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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

How About This Beautiful Country Home Just Outside Tamaqua in New England Valley for $42,000

Beautiful single home for $42,000

living room

I lived in Tamaqua PA for 55 years. We raised the kids there - Lulu and I taught school there for 30 years. Every chance we got - we would hop into the car - bus - or camper - and head to Florida for vacations. Even short 5 day weekends - Thanksgiving - Christmas - Presidents Day - Easter - were often were spent after a 15 hour drive down I-95 - usually to Orlando and Disney World. In 1980 - we spent a year in Orlando where Lulu earned her Masters. In 1988 - it was another year in Tallahassee where she was awarded her Doctorate. 

Lulu's sister lived in this New England Valley home. Her mother and younger brother lived nearby. 15 years ago - Lori was raising her small family in this beautiful small home. When she moved she sold the home. The buyer must have gotten in over his head - because he abandoned it a few years ago. The house sat fallow. Now the bank has placed a price tag on it of $42,000 - free and clear. The house has really nice bones - but it needs - plumbing and heat. I toured the home and the roof seems to be pretty good. 

The home sits on a nice lot. There is a large garage with an apartment above it. The garage is owned by Lulu's Mom. The younger brother lives in the apartment above it. They have an easement over the property down the driveway. 

If I were moving back to the Valley - this would be an excellent home to buy. The renovation would seem to be easy enough. 

The  house has a kitchen - dining room - breakfast room - living room - 3 bedrooms - 1 bathroom - a full basement  with low ceiling - and a full attic with slanted ceilings. It has a side porch - a front porch - also a back  entrance to the breakfast nook - and steps the basement - inside and outside. 

This house is on the road to Heislers Dairy Bar from town - it faces south and has the sun all day. It is a very nice address - about 2 miles from downtown. The yard is overgrown - but a few hours of a riding mower could make it look great. Just guessing - if you bought it for $40k - and put another $40k in it - you would have a beautiful home. 

This house is in a beautiful green valley - no coal mines near it because there is no coal under it. The problem is that there is no work in the area. It used to be a hot bed for the coal - railroading - explosives - and apparel industries. The closest work - and not much of it - is in the Lehigh Valley - about 40 miles away. 

The problem with homes likes this - they do not qualify for federal loans without being brought up to code. The buyer would have to have cash. Banks would not give you a mortgage on it because of the condition. This would be a great home for those TV shows that fix up homes and resell them. 

If you want to buy - and you have cash. Contact Ben Turrano. Ben is my former student. He  also the neighbor of Lulu's Mom - just a ½ mile down the road.

Added Feb 1st. - 3400 people viewed this story in 2 days. 

Added June 26th - 5500 have viewed this story. The house sold for $38000. 




bedroom 1

bedroom 2

bedroom 2



basement - oil furnace

large lot

mature trees


eviction notices


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