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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Night 16 - TopSail Preserve State Park - Near Seaside Florida

The whitest cleanest sand

Yellow surf flag

Night 16 in our camper

We are going to Europe next Sunday for 10 weeks - so Lulu wanted to vagabond west to some of the best beaches in the world. She reserved 2 nights in TopSail state Park at $20 a night. We drove the 130 miles over in our camper yesterday. What a nice quiet drive on Route 20 - west from Tallahassee.  We did not see many cars - maybe because they were all lines up behind me. I kept the camper at 60 MPH. 

Men lie about hand size and gas mileage. But Lulu figured our gas out - and she got 21.8 MPG. 

TopSail is beautiful. The camps sites are very nice. Electric - water - sewer - cable. The bath houses are clean and have lots of hot water and pressure. They are better than our little shower - so we used them. 

The tram takes you the 1/2 mile to a wonderful beach. You walk out on boardwalks over the high dunes. The boardwalks are made of plastic and easy on the feet. The beach has the whitest cleanest sand I have seen. No debris anywhere. Lulu enjoyed the medium surf - clean water. The yellow surf flag was up. There is a bath house and showers at the beach. We did not bring the bikes but should have. There are tons of nice flat paths to bike. At the beach they have racks for bikes. 

The campground was quiet at night. It cooled off - and we slept with the windows open - screens on. The AC was off. We slept right through the night - 10 PM to 7 AM. 

Last night - we shopped in the famous Destin Outlets. They are 5 miles west of us. We shopped from 7PM to 9PM. There were very few shoppers and it was a pleasant night. 

We ate supper and breakfast in the camper. If I would just eat only what Lulu serves me - I would lose weight. 

The tram is nice - pulled by a truck. It goes to the beach every hour - with a final one at 7:30 PM. Of course you could walk to the beach all night. 

There are lots of really big campers in here - some 45 feet long. Some look pretty permanent. We have one of the smallest. Look how tiny it looks in this picture. 

Our site
Our camper has 18,000 miles on it. We bought it with 12,000 miles on it. We bought it August 11 - 2017. It will sit now until its birthday. So far - we used out 6000 miles and slept in it 16 nights.

We bought our camper for $32,000. We stayed in it - 16 nights. The math is easy - it is a $2000 a night hotel!

Beach tram 1/2 mile

Boardwalks over dunes

Plastic boardwalk


No bikes allowed on boardwalk

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