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Thursday, November 29, 2018

FSU research guides nation’s libraries on serving students with autism

By: Dave Heller | Published:  | 10:35 am 

Professor Nancy Everhart, College of Communication and Information (FSU Photography Services) 

New research designed to help libraries better serve people with autism is making Florida State University a national leader in developing ways to connect with the growing population of students on the autism spectrum.
The autism rate — estimated at one in 59 children, or 1.7 percent, according to the latest statistics from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — has been rising over the past two decades, especially among boys. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), now the fastest growing disability in the United States, has climbed to its highest level since the government started tracking it in 2000.
With nearly 42,000 students at FSU, a 1.7 percent rate translates to more than 700 on the autism spectrum, which can include a range of language and social impairments or repetitive behaviors.
Professors Nancy Everhart and Juliann Woods, both international scholars at FSU’s College of Communication and Information, saw the need to do more to help these students succeed.

Seminole Score Last 9 Points To Beat Purdue By 1

No. 14 Florida State pulls off another improbable comeback to beat No. 18 Purdue

TALLAHASSEE - The Cardiac 'Noles struck again.
Trailing No. 18 Purdue 72-64 with 3:43 left, No. 14 FSU scored the final nine points of the game to come away with a 73-72 win Wednesday inside the Tucker Center.
Another late shot from junior point guard Trent Forrest -- this time a floater in the paint with 5.2 seconds left -- capped off the improbable run that didn't seem to be coming.
It was Forrest's first made basket of the second half and was set up by his forced jump ball on the defensive end on the previous possession.
"It was just a play for me to get a handoff. We've run it a couple times this year," Forrest said of the game-winning play, which was designed for him.
"I knew the guy was probably going to cut me off early so that's when I just stepped over and took the little floater right there."
It was Forrest's second final-possession winning or tying shot in the last week after his late layup against No. 21 LSU forced an overtime period which FSU went on to win.
Florida State Seminoles guard Terance Mann (14) dunks on the Purdue Boilermakers as the Florida State Seminoles host the Purdue Boilermakers at the Tucker Civic Center, Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2018.
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Florida State Seminoles vs. Purdue Boilermakers, men's basketball
"There isn’t a player in the country that can stop him going to the rim when he turns it on," FSU sophomore M.J. Walker said.
It also marks the second time in the last week that FSU (6-1) has rallied from eight or more points down with less than four minutes left to win.
"We just played a lot of games like that," Terance Mann said of the late rallies.
"It's good to have experienced players out there who have been in games like that because you know what to do in times like that."
Hamilton had a different take, saying, "Philosophically, that sounds good. In reality, coaches don't want to wait until the game is on the line before you start making plays to win.
"I just hope we can continue to keep winning while we're developing."
In many ways, it was a comeback that FSU shouldn't have needed. 
With a fairly full crowd of 9,978 watching despite the 9:20 tipoff time, a stout defensive performance against one of the nation's top offenses helped FSU open up a 44-32 lead at halftime as the Seminoles shot 46.9 percent from the floor.
"I think we got the best of them in the first half. We got some shots to fall, we moved the ball and our defense was a lot sharper," FSU head coach Leonard Hamilton said.
6:23 into the second half, that lead was gone and the Seminoles didn't retake it until Forrest's final shot.
Purdue (5-2) couldn't miss in the second half, hitting seven of its first eight second-half threes and shooting 56.5 percent from the floor after halftime.
While Purdue was on fire for much of the second half, the Boilermakers missed six of their final seven shots, each of the final five threes they attempted and failed to score over the final 3:43 of the game.
"We just stuck with being tough and tried to get stop after stop," Mann said.
"That's what we did."
For a half, the Seminoles shut down the Boilermakers' high-powered offense. Purdue shot 23.5 percent from three and 32.1 from the floor, turning the ball over 10 times in the first half.
Forrest finished with nine points, three assists and three steals. Walker was the only Seminole to finish in double digits with 13 points on four of 11 shooting.
Purdue's Naismith Award contender Carsen Edwards lived up to the hype as he finished with 24 points and four assists along with six turnovers.
Boilermaker forward Ryan Cline added 21 points on a ridiculous seven of 11 from outside the arc as those two combined to score 45 of Purdue's 72 points.

Player of the Game

He didn't have an especially good game in any one facet, but a typical stat-stuffing performance from Mann earns him the player of the game honor.
Mann finished with nine points, a team-high eight rebounds, two blocks and an assist in 35 minutes over which he only picked up two fouls.

