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Monday, December 11, 2023

Luke Williams - Eagle Scout - the Everhart Clan

This is my grand nephew - Luke Williams - Sharon's son - and Judy's grandson. He has just earned his Eagle Scout Award. My dad Hap Everhart - was a scoutmaster for 10 years from 1952 to 1962 at Snyder PA - Troop 161. I am sure he is beaming over this honor. Luke lives in Bordentown NJ

Sunday, December 10, 2023

My Day in the British Motor Museum - Gaydon - England

British Motor Museum and Mercedes electric rental

This Morgan is the car I ordered new in 1970.
Mine was to have a Buick 215 V8 aluminum engine.

The map up A40 - their interstate highway - to the museum

Wednesday was our last full day in Europe. Thursday we would catch an early plane and fly 8 hours back to Atlanta and the USA. Lulu and I decided to divide the day in two. The first half would be spent at the British Motor Museum - the second half at the Blenheim Palace. We went to Paddington Station and caught a train to Oxford - about one hour west. Then we rented a Mercedes electric and drove to Gaydon - a town about 50 miles north. 

The museum was out in the countryside - 2 new buildings in green pastures. We had purchased tickets online at a discount for being pensioners - over 65. 

The car collection is over 400 cars. I took pictures until my eyes glazed over. Here are 60 of my favorites. Each car has a second picture of the information plaque of the car. It tells - name - model - year - engine - horsepower - top speed. Many of the cars had special interests - special owners - first editions - special uses. 

Many of the cars I have owned thru the years. Before 1968 - it was easy to buy a car in Europe - just ship it home - register it - and drive it. After 1968 - only cars that were certified to the USA safety standards and emission standards could be licensed in America. To this day - many companies make a living - buying very old cars - and taking them down to the frame and rebuilding them - adding safety features. 

In 1970 - when I graduated from college - I ordered a sports car from England. It was $2875 at the time.  They would custom make you a car. When it came time to pick it up - I had an accident with my trade in - and I never got the car. I have since visited that Morgan Car Company - and watched them build cars. You can see the factory on my web page - harry dot everhart dot com. 

After the museum visit - we drove the rental car to Blenheim Palace - we arrived at 4:30 pm and it was already dark. We enjoyed 3 hours in the dark and cold touring the Palace and grounds. Then back to the Oxford Station - to Paddington Station - and The Tube - which had a station right in our hotel at Queensway. 

The very first Mini ever made - 1959

...and all the Jag could see was my big taillights!

1933 Ford build cars in England

Triumph TR3

BMW built in England 

I loved this Austin 7 - seats 4

This racer has an early twin cam engine

One of the first British campers 

Motorized trikes - paid less taxes - less for license

Replica of the very first car - 1886 Benz

MG's set land speed records at
Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah

This is a hydrogen fueled car

Ford Model T made in England

Delorean Stainless Steel Car - made in Belfast

In 2000 - the last real Mini - in Lulu red

Morris Minor were exported to USA

Lotus Super 7 - they are still made in Dartford
under the Catherham name

The MG Midget 

In 1970 - I bought this MGB instead of the above Morgan

Lightning electric car

Larry Lishman of Tamaqua had a Lotus Europa

Morgan made a 3 wheeler sports car for years - 
they still make them

After the war - the Brits tried to make a Jeep 
out of a Mini

In 1972 - an electric car

1938 Jaguar 

Three wheel mail truck

Little Bedford van - some were campers

Land Rover Jeep - still made

This was a jet turbine car

1896 motor trike 

Maybe it was the garnet and gold color -
but Iloved this Austin 7

The beautiful Jaguar C Type

Austin Power's Jaguar

The Jaguar 6 cylinder XK engine

All aluminum Jaguar

Daimler sports car

Princess Diana had this Jaguar V12 special
made with seats in the back for the kids. 

Mini - cut in half
One of the most efficient little cars

They made the Honda Civic in England 50 years
1971 - 2021

They do all the work on the cars here

This engine was an MGA Twin Cam
I had one in 1968

It went 141 mph at LeMans!