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Sunday, August 30, 2020

I Bought A Truck Off Facebook Marketplace


I love shopping on Facebook Marketplace in Tallahassee. Not only do you find nice deals - but you meet so many nice people. I could not resist this old garnet color Ford F150. I bought it from a young couple with a really neat little ranchette about 20 miles south of town. They also have had 4 kids in 5 years - so they are busy folks. 

The truck is a 1997 Ford F150 with V6 engine and 4 speed automatic transmission. Lulu says it is gauche to talk price here - but if you want to know - email me. It has 235,000 miles on it - and is 23 years old. It runs good - and the body has no rust. the passenger seats are good - but it needs a headliner. The number one selling feature is that it is four wheel drive. Lulu followed me home because I had no license plate on it. I paid cash for it - the couple had owned it 19 years - but seemed happy to get the cash. 

Since we were just a couple miles from Wakulla Springs Lodge - it gave us a chance to stop for supper. I love their chicken. 'The dining room was empty except for one other couple about 40 feet away. We ate there and then walked the park a bit. It is a time warp from the 1940s - music - architecture - furniture - food - smells. We did not swimming the 72 degree springs. 

After supper - we went back and picked up the truck and came home. 

The pictures are PRE-cleaning up. This is the way we bought it. Tomorrow will start the detailing. We will see how it looks. If it needs it we will pay a visit to MAACO paint shop.

NADA book says it is worth $3000 to $6000. 

Now I have something to do besides mowing the lawn. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

1923 Ford Bucket T - Way Over My Pay Grade


I like to look at the cars for sale on Facebook Marketplace. You never know when you will run into a gem. This one was advertised as a 1923 Bucket T that needs a little work. I texted them last night - David and Amber. This morning I forgot all about it. Then I got a text back asking if I were still coming at 3 PM. It was getting ready for a big storm - but I do not like to blow anyone off. I hopped in the Honda van - and drove about 7 miles out east to a farm. 

It started to pour - but I waited it out. 

The car was under a tarp just outside my view - it was blocked by several other projects. When David and Amber came - we peeled back two tarps and there it was. The rain let up a little and I got a good look. It was like a page out of Hot Rod Magazine - 1965. 

David started the project back in 1970. He built the frame from scratch. It had a fiberglass body. The engine was a 283 cubic inch V8 from a 1957 Chevrolet. It had a 3 speed transmission. It weighs about 1500 pounds.

These things sell for a lot of money when they are finished - but I am 72 already - I do not have the time or expertise to finish the job. I let it go. 

Thursday, August 13, 2020

We Visited Nocatee FL And Saw Joan's New Home


Our good friend Joan moved to Nocatee FL - a community near Jacksonville. Her daughter lives in the city and she wanted to be closer. Joan asked us to deliver her second car - so yesterday - Lulu and I drove two cars over - and came back in our Honda. 

We got a chance to visit the closest beach - Porta Vedra -  last night. It is very pretty and has county life guards. 

Joan's house is in a gated community - and the grounds look like they are maintained by Disney. 

The house has 4 bedrooms - two baths - and a two car garage. The best part is that her house here in Tallahassee sold for full price in two days. 

We will miss Joan here in town - but will stop by her home on our travels. 

Christa Zimmerman - our friend from Tamaqua PA also has a home in a community nearby. We got to see her - socially distanced. Christa was a school record holding swimmer at Tamaqua High School. She is the daughter of Carl and Marylou Zimmerman of Tamaqua. 

Saturday, August 01, 2020

Harley Seniors From Andreas PA

This is Regina and Leroy Kromer. Regina was in my first science class at Panther Valley in 1970. Leroy was a neighbor of mine. They live on a farm very close to my birthplace farm at Andreas RD1.

They love riding their Harley and promise me that they will visit us in Tallahassee with it after the plague goes away.

You meet the nicest people on a Harley!