenty of free time for us. We each have one carry-on bag for all our stuff. We travel lightly.

We are at the gate now - and the plane to Atlanta is still boarding. This is the flight before us. Our boarding has been pushed back to 3:19 PM.

We are sitting at th window - the east/west runway in front of us is just mud - sand and dirt. They have completely scraped all the concrete off to take a large hump out of the runway. If you stand on one end of the runway you cannot see someone standing on the other end because of the hump. That will be fixed. All flights coming an doing to Tallahassee use the north/south runway. There has been a reduction of air traffic ove four home because we are in line with the runway that is torn up now.

While we are in Vegas - Dickie and Jan Davis will be flying up from Phoenix to spend a few days with us. They are old friends from Tamaqua PA.

Mercedes Is Building The New C-Class In Vance AL

The 2015 Mercedes C300

Vance is in the heart of Dixie -  between Montgomery - Tuscaloosa - and Birmingham

On Wednesday the first new 2105 Mercedes C300 rolled off the assembly line in Vance - Alabama. The C-Series has been being produced for years - but having one produced so close to home is really interesting. 

It is the basic compact luxury sedan with an entry price of $37,000. It features a 2000cc turbo charged 4 cylinder engine producing about 225 HP. The first batch of cars will be all wheel drive - a very popular option. A 7 speed automatic transmission will be standard.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Our Guests Are In The Air Winging It To The City of New Orleans

Elijah is wearing his new FSU hoodie - Jim is checking out the avionics. Lulu is there to wish them a bon voyage. 

Harry always wanted to be a pilot - money priorities and eye sight - had minds of their own. Jim's little SeaRey set him back about $157, 000. You can buy a lot of buses and motor homes for that kind of bread. This plane can only haul 400 pounds - 2 of me would be too much.

After a fantastic 3 days in Tallahassee - we had to wish Jim and Elijah well and push them off at 11 AM. It was fun watching them going through their routine - each had several tasks - to get ready for liftoff.

Lulu travels a lot. Whenever she travels - she has schedules. She has hotels - taxis - planes - rental cars all lined up. Last night when Jim found out they had to fly through several restricted military areas on the way to New Orleans - he was planning by the seat of his pants. They plan to land on Lake Pontchartrain - but have no plans on how to get into town - no plans where they will stay - no plans on when they will leave.

North to Alaska,
They're goin' North, the rush is on. 

Big Sam left Seattle in the year of '92,
With George Pratt, his partner, and brother, Billy, too.
They crossed the Yukon River and found the bonanza gold.
Below that old white mountain just a little south-east of Nome. 

Sam crossed the majestic mountains to the valleys far below.
He talked to his team of huskies as he mushed on through the snow.
With the northern lights a-running wild in the land of the midnight sun,
Yes, Sam McCord was a mighty man in the year of nineteen-one. 
by Johnny Horton

Thursday, June 19, 2014

We Spent The Day Showing Jim and Elijah Tallahassee

After breakfast we went to the Tallahassee Museum - which is really half old houses and half zoo. The animals were very active - and so were the tour groups of little kids. 

Then we went to the airport to buy a set of headphones for the trip. 

Next was lunch at Sonny's Barbecue. 

At 3 PM - Jack - Tom - and Marge Jones invited us to the Stadium Club for a drink and a good time. Next came a trip to the FSU Stadium Store and finally the FSU Hall of Fame. 

A trip to Ted Turner's - Montana Grill for supper finished off a great visit. Ted's serves trout - buffalo - and other wild game. 

Friday morning at 8 AM they lift off for New Orleans. We have run into a problem. Between here and New Orleans there are several restricted air spaces. We have to find out if they can fly thru those spaces. We do not want them shot down by F-18 Hornets. 

Jim and Elijah at FSU's Hall of Fame with the 3 Heisman Trophies and 3 National Championship trophies.

This vulture was trying to bite me. 

The wolves were restless. 

This one kept passing under our walk way.

This Alligator was looking for Captain Hook.

Two bear were frisky - the pre-school classes enjoyed that.

The armadillo was burrowing for food.

They are common here in Florida although they came from Mexico.

We all gabbed at the stadium club.

Jack and Jim are old flyers and they spoke a special language.

After a sun storm we went out of the deck to look at the Bobby Bowden Field.

Jim had a picture taken with Bobby Bowden.

Ted's Montana grill has a great menu at reasonable price - and western atmosphere.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Jim Walton And Elijah Arrive In Tallahassee On the Way To Alaska

It took two hours to cover the 190 miles from Tavares to Tallahassee. 

Jim Walton lives in Anchorage Alaska. He recently bought a plane in Tavares Florida - and now along with his great grandson Elijah - they are on the way home. Jim is 84 years old.

They landed here at Tallahassee at 2:45 PM. It was interesting watching the jets wait in line until Jim's cute little SeaRey (pronounced Sea Ray) gracefully landed

The plant weighs 1400 pounds including people - cargo - and fuel. The plane itself weighs 1000 pounds. So two 200 pound people fill it up. 

The plane carries 25 gallons and could go almost 400 miles but at 90 miles and hour - Jim says it is just too far for him. There is no auto pilot - you are constantly handling the control stick. They flew 190 miles today and on Friday they will fly the 360 miles to New Orleans Friday. Tomorrow they will rest here. 

Jim and Elijah landed at Tallahassee Airport today under beautiful skies. The general aviation terminal is managed by Million Air. The terminal is very nice - everything is so quick. 

That is Elijah - Jim's co-pilot great grandson.

The SeaRey has a pusher prop engine.

That's Jim getting out of the tight cockpit.

That is my neighbor Jack. He is 95. He saw the story about Jim and th emplane on my blog. So he and his daughter Marge came to the airport to meet Jim. For years Jack flew aorudn the country in a little plane. 

Jim likes to land on the water. At New Orleans they will land on Lake Pontchartrain and stay for the weekend. Jim lived there for 2 years a long time ago.

Jim Walton loved the welcome provided by Jack and Marge.

Jim and Elijah liked visiting Dale Mabry Field. During WWII pilot trained as this great Tallahassee Air Base. The Tuskegee Airmen came here for advanced training.