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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Saturday, January 30, 2016

At the spotlight grill - ready for Clemson at FSU

Added Later - We won the game by 11 points. We had a nice lunch in the Spotlight Lounge. We had a table overlooking the court and stayed there the whole game. 

We had gotten tickets outside the arena for free. You can walk into the lunge and take any empty seats. We had lunch for $12 each - it included an entree - soup or salad - a soft drink and pecan pie. 

Tomorrow - we have seats in the President's Box for the girls game. Monday - we have another boys home game with North Carolina State. 

Friday, January 29, 2016

Returning To The Fatherland - Germany

JFK - in Berlin

The Brandenburg Gate

Cinderella's Castle

Our address and apartment phone number

All my life I have told people that I am 3/4 German and 1/4 Welsh. My ancestors were named Brouse - Snyder - Shoemaker - Neifert. Everhart was Anglicized from Eberhard which meant - Wild Boar. Recently - I had a DNA test done - and I am anxiously awaiting the results. But all the fingers point toward Germany.

We are going to Germany for 3 months - Feb - Mar - Apr. Lulu was awarded a DAAD Scholarship to do research in Germany. We have booked an apartment in Berlin and are ready for life’s next great adventure.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Tales Of 3 Vans

Chrysler Town and Country

Yesterday I took a little tour of the car dealers along US 90. I saw three different vans that were all very nice. In the past I have owned Ford - Chevy - Chrysler - and Honda vans. It is hard to pick a favorite - they all had many nice features. 

On this trip I looked at Chrysler - Mercedes - and Honda vans. 

The red one above is a Chrysler Town and Country made in Canada. This one was well equipped at $31,000. By far the neatest feature is the Stow and Go seats. The van seats 7 people - but effortlessly all the back seats fold into the floor - leaving a big flat space for hauling or camping. 

Stow and Go seating is a great feature

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Our First Visit To The Edison Restaurant In Cascades Park

Click pictures to enlarge and read menus.

Saturday morning Lulu and I went to a funeral. After two hours of standing - in our Sunday best - we were cold and hungry. When I asked my wife where she would like to have lunch - The Edison at Cascades Park  was her quick answer. She said she wanted to be dressed nicely the first time we went there. 

The Edison Restaurant is one of our newest neighbors. It is 1/2 miles down the road - halfway to the Capitol. A few times a week we go to Cascades Park to enjoy the 3 miles of paved walking trails. We circle around the old converted power plant - but as Lulu usually said - we weren’t dressed nice enough for our first visit. 

A Deal With The Devil - Dick Davis Wins Again - $2000 In Las Vegas

My good friend Dick Davis is in Las Vegas to visit with his brother Tommy. He is extending a winning streak that started out a couple weeks ago when we went to the casino on Maricopa AZ with him. 

Dick claims he thought he was playing the penny slot machines. It turns out that it was $1 a pull - and he won $2000. Of course Dickie tried to charm the hostest as she wrote him up for the IRS. 

Tom - Dick - and Jack are the sons to Tamaqua's Tommy Davis - the former owner of the Davis Funeral Home on Broad Street by the Schuylkill River. 

If I were Tommy Davis's third son - we would be Tom - Dick - and Harry. Dick is recovering from esophagus cancer surgery - he looks fantastic - like he made a deal with the devil.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Shoveling Snow On Florida Avenue

My son and his wife live on Florida Avenue in downtown Washington DC. This morning he had to start shoveling to keep up with about two feet of snow they are expecting. Florida Avenue looks like it is impassable - and it is one of the main thoroughfares and emergency route in the Dupont Circle section of town. 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Rubio Arrested in 1990 - Let He Who Has No Sin Cast The First Stone

From the NY Times

Rubio’s summer of ’90: An arrest, then newfound purpose

The entrance to Alice C. Wainwright Park in Miami, where Marco Rubio was arrested on May 23, 1990 — five days before his 19th birthday. (Scott Higham/The Washington Post)

MIAMI — Marco Rubio’s first year of college at a small school in Missouri ended badly. His grades were awful. A neck injury dashed any hopes of achieving greatness on the football field. He was hurting for money.

Tamaqua Pennsylvania State Champions 1978

Lynn Clemson published this picture on Facebook. We loved this team. In 1978 - I had a green bus. We enjoyed going to those games. One day I took the team to New York City to see the national championship college game. Back row - 4th from left is Cindy Miller. We met her in London a few years ago. She is now the UPS Vice President for Europe! Back row - right end - is Dennis Kormonick. He was asst coach then - and taught with Lulu at Tamaqua Junior High School. He died recently from a heart attack - too young. If someone sends me a full list of names I will publish it.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Hitler descends into his bunker

Adolph Hitler and Eva Braun
Eva Braun
On this day, Adolf Hitler takes to his underground bunker, where he remains for 105 days until he commits suicide.
Hitler retired to his bunker after deciding to remain in Berlin for the last great siege of the war. Fifty-five feet under the chancellery (Hitler’s headquarters as chancellor), the shelter contained 18 small rooms and was fully self-sufficient, with its own water and electrical supply. He left only rarely (once to decorate a squadron of Hitler Youth) and spent most of his time micromanaging what was left of German defenses and entertaining Nazi colleagues like Hermann Goering, Heinrich Himmler, and Joachim von Ribbentrop. Constantly at his side during this time were his companion, Eva Braun, and his Alsatian, Blondi.

Martin Luther King - How About Curt Flood?

Curt Flood

Curt Flood was an all-star major league baseball player during my youthful years in the 1960s. He batted over .300 many years - and earned 7 golden gloves for playing centerfield.

It is a shame that he is not honored more - in some ways he helped people of color - not as much as Martin Luther King - but his influence put an end to some of the last vestiges of slavery.

In the 1950s and 1960s - it was easy to remember the names of the papers on the big league teams. First there were only 8 National League teams and 8 American League teams. Second - once a player signed with a team - they became an indentured servant. They could not play for a another team. They were traded like cattle.

In 1970 - Flood was earning $90,000. It sounded like a lot of money. My first teacher salary in 1970 was $6500. Then the Cardinals wanted to trade him to the last place Philadelphia Phillies. The Phillies played in Connie Mack Stadium which was considered a dump at the time. The fans there were famous for racist behavior - they gave Jackie Robinson tons of grief - and ran rookie of the year Richie Allen out of town. Curt chose to not play in Philly. He sent a letter to Commissioner Bowie Kuhn asking to be made a free agent.

Flood took Major League Baseball to court - he lost in the preliminary rounds - but eventually thanks to his law suit - players were given free agent status. Today - there is a federal law saying that baseball players are free to deal with other teams. The reserved clause was eliminated.

During Flood's law suit - no other players testified on his behalf. Today - some players earn over $20 million a season. His influence has made many football - basketball - hockey - soccer  players multi-millionaires. It all started with one brave man saying he didn't want to play in Philadelphia.

We need a Curt Flood Day.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Dwarf Car Museum in Maricopa AZ - Ernie Adams is a Genius

Ernie with a replica of an old Ford
Ernie Adams getting out of one of his dwarf cars at his Maricopa AZ museum

Last week we visited the Dwarf Car Museum out in the desert south of Phoenix. There is not a brown sign that I am not in love with - I just love the off the beaten path museums. The Dwarf Car Museum is one of the best.

Simply put - Ernie Adams has been building cars from scratch that are about 60% the size of regular cars. Why would anyone do that - I don't know - but these cars take thousands of hours to make - and the guy that built them is still alive and living on his ranch right next to a large pole building which is the museum. 

Admission is free - but a donation jar is available. All the tools are there - some cars are a work in progress. Outside surrounding the museum are all sorts of pieces of Americana. There is a cemetery - also plenty of refrigerators - Ernie's main source of sheets of steel to roll. 

The cars are made piece by piece. If Ernie wants to build a headlight - he will first make a jig out of steel rebar - then he will hammer the sheets of metal over the jig to make the part. Finally he will sand it smooth and either paint it or have it chromed. 

Most of the cars use a Toyota drive train. The shafts are shortened for the smaller frames. All the doors work - all the windows roll up and down. The form and fit matches a fine Mercedes.

Ernie has cruised all over America in these cars. The cars are hits in auto shows and parades. 

Looking at Ernie's work makes me feel inadequate. He can fix or build anything. Almost everything is made with a hammer and a welder. I do not know how old Ernie is - or how long he has been doing this - but he still can get into the cars easily and drive them around. 

This truck is just sitting in the desert.

Dick - Jan - Lulu - Me - in Dwarf Car Museum

This car has lots of add-ons - including a still.

Ernie started by marking dwarf race cars

Replica of a Mercury about 2/3 size.

Ernie in this old gangster car/

Lulu next to the gangster car - it is deceiving.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Five Days in Maricopa AZ with - Jan and Dick Davis - Two Fellow Coal Crackers

Dick and Jan Davis - Coal Cracker's in Arizona
This Dwarf Auto Museum is a couple miles
from their house - but this is their first visit.

If you don't know who Jan and Dick Davis are - all I can say is "old money from Tamaqua." In the 50's and 60's - I grew up with the center of town being the Davis Funeral Home. I was usually in there every couple of months to mourn the death of a family member or friend. My Dad was a coal miner - and often his co-workers were laid out there dying much too soon from black lung disease - miners' asthma. 

Tom Davis ran the place and later in the 70's Dick took over when Dad and Mom retired and moved to Arizona. That is when Jan and Dick were our friends. Lulu met Jan when they joined La Leche League - simply "the breast feeders' union." Later - our kids were in a play group that included Jan Davis - Lulu - Marylou Zimmerman - and Jean Freed. We all kept touch when Jan and Dick followed the sun and set up business near Phoenix AZ. 

We all watched each other's kids grow up from afar - and got together on weddings and yes - funerals.  Now we are all retired - and we have chances to get together and just enjoy re-writing history. We look back on the good things - and lament the passing of old friends. 

Dick recently had a bout with cancer - and I have nothing but admiration for his attitude. He had just retired from a long career in the funeral industry. With plans to retire and eat all over the world - he had to settle for operations and treatments. But this has done nothing but cement together a great man with an attitude from heaven. He called last night with some very good news - a recent test came out with very good results. 

Dick and Jan live in Maricopa AZ. Their kids live in California. Dick's brothers live in San Francisco and Las Vegas. Maricopa is a new town about 20 miles south of Phoenix. Their home has an adobe look to it - with a beautiful desert garden with fireplace and hot tub. They drive two silver Toyota Priuses or is it Prii. The town is surrounded by Indian Reservations - their home's interior has a strong Indian motif. 

Thanks to the Indian Reservation - they have bountiful recreational facilities - places to eat - historic attractions - and a Harrah's Casino. 

Dick and Jan met our plane at the Phoenix Airport and they entertained us with non-stop touring - eating - and sightseeing. The time went by so fast - and just as we flew in late one night - 5 days later we were catching the early flight out of town and back to Tallahassee. What a great place to fight jet lag on our way home from the family get-together in Hawaii. 

Thanks to Dick's good news - we will getting together soon in Florida again this summer. We were hoping for Berlin - and I still am - but maybe that is pushing too hard. 

Drinks and Lunch at a cool Route 66 type pub.
The is one of the finest recreation centers I ever saw
Of course Dick had to chat up the life guard. He
still has the best gift of gab.
The Davis home - and their 2 Prius cars. I love desert
Yes in the desert there are scorpions. In 5 days we did
not see a live one.
We were all very lucky at the casino.
It is 5 minutes from their house - but
they claim to never go there. 
Desert air is wonderful. In the winter it can be cold
at night - thus the outside fire.
We met in London and did our Beatles thing.
Now we were at the hot tub in Arizona.
Number One Rule - Don't pee in the hot tub.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Last Days of Our Hawaii Adventure

It has been a week since our plane left Hawaii - but it seems like a year. It was fun having the family all together - and Hawaii never disappoints for its weather - history - culture - and entertainment.

After years of worshipping the Beach Boys and surfing music - nothing is more fun than seeing your son and grandson catch their first waves.

As our plane lifted off the Reef Runway in Honolulu - I was able to review the place we visited. That crater full of water is Hanuma Bay - famous for it coral reef and tropical fish.

At Kailua Beach - we were able to play catch in the water. We also had lunch at Buzz's Steak House.

In my opinion Kailua Beach is the nicest beach in the world. The water was 76 - pretty blue - the sand was white and smooth. President Obama was in Hawaii the last 3 times we went there. He stays on Kailua Beach.

Diamond Head Crater - from our plane - is an extinct volcanic cone. You drive your car into the crater and hike to the highest peak - 762 feet up. The beach to the left is Waikiki - where we stayed.

Fuel is expensive in Hawaii because it must all be imported. $2.53 a gallon is not bad - but how about $4.66 for a gallon of diesel fuel? I wonder why.

Every time we visit Hawaii - we have a feeling of melancholy that it may be our last time. Lulu used to teach at the University of Hawaii every summer - so the place feels like home. But the 10 hours flight there - and the expensive cover charge for the plane - has us looking for other places instead of just doing the same old thing - over and over. Still - when you get off the plane there - and feel the warm fragrant breezes - and see the clouds race up the mountains - you wonder why you ever leave.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Grandpa Being Run Ragged in Hawaii

Everhart 8 with Cornwall flag of Lulu's
 great grandfather - Keith got it for her

We are enjoying a wonderful family vacation in Waikiki. The weather has been fantastic - 70s and 80s - the water temperature in January averages 76. Since we are closer to the equator than back home - the sun can really bake you quickly.

Monday - was a busy day. It started out at 8 AM with a walk up Diamond Head Crater. It is an extinct volcano about 761 feet high. You start by driving into the crater - then taking a 3/4 mile trail to the top of the rim. The 8 of us walked up taking about 24 minutes to get to the top. 

After that some of us went to the Bishop Museum. The museum was built over 120 years ago to display Hawaiian heritage. The Bishop Family also funded the world famous Kamehameha School. 

Next - we went to a Luau at the Sea Life Park on the east coast of the island. It is a traditional Hawaii picnic celebration featuring barbecued chicken - pork - and fish. This is followed by a grand dance show - featuring native dances and guests. Guess who ended up on the stage performing?

Finally this morning - some of us went to the USS Arizona Memorial. Simply - the Battleship Arizona was sunk by the Japanese in WWII - it has been let ton the bottom of the harbor for 76 years.  They have built a bridge over it where you can look down into the ship. 1000 sailors died there and their remains are still in the ship. The ship leaks fuel oil to this day creating eerie rainbows in the water. It is a moving experience. 

The next adventure includes a hike up to the Manoa Falls. It is about 3 miles from the street to the tall falls overlooking Honolulu. 

The party is over Thursday. The family flies home on 3 separate planes. Lulu and I will fly to Phoenix  - where we will spend a few days with Dick and Jan Davis.
Family had a birthday here 
Steps hiking Diamond Head
Panorama of Diamond Head Crater
Old fortress on Diamond Head from WWII
Waikiki from Diamond Head
The Kodak Band Shell from Diamond Head
Family on top of Diamond Head - see ocean
We made it - 3/4 miles up  - 24 minutes
Bishop Museum - Hawaii history
Harry on The Duke's surfboard
Keith and Easter Island Statue
Making headbands at Luau
Dancers at Luau
Pig roast at Luau
Hula dancers
Kids dancing
Flowers from Luau - going home
Pop and Grandson at Arizona Memorial
USS Arizona buried in the water - 76 years
Panorama of the USS Arizona 
The USS Arizona Memorial is very solemn
A rainbow over Pearl Harbor
Grandson and USS Arizona
Lulu had a presentation at the Hawaii Hilton