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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Whoops! We Did It Again - We Bought Another Camper

2004 Dodge Roadtrek Popular 190
We just spend July in London - then got home and spent a week in California. We had a week at home to rest before we went to Canada for a week. Surely - you would think we would stay home and rest. One of our best friends Dickie Davis died and he always told us to go for it - and not put anything off. Like magic - the perfect camper appeared on Craigslist. 

I called the guy - and it was 200 miles away near Pensacola. We were going to wait - but it sounded really good. The guy in his 70s - bought it new in 2004. He kept it in the garage of his home specially built for the camper with high doors. Though things get in the way of travel - he still kept it around as a toy. You never know when you need a Hurricane Escape Vehicle.

We drove over Thursday - inspected it - then spent the night on Pensacola Beach. Friday - we went back to inspect it again - and bought it. We went to the bank - transferred money - then drove the camper 200 miles home. 

It is like new - but it cost less than a 1/3 of what a new one costs. We paid more than NADA book - but we never saw one in this shape. 

We will use it to visit family - drive back to Tamaqua PA - go to the beach - and of course - stay at Disney Fort Wilderness. We can tailgate at FSU games. 

We wanted just one last camper polka. We may be spoiled with all the fancy travels that Lulu's job provides. Maybe - we are just too soft. But it is always nice having your own bathroom. 

In the driver's seat
microwave - frig- sink - stove
2 single beds or 1 king bed
Toilet and shower
Equipment - it has a Dodge V8 gas engine on a 3500 chassis. It has automatic transmission. It has - power steering - power brakes - power door locks - power windows - power mirrors - remote lock and alarm - alloy wheels - disk brakes - chrome bumpers - screened windows - AM - FM - disk player - tape player - TV - VCR - kitchen sink - gas stove - gas furnace - gas hot water - inside shower - outside shower - toilet - beds - curtains - skylights - power vent - 2 AC's - 110 volt generator - 12 volt batteries - 12 volt outlets - 110 volt outlets - insulated for winter.

Garage door too small
19 feet 6 inches long
Windows tinted for privacy and sun fade 
Side seat turns to kid's bed
All fabrics like new
Driver side 
power mirrors - locks - windows - alarm

Outside shower - storage - power cord
12,000 miles 
Dash board
All carpets were covered with mats 
Captain of the ship
View from the bed
Beds - dinette table goes in hole
Hanging closet
Refrigerator - gas - 12 volt - 110 volt
tank gauges - water heater - 
porch light - generator control

No dents or scratches 
Ram 3500 chassis - air conditioner

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Rick H. said...

Nice looking rig. I have a 2006 RS Adventurous, and I love it.