What We Learned

Toughing it out
Wednesday's game wrapped the end of the toughest part of FSU's non-conference schedule.
FSU played quite possibly its toughest three out-of-conference games in succession, beating ranked opponents in LSU and Purdue and suffering a close loss to the defending national champions in six days' time.
To finish that stretch with a 2-1 record is undeniably impressive. With a win over Florida also in the rear-view mirror, FSU's four toughest non-conference games are likely behind it and the Seminoles finished those games with a 3-1 record.
Hamilton has been quick to point out that stretches like these are much like many FSU will face come conference play. Given the result in the face of the early adversity, there has to be a sense of satisfaction.
Free throws make the difference
Both FSU and Purdue finished with 17 made free throws. The difference in the result comes back to how many each team attempted.
The Boilermakers were 17 of 25 (68 percent) from the charity stripe and hit seven of 14 in the second half.
FSU was 17 of 20 (85 percent) and missed no more than two in either half. It marks the third time in the last four games that FSU has shot better than 80 percent on its free throws.
The Seminoles are now hitting 76.8 percent of their free throws this season through seven games.
ACC-Big 10 Challenge Tie
Entering Wednesday, the ACC-Big 10 Challenge was tied at four wins with six games left to play.
After the ACC won two of the first three games, it needed just one more win across the three 9 p.m. games to ensure at least a tie in this year's challenge.
It turns out that it was good for the conference that FSU rallied for the win as the other two late-game ACC teams, Georgia Tech and No. 13 North Carolina, both lost.
With Wednesday's results, this year's challenge ends in a 7-7 tie, the first tie in the series since the ACC and Big 10 tied at six wins in 2013.
The ACC now leads the all-time series 12-5-3 over the Big 10.

No. 14 Florida State vs. Troy

When: Monday, 8 p.m.
Where: Tucker Civic Center

Great game

We got home at midnight. We were down 8 with 3 minutes to go.


Sunday, November 25, 2018

The Seminoles Lost To The Gators - The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow.

The sun set on the Football Dynasty in Tallahassee last night.

We love FSU. Lulu is a professor here. Keith got his Masters here. Lulu got her doctorate here. I even worked for FSU years ago. Ever since our son Drew was born in 1977 - the Florida State Seminoles had winning seasons. That is 41 years of happiness. They were in 36 straight bowl games. But Saturday ended it all. The Gators - a team "we" beat the last 5 years in a row - came to town and left the Noles with a 5-7 record for this season. There will be no bowl invitation - no throwing oranges on the field - no holding roses in our mouths. We will all watch the bowl season on the TV.

Some will say the law of averages caught up with us. In a southern city like Tallahassee - some will blame our new black head coach Willie Taggart. It was just bound to happen. I like to lay the blame on Jimbo Fisher. Near the end when Bobby Bowden was losing more than one game a year - after hiring his son as offensive co-ordinator - Bobby hired Jimbo to call the plays. After losing to Wake Forest at home 30-0 - then President TK Wetherell - offered Bobby to be "Gladhander in Chief" Coach Emeritus. Bobby said no and he was fired. Jimbo Fisher was given the program on a silver platter along with a brand new indoor practice field. Thanks to Jameis Winston - Jimbo had 2 great years - and in 2014 the greatest statistical season of all time. Can you believe just 3 years ago FSU was riding a 25 game winning streak. Look it up. 

Last year at this time - Jimbo was 2-5 - the locals wanted to hang him. But he had a $40 million buyout. What we did not know is Jimbo had a "pocket deal" with Texas A&M eight months before the season ended here. He was busy planning his next move. With a 5-6 record last year - Jimbo resigned - to games before season end - saving Florida State from a $40 million buyout. All of a sudden the local wackos who wanted to fire Jimbo just weeks before went postal because Jimbo jilted them. Jimbo got a $76 million contract at Texas A&M. He stopped recruiting for the Noles 
eight months before he quit. The program was left in a shambles. 

Without any kind of a search - our athletic director Stan Wilcox hired Wille Taggart. Wilcox then resigned and took a job with the NCAA. In the last year - the FSU Boosters and fans put a full one year of love and the biggest PR campaign on selling Willie. More  people turned out for the media caravan and the spring game than ever for Bobby. We all drank the kool aid. Willie would fix what could be fixed. Jimbo left the cupboard bare. Probably some of FSU's top recruits are playing in Texas. 

Willie signed a $5 million year contract. It has 4 years guaranteed. On the eve of the first game with Virginia Tech - Willie gave $1 million to FSU.  VT beat FSU from the pan to the fire. The Gators enjoyed putting the last nail in the coffin yesterday - FSU finished 5-7. 

Yesterday we got up at 8 AM. It looked like rain. We went to the stadium at 11 AM. Outside the gate - we bought two beautiful seats on the 50 yard line. The tickets said $200 each. We got them for $20 each. The stadium was maybe 65% Seminoles and 35% Gators. As the game went on - and the score went up - the percentages reversed. The fair weather fans got an early start down I-10 - you know how empty that highway can get. Many of them already paid the two night minimum in the Tallhassee hotels - but they did not want another second in this town. 

We stayed until the end - we got home a little after 4 PM. We enjoyed a dinner of Thanksgiving leftovers. I reminded Lulu that "the sun will come out tomorrow" and her FSU paychecks will continue to clear. FSU is still ranked the number one school library media program - look it up. 

The FSU football dynasty died with a wimper. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

My Prodigal Drone Finally Returned

In February - it will be 2 years since Lulu bought me a drone for my birthday. One evening while we were having a campfire - I had to showoff and do some fancy maneuvers. The drone took off and got stuck up in one of the 100 foot tall pines in a neighbor's yard. When I pressed the remote button - you could see the drone flashing trying to get free - but no luck. After the batteries died - you could not even see the drone.

The other day - Grant - one of the neighborhood kids came to our door. He had in his hand - what was left of my drone. It had survived 2 hurricanes. Grant was pretty happy when I said he could keep it. If I were thinking - I could have offered the controller that is still in our attic.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

The purse

History Is On The Line Today For the FSU Seminoles

Before every kickoff - Chief Osceola
plants the spear on the 50 yard line

Today's the day no one ever wanted to happen. The Seminoles have had 40 straight winning seasons going back to Bobby Bowden's first season as a coach. The Florida State Seminoles are 4 - 6 this year with 2 more home games. Today Boston College - next week Florida.

It is a 3:30 PM kickoff - our friend Sandi from near Disneyworld is here for good luck. We have not purchased tickets yet - there are plenty available - some for free. It is supposed to be 65 degrees and bright sunny at game time.

They have scheduled a B-52 Bomber flyover for Veterans Day. The torch is lit on the statue of Osceola and Renegade outside the stadium.

If FSU does not win today - the 40 year streak is over. Also the Seminoles have been in 36 straight bowl games. In order to be in a bowl game - a team must win 6 games. That streak could end today also. There may be little joy in Tallahassee - the home of the Seminoles tonight  :-(

Outside the stadium - a bronze
statue recreates Osceola and Renegade.
Osceola was the Chief that
led the Seminole Indians in the
Florida Seminole Wars.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

They Say We Shouldn't Compare Him To Hitler - Maybe He Should Stop Acting Like Hitler

Freedom of the press

B-52 Flyover At The FSU Game Saturday

I know it's a waste of money having flyovers at football games - but I love them.

We will be at the game. One of our favorite visited - Sandi Jimmerson - is coming up from the Disney Area to go to the game with us. Sandi got her Masters in Library Science at FSU.

Monday, November 12, 2018

1972 Honda 2 Cylinder

I am sitting at the snack counter at my Honda Service Dealer. Every time I go for Honda service - this car jogs wonderful memories. In 1972 we bought a new one for $1500. We then drove it from Pennsylvania to Miami on $8 of gas. Gasoline was 25 cents a gallon then. We spent the summer there attending both presidential conventions.

While in Miami we took jobs. I sold Honda motorcycles and cars. Lulu was the "Blue Light Special" announcer at Kmart.

We returned home to Tamaqua in the fall. I went back to work as a teacher. Lulu commuted to college at Kutztown in this car.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

New Vespa Electric Scooter - $7500

It had to happen. Vespa is releasing an electric motor scooter. It is called the Electra. It will go about 60 miles on a charge - and do a top speed of 60 MPH. The cost will be $7500.

To compare it to a 2018 Vespa Primavera 150 (my bike) gasoline version - cost is $6000 - it goes 70 MPH - gets 200 miles on a 2 gallon tank of gasoline. The gasoline version has fuel injection - ABS disk brake - all steel body construction.