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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Marge and Tom Jones Had A Lovely Aloha Party As We Departed For Hawaii

Marge and Tom Jones live down the street from us. We met a few months ago when we found out they were making a trip to Hawaii. We had a little dinner party for them and told them about our trips to Hawaii. Sunday they returned the favor big time.

They had a party at their home down by the Old Fort. But it was more like a luau. They had friends and family there that lived in Hawaii for several years. The food was fantastic - but what blew us away was the ukulele playing - singing - costumes - and authentic dancing. Before the evening was over they had us all drawn into the festivities.

I am typing this story from 30,000 feet over the state of Georgia. We are flying north to see our kids and grandkids in Richmond. All 8 Everharts together will watch Florida State play in the Rose Bowl on January 1st. Then Lulu and I will continue on to Hawaii on Jan 2nd.

We will be staying at the Hyatt in Waikiki for a convention. Then for the rest of our trip we are booked into the Moana Surfrider Hotel. We will walk our bags because it is right on the beach in downtown Waikiki. A one time this was the only hotel on the beach. We could never afford it before - but Lulu found a relatively economical government rate for our stay. Two year ago it was on this hotel beach where we had our surfing lessons.

In the 1990s - we used to spend a month every summer at Waikiki when Lulu taught a summer course at the University of Hawaii. In those days our friends and family used to come over and spend time with us there. Our good friends the Taylors from Tamaqua PA just spent Christmas inHawaii but have since have flown home. We would have loved to be there with them - but our schedules could not match.

We left mild 70 degree weather in Tallahassee. Lulu just said that it was snowing in Richmond. It will be our White Christmas. We have two large sacks of presents that Santa let at our house - thinking the kids would be there for Christmas.


These FSU band members are flying to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl

Lulu Just Got Bumped to First Class

A nice start to our adventure. Lulu got moved to seat 1A in first class. Good. She needed her coffee. Since I am flying on FF miles I must remain in steerage. Heck for a $20 discount I would stand by the toilet in back.

At The Busy Tallahassee Airport on the Way to Hawaii Via Richmond

Greetings from the Tallahassee airport at 6 AM this morning. Lulu and I are boarding our plane north to see the kids and grandkids. The airport is as busy as I have ever seen. 

There is a Boeing 747 sitting here waiting to carry the FSU Marching Chiefs to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl. The band members are going through security check right now. We just beat them to it. 

It is unusual because we checked 2 large packages and 2 suitcases through directly to Richmond. We usually carry everything onto the plane. Santa left a few present at  our house thinking the kids would be in Florida - but the flu changed all that.

The picture above is Lulu and me at our Christmas dinner. Lulu made a turkey and potato filling. You can see the fire burning the background and our Christmas tree gleaming. The stocking were hung by the chimney with care.

If our plane goes down - be sure to send this picture to the New York Times and the National Inquirer.

Monday, December 29, 2014

We Just Picked Some Lemons For Our Trip North

Tomorrow morning we are flying north to see the kids and grandkids for a few days. 

On January 1st we will watch the Seminoles play Oregon on TV. All 8 will be there. 

On January 2nd - we will fly straight to Hawaii.

My neighbor Bill's trees are packed with lemons - tangerines - oranges - and grapefruits. Those trees were planted just a couple years ago. We planted the same kind of trees in our yard. We have some oranges - but they are not very big. They have only been in the ground 4 months. 

Yes - that giant thing in my right hand is a lemon. 

Christmas in Hawaii With the Taylors

Our favorite Tamaqua family - George - MaryRuth - Brandon - and Mike - are turning home after a great week in Hawaii.

George is still an editor for a newspaper in Bethlehem - MaryRuth is a retired Tamaqua teacher that used to work with Lulu. Brandon is a newsman in Hong Kong - China - and Mike is a student at Penn State.

All four of them are Penn State University alumni.

When we lived in Tamaqua - they lived a block down the street from us.

By the look of the background - they are at the airport in Hawaii. Their planes will depart - one going 5000 miles west and the other going 5000 miles east.

Lulu and I will visit Honolulu on January 2nd - for a conference. We are very sad our paths could not cross.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Texas - Arkansas - Washington - and OREGON have stayed away from the Seminoles

People like to whine about Florida State's schedule being light. But for a team that only started playing football in 1947 - they sure have a lot of victories against the so-called heavy weights. Here is a list of the scores of games that FSU played. Each score is the last time they played that team. Notice that Alabama - Auburn - Michigan - Ohio State tasted the sorry end of the Seminole chop - the last time they played. Out of 42 major teams - only the Sooners - Wildcats - Lions- Bulldogs - and Volunteers walked away with victories. 37-5. This is not a list of all the teams that FSU played - just major names. No wonder Florida State is the replacing Notre Dame as America's team to hate. 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

We Watched - The Interview - At Home On The Big Screen TV Today

I hate when someone tries to censor me. I like to read and watch what I want. I like to say what I want.

North Korea used computer terrorism to try to intