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Monday, April 30, 2012

I Sold the 1963 Ford Ranchero

1963 Ford Ranchero

Mustang 302 V8

Ranchero - we hardly knew ye.

I just sold the 1963 Ford Ranchero I purchased recently. I put it on Craigslist - had several calls and about 8 people showed up to drive it.

Today a nice teacher couple drove over from Madison - Florida. They paid cash.

My Dad's first new car was a 1963 Ford Falcon that color. I learned to drive and took my driver's test on it in 1964.

This car was completely restored. Everything was stock except for a Mustang 302 V8 with 265 horsepower.

It was a really a nice truck - but Lulu did not want to drive it because it had no power steering - no power brakes - no air conditioning. The competition clutch was a little heavy too.

The man who did the restoration did a great job. The engine was a work of art. It idled beautifully - but took off like a bandit.

Kickstarter - A New Way to Fund a Business Idea

Start-Ups Look to the Crowd

When Eric Migicovsky, an engineer, wanted to develop a line of wristwatches that could display information from an iPhone — like caller ID and text messages — he went the traditional route of asking venture capitalists to finance his company.
But he couldn’t even get a foot in the door, let alone secure any money for what he called the Pebble watch.
So he turned to Kickstarter, a site where ordinary people back creative projects. Backers could pledge $99 and were promised a Pebble watch in return.
Less than two hours after the project went up on the site, Mr. Migicovsky and his partners hit their goal of $100,000.
“By that night, we were at $600,000,” said Mr. Migicovsky, who is 25 and a recent engineering graduate of the University of Waterloo. “We went out for a beer to celebrate, went home and slept, and when we woke up, we were at a million dollars.”
As of Friday afternoon, nearly 50,000 people had pledged close to $7 million — and there is still two weeks left before the fund-raising window closes. (As of Sunday afternoon, the total had passed $7 million.)
Pebble is the latest — and by far the largest — example of how Kickstarter, a scrappy start-up sprouted in the New York living room of its founders three years ago, is transforming the way people build businesses.
Although the site first began as a way for people to raise money for quirky projects like pop-up wedding chapels, around-the-world boating trips and offbeat documentaries, it quickly expanded to include video game production, feature films and innovative new gadgets, like the Elevation dock, a sleek stand for the iPhone, or Brydge, which turns an iPad into a laptop resembling the MacBook Air.
The large amount of money that Pebble has raised — equivalent to what a young company would get in a second round of venture capital financing — also signifies a coming of age for Kickstarter.
“This year marks the year that we’ve seen Kickstarter enter the real world in a number of ways,” said Perry Chen, one of its founders. “At Tribeca Film Fest, there are a dozen different Kickstarter-backed films, there’s an installation at the Whitney Biennial that was a Kickstarter project and we just had our birthday party at a Kickstarter-funded restaurant.”
Much as the introduction of cheap Web services lowered the barrier to entry for people seeking to create a start-up, and as offshore manufacturing gave entrepreneurs a chance to make products without having to build a factory, Kickstarter offers budding entrepreneurs a way to float ideas and see if there’s a market for them before they trade ownership of their company for money from venture capitalists.
Mr. Migicovsky and his partners did not have to give up any portion of their company to the venture capitalists. They still own 100 percent of it.
“Kickstarter is already proving to be a viable alternative to starting a company the traditional way,” said David H. Hsu, an associate professor at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania who studies entrepreneurship and innovation.
“You’re activating a user base that you know will be interested in your project,” he said. “Which, historically, has always been the biggest trouble for crowdfunding sites, getting traction and critical mass.” As Kickstarter prospers, other sites for financing through a crowd have appeared. There’s Crowdtilt, a service that lets friends contribute money for outings like a beach vacation; Zokos, a start-up that gives guests a way to pitch in for a dinner party; and Gambitious, a financing site devoted to indie game developers, to name a few.
But Kickstarter is the biggest. To date, it has raised more than $200 million for 20,000 projects, or about 44 percent of those that sought financing on the site. Only projects that meet their stated financing goals receive money.
Patrons who back Kickstarter campaigns are often rewarded with insider access to the projects they finance, and in most cases, a tangible reward for their money. In Pebble’s case, the reward is an actual watch, making it a more appealing project than, say, a movie, where the payoff is a little harder to show off to friends.
Kickstarter does not charge anything to set up a campaign. But if it is successful, Kickstarter takes 5 percent of the final amount. Amazon, which processes the payments, takes 3 to 5 percent.
Mr. Migicovsky says he suspected that the Pebble project might be a runaway success. “The plan,” he said, “was always to go big.”
Before introducing the project on Kickstarter, Mr. Migicovsky says he sought advice from previous successful project founders on Kickstarter, including the creators behind Twine, colorful blocks outfitted with sensors and Internet connectivity, that blew past its original goal of $35,000 to raise more than $500,000 — an anomaly considering that the average Kickstarter project size hovers around $5,000.
“They all told us not to focus on the hacker market because they are already going to love you,” he said. “But how can you tell people who have no idea what this is why they should back it?”
A carefully made video helped to earn the trust of their backers. Mr. Migicovsky also played up his four years of experience building smartwatches — previously for BlackBerry products — and his time polishing his ideas in Y Combinator, a technology incubator in Palo Alto, Calif. Mr. Migicovsky also worked to broaden the appeal of the watch beyond a tech-focused audience by working with a company called RunKeeper that helps people track their jogs on their smartphones.
Before approaching Kickstarter, he had tapped the know-how of Dragon Innovation, a team of production consultants with experience working on the Roomba at iRobot. But he ran out of money. He called them again after Kickstarter raised the first $1 million. The consultants at Dragon told him they had already noticed.
Although the most common projects on Kickstarter tend to revolve around film and music, the service has been particularly useful for new types of hardware products.
Traditionally, venture capitalists are skittish about putting money into hardware start-ups because it is so complicated. “Even at that scale investment and with a company that is very experienced taking a product to market, they hit pitfalls,” said Robert Fabricant, a vice president of Frog Design, a development firm that helps create products.
Mr. Fabricant, like others in his field, cast some doubt on the notion that it was possible to sidestep the traditional routes to building a business, particularly through a service like Kickstarter. They say young, inexperienced business people need advisers, mentors and a network of support to help them deal with the problems that can emerge. There is a big difference between a project and a product strong enough to sustain a full-fledged business, they say, and it is risky to confuse the two.
The founders of Kickstarter say they draw a firm line between a project and a business. “With the more consumer-oriented projects, we make sure it’s very clear backers know they’re helping build a project and they will get one as their reward,” said Yancey Strickler, another Kickstarter founder. “They are intended to be finite projects, but you do find things that start off with a small idea and grow into something quite large.”
But Gleb Polyakov and Igor Zamlinsky, two young entrepreneurs from Atlanta who are trying to create a full-blown company around a $400barista-grade home espresso machine, say that risk is no different than for traditional small businesses.
“The terms on Kickstarter are more attractive than any bank loan or venture capital amount,” Mr. Polyakov said. “If you can get funding through Kickstarter, there is no reason not to.”

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Real or Replicar? Is this a real 1954 Corvette or a Fake?

We just stopped in Fort Walton Beach on the way home from the volleyball championships in Gulf Shores Alabama. A couple of old guys pulled into the restaurant in a splendid 1954 Corvette. I did not have a chance to quiz them on the car - they said it was okay to take pictures.

How about you car experts? Can you tell me if it is live or Memorex?

The original Corvette had a 256 cubic inch 6 cylinder engine with 3  - two barrels carbs. Notice the little automatic shifter - also no head restraints.

Sand Volleyball National Championships Over - We Are Driving Home Along the Beach on US98

Two FSU girls playing in the pairs competition this morning. They mad fit to the quarterfinals.

The even was sponsored by the American Volleyball Coaches Association - sanctioned by the NCAA. Notice how the fans were able to mingle with the players - there was no admission and no fences. One could plop down their towel or chair and watch from anywhere.

One last picture before we left for home.

Florida State finished third in the team competition. The pair of Katrina Stepenova and Cade Pardon advanced all the way to the semi-finals today before losing 2 game to 1 to a Long Beach State pair.

The National Champion for sand volleyball this year is Pepperdine College of California.

We are presently driving the Prius along the beach on US Route 98. We are presently stopped in Destin where Lulu is outlet shopping and I am in a frozen yogurt shop that has free wifi. We have another 3 hours drive home unless we make more stops.

FSU Pair Advances To Semifinals

FSU had two pairs advancing to the quarter finals this morning. One pair featuring Strepenova and Freshman Cade Pardon won and advanced to the Semifinals which start at 11.

Harry's iPhone

Later - they lost in the semi-final - 2-1 - season is over.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Our Little Side Trip to Fort Morgan Alabama

Fort Morgan closed early due to lack of funds. I got this distant picture.

From the air - Fort Morgan is seen as one of the top 10 fortifications in the world. It is a 5 point star of solid masonry.

20 miles south of Mobile is Fort Morgan. It guards the only entrance and exit to Mobile Bay. During the Civil War - the fort helped the union blockade this most important rebel port. In this picture - our hotel is at "A" - and Fort Morgan is 22 miles out that long spit of sand. The beaches are fantastic.

After the volleyball tournament - Lulu and I had some time to kill. We drove west 22 miles to see Fort Morgan. At one time this gigantic masonry 5 point star protected the mouth of Mobile Bay. Today - cruise ships leave Mobile and pass right under the old guns of this anachronism. 

One thing that surprised me is that you could not see Mobile from the Fort - it is just too far away. Also - there were several giant oil rigs both in the harbor and off the shore in the open sea. They were much closer to shore than I expected.

Fan Goes Down During Volleyball Match

During the heat of one of the FSU volleyballs matches - a fan passed out flat on his face. That's Lulu in the foreground all covered up. The sun was really hot - combined with alcohol probably caused the fan to go down.

The medics were able to revive the young man. They also gave him an EKG and blood test.

Pepperdine is the First Beach Volleyball National Champion

Florida State had to settle for third place having lost two matches to Long Beach State in the double elimination. 

FSU played matches at noon - 2 PM - and 3 PM. During each match - there are 5 games going on at once. Whichever team wins the best of the five pairings wins that match.

Many of the Seminole girls will be playing in tomorrow's individual pairs competition. They could win national championships as the top individual pair. 

The final results - 
1. Pepperdine College
2. Long Beach State
3. Florida State
4. College of Charleston

There are individual pairs here from the University of Southern California and Hawaii. 

We're Number 3! We're Number 3!

Gulf Shores AL - The national champions hopes of Florida State were dashed today by Long Beach State. The Noles to Long Beach State - then beat College of Charleston - finally getting eliminated by Long Beach State.

At 6:00 EDT - Long Beach State will play the Pepperdine Waves for the chamnpionship. If the Waves win the first match - they are the champs - and it is all over. If Longo Bech States wins - they must again beat Pepperdine at 7 PM - winner take all.

It was a hot - sunny - breezy afternoon. There were lots of people on the beach - the majority of them were more interested in drinking and playing on the beach. The 72 degree waves kept most of the people on the sand - but a few hearty ones took the plunge.

Lulu and I will stay the night. Tomorrow - they is individual pairs competition starting at 8 AM. Many FSU girls are seeded in that along with players form many other schools like Southern California and Hawaii.

The champions event was sponsored and administered by the American Volleyball Coaches Association - AVCA. All the teams are sanctioned by the NCAA.

The Noles finished number 3 overall in thier first beach volleyball season.

FSU wins third round and guy passes out

FSU Loses First Round - Can't Lose Anymore

Fsu lost first round to Long Beach State 3-1. They move to the losers bracket playing College of Charleston next.

If you lose two sets you are done.

Charleston does not look real good. I expect us to beat them then move on.

Harry's iPhone

We are courtside and ready

FSU starts in 10 minutes vs Long Beach State. 5 FSU will be on 5 courts. 2 girls each court.

It is hot. Sunny. Good crowd. Still no admission fee.

We rode our folding bikes up from the hotel about half mile away. We carried our folding chair on our back and had goody bags on the handlebars.

Lulu loves this because she is sitting on the beach getting burned. I like it for the entertainment.

Zak the fsu sports info guy was just here glad handing us.

This reminds me of all the movies of our youth with surfing championships. Lots of flags. Lots of music. Lots of bare skin.

Number 1 seed pepperdine won the first match against College of Charleston at 11. Matches take about one hour.

Pictures coming. Sent from iPhone.

Harry's iPhone

Today - National Championship Team Beach Volleyball

It is all down to the final four - Florida State - Pepperdine - Long Beach State - College of Charleston. One of those schools will walk away today crowned as the first college national champion beach volleyball team.

It is a round robin double elimination tournament. Action starts at 11 AM. By 7 PM a winner will be crowned.

Florida State's first match is noon against Long Beach State. Hopefully - the Noles will be in the last match at 7 PM.

Gulf Shores was selected for their beautiful level sand beaches of fine "sugar sand."  There are 30 courts spread out on the beach that will be filled with action today. There are small grandstands at the main number 1 court. Fans will surround the other courts on beach chairs and towels.

Many magazines rate Gulf Shores as one of the top ten beaches in the world. It s about 30 miles west of Pensacola - just across the state line in Alabama. It is four hours west of our home in Tallahassee - 230 miles.

Some people call this region the Redneck Riviera. Lulu and I have been to the Riviera in France. The only thing that the beach in France has over these beaches is nudity. :-)

Come back for pictures this afternoon.

Friday, April 27, 2012

National Championship Beach Volleyball

We made it safely to Gulf Shores. Lulu drove the four hours. Our hotel is just down beach and not ready for us.

Games will be right on beach. No admission. FSU plays in 20 minutes. 1pm cdt.

It is hot sunny and a beautiful breeze.

More to report later. 3 days of this stuff.

Road Trip to Gulf Shores Alabama to See FSU Play in the Beach Volleyball Final Four

The home courts at FSU

FSU's first beach volleyball team

This is the first season of FSU Girls Beach Volleyball. The NCA has endorsed this sport and has sanctioned a Final Four at Gulf Shores - Alabama.

Lulu and I are going to drive 4 hours west to enjoy 3 days of volleyball - hopefully seeing FSU win the championship in the very first season.

Beach volleyball is played on the sand. The courts are set up right on the beach at this downtown haven. The matches are played with two players on each side of the net. Each team has 5 pairs of players. Scoring is similar to regular volleyball. 

We will be driving the Prius with two folding bikes in the back. Lulu got us a hotel right on the beach. 

I hope to publish lots of pictures from the event. 

Here is the schedule for the weekend:

FSU's National Championship Schedule 
Friday • 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. CT
Pairs Championship Pool Play (times approximate)
11 a.m. -- Pool A No. 1 Aurora Newgard/Brittany Tiegs vs. Pool A No. 3 Hampton/Cabrajac (LBS)
12 p.m. -- Pool D No. 2 Kate Stepanova/Jace Pardon vs. Pool D No. 4 Medina/Strack (UNF)
1 p.m. -- A No. 1 Newgard/Tiegs vs. A No. 4 Shelton/Kolich (Coll. of Charleston)
2 p.m. -- D No. 2 Stepanova/Pardon vs. D No. 3 Stoltzman/Harong (Hawaii)
4 p.m. -- A No. 1 Newgard/Tiegs vs. A No. 2 Croson/Lee (Hawaii)
4 p.m. -- D No. 2 Stepanova/Pardon vs. D No. 1 Urango/Shaw (USC)
Saturday • 11 a.m. CT
Double Elimination Team Championship
Match 1 11 a.m. -- No. 1 seed Pepperdine vs. No. 4 seed College of Charleston
Match 2 12 p.m. -- No. 2 seed Florida State vs. No. 3 seed Long Beach State
Match 3 1 p.m. -- Winner of Match 1 vs. Winner of Match 2 (Semifinal)
Match 4 2 p.m. -- Loser of Match 1 vs. Loser of Match 2 (Loser is Fourth Place)
Match 5 3 p.m. -- Loser of Match 3 vs. Winner of Match 4 (Semifinal)
Match 6 5 p.m. -- Winner of Match 3 vs. Winner of Match 5 (Final)
Sunday • 8 a.m. CT
Pairs Championship Single Elimination Tournament
First Round - 8 a.m. (eight matches)
Second Round - 9 a.m. (four matches)
Semifinal 1 - 11 a.m.
Semifinal 2 - 11:45 a.m.
Finals - 1:30 p.m. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

George and Joel are in Prague Now

From end of Charles Bridge in Prague.  Taken by Joel last night.

Florida State Signs 7-3 Guy

Boris Bojanovsky

Florida State apparently has found at least one replacement for departing big men Bernard James, Xavier Gibson and Jon Kreft.
Boris Bojanovsky, a 7-3 center from the Slovak Republic, announced Tuesday that he is signing with Florida State and should be available to play for the Seminoles in the 2012-13 season.
"This was always the goal for me when I came to CBA three years ago," Bojanovsky said in a release on the Canarias Basketball Academy website. "My dream has come true, to know Ill be playing in the ACC under a great coach and at a powerhouse program."
Bojanovsky averaged 22 points and 13.3 rebounds at last summer's U18 European Championship. He also received interest from N.C. State, Virginia Tech, Miami, Georgia Tech, Mississippi State and others

Underwater Camera For $30 - Craigslist

My underwater Olympus Stylus 720 - came with box - manual - battery - battery charger - XD card - TV cord - for $30.

I like little cameras. Usually I carry my Canon G7 with me - but it is a task to stuff it in my pants pocket - it creates a big bulge. I am always worried about it getting dropped in the water or on the concrete pavement.

Yesterday - I may have solved that problem. I bought a used Olympus Stylus 720 on Craigslist. It is a tiny 7 megapixel camera with a steel case that is both waterproof and shockproof. Supposed it can be dropped from 5 feet onto concrete without internal damage and can be used 10 feet underwater. This can be done without purchasing a special camera case.

Currently Olympus is making a waterproof camera called the Tough. It sells for $150 to $300 on This Olympus 720 is the model they made right before the Tough. This 720 is smaller than the Tough and in my opinion much nicer looking - more business like - less toy-like.

One of the problems I have with cameras - I want the quality pictures of a large SLR camera packed into the body of a tiny pocket held camera. The closest I have come achieving that is with my Canon G7 camera. It take marvelously clear pictures - but I can barely stuff it into the front pocket of my jeans. It is a still a bit bulky but not as bad a a full SLR camera. If a camera is bulky often times you will just leave it home.

Some people say why do you need a camera when you can use your iPhone. Simply - the iPhone takes very limited pictures - and also it is risky taking it anywhere near water. I have already experienced the hardship of dropping an iPhone in the pool.

The size of the 720 is less than 3.5 inches x 2.5 inches x 1 inch - smaller than a pack of cigarettes. It has a 2.5 inch color screen and the lens does not extend out of the camera when you zoom. It has a flash good for up to 12 feet.

The camera has an internal memory of 19 MB - but also take XD Cards that hold 1000's of pictures. You can also transfer pictures from the internal memory to the XD Card. The camera has a 3x optical zoom which can be extended with digital zoom.

Most of the time I use a camera for simple point and shoot snapshots. This camera does have 30 programable setting - like beach - twilight - backlit - etc. I seldom use those settings.

Besides taking regular pictures the camera takes standard 640 x 480 video. Imagine catching a underwater video of that shark as he is about to take off your leg.

The camera sold new for $399. That was 3 years ago. You can still buy one on Amazon for $99 - but I was lucky enough to find this one on Craigslist. After a little bargaining - the owner dropped the price from $45 to $30. Never pay asking price.

Imagine that - a really nice underwater camera for $30 - no tax - no shipping  :-)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rosa Parks / Barack Obama

Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus to a white guy and go to the back of the bus. It caused a revolution that ended up with a black president. It took over 50 years - but America is better because of it.

Rosa Parks - Montgomery AL

This picture has so much meaning - President Obama reflecting in the Rosa Parks bus.

Tamaqua Plans Major Cuts in School Programs

Harry - This story is in today's Pottsville Republican. TASD is the school where all 4 Everhart went K-12. Lulu taught there - Harry was school board president there - not at the same time.

Tamaqua Area considers cuts

TAMAQUA - Three varsity sports and some student transportation services are on the chopping block as the Tamaqua Area school board looks for ways to trim an $830,000 deficit from its 2012-13 budget.

The board will decide at a meeting next week whether to eliminate boys' varsity golf and tennis and varsity cheerleading from the slate of extracurricular offerings as well as bus transportation for students who live near the school they attend.

The board discussed the options at Tuesday's meeting, where district Superintendent Carol Makuta said eliminating the two boys' sports and cheerleading would trim about $25,000 from district expenses while keeping equity in the number of activities available to both genders.

Expressing reluctance about the cuts, board member Aaron Frantz asked whether discontinued sports could be reinstated if the district's financial picture improves.

Makuta said that is a possibility.

"This is a provisional budget. We are working with some unknowns," Makuta said. "For this year, this is a worst-case scenario. It could change before June 30," which is the state-imposed deadline for public school districts to adopt a final budget.

Frantz suggested that changes could be made in response to public comment during a 10-day budget examination period required before the final approval.

Board President Larry Wittig said fiscal prudence now could prevent financial difficulties in the future.

"We want to deal with it now. The bottom line is, we could fund everything this year then next year, we're hanging on by our fingernails," Wittig said.

Board member Robert Betz said it's better to eliminate extracurricular activities than employees.

"I'd rather not lay off staff. I'd rather end these now and keep the staff," Betz said.

Wittig said extracurricular activities have value but they're not required by the state.

"Requirements are requirements," Wittig said. "We need to focus on the academic requirements."

The board committee unanimously agreed to place elimination of golf, tennis and cheerleading on the agenda for Tuesday's meeting.

In addition, the committee agreed to vote next week on eliminating bus transportation for all students who live within 1 1/2 miles of the school building they attend.

"This constitutes all of Tamaqua," Makuta said of students who live within the borough limits.

Any transportation that is not mandated by the state, such as preschool day care and non-public schools, would also be eliminated, she said.

"If we are not going to provide transportation for our elementary students, we are not going to provide for non-public students," Makuta said.

If the transportation measure is approved, the district would shave an additional $80,000 off the budget deficit.

An additional recommendation to "curtail and alter" elementary arts failed committee approval. The recommendation targeted vocal and instrumental music, art, physical education, technology education and library.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Latest Craigslist Purchase - iHome

College kids are moving out - selling everything for peanuts.

I got this cool iHome - it does several things.

1. It is an iPhone charger - just put your iPhone in the top and it charges

2. You can play your iPhone music through it

3. It is an AM-FM radio

4. It has several alarms in it - wake up or go to bed to music that you program like a deejay

5. It comes with an App that allows lots of neat settings from the iPhone

6. The clock syncs with your iPhone - you never have to set it again - even daylight savings time

7. It has auxiliary input for other devices

8. It shows you the news when you wake up that occurred during the night

9. It will post to Facebook if you want

10. The digital clock numbers have 10 different brightness settings

List price $99 - got it for $20 - the student got it for last xmas.

George and Joel Dawson in Belgium and Netherlands

Bikes in Antwerp
Joel and George Dawson

Keukenhof Gardens

Fields of Tulips

Public toilets common in Europe

We have been having a colorful time on our river cruise. We have had a hard time sending letters as a big server in Amsterdam burned and caused a lot of issues. That seems to be fixed now.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Space Shuttle Discovery Makes Its Lsst Flight Today - From Canaveral to Washington DC

Federal workers on top of the Air and Space Museum

Through the columns of the White House

Right now the Washington Monument is closed because of earthquake damage

The crowd at Dulles Airport waiting for the new arrival.

Keith was all excited. They were going to see the Space Shuttle this morning.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Warrick Dunn Comes to Tallahassee - Gives Away Another Home

One of Lulu's most prized possessions is a football helmet signed by Warrick Dunn and Bobby Bowden. Here she finally meets her hero.

Warrick Dunn is about 5 feet 8. Yet he holds almost every rushing record in Florida State history. He has a national championship ring and was selected to the Pro Bowl team in the NFL three times. He has accomplished so many wonderful things as an athlete.

Yet - when he came to Florida State at 18 - he was dealt a string of hardships. His Mom was a policewoman back in Louisiana. She was gunned down in a robbery and Warrick was left to pick up the pieces. While attending FSU for 4 years - he raised his brothers and sisters in place of his mother. How many of us have been called upon to deal with problems like this? Warrick survived and never forgot his root.

He made millions of dollars in the NFL. Instead of spending it on fancy cars - entourages - and the high life - he lived small and saved a lot of money. He vowed to give back in a big way. He kept his promises.

Warrick Dunn Charities decided to help out single parents just like Warrick's Mama. Dunn has been involved in setting up homes for single parents. These houses are really fully furnished homes. Warrick includes everything - the houses are stocked with food - cleaning supplies - furniture - linens - lawnmowers - everything.

Since Warrick graduated from FSU's School of Library and Information Science - the school came up with the idea to stock the homes with personal libraries to fit the children. The kids are interviewed and the staff at FSU builds a personal library for each youngster.

On Friday - Valencia Davis had a special day. Her family was moved into their new home in Tallahassee. Warrick and the professors at the SLIS were present for the big day.

Mafe Brooks - Lulu (Director of the School Media Program) - Warrick Dunn - Dean Larry Dennis - four experts on Information Science enjoying the big day.

Rob Wilson - Asst AD at FSU - interviews one of the their favorite alumni.

Valenica Davis is there to accept the keys to her new home. Warrick signed the mortgage.Warrick explains his Homes for the Holidays program.

There is nothing quite like owning your own home. It inspires your family to succeed. This is one of over 30 homes Warrick Dunn has provided single parents - in honor of his mother who gave her life in the line of duty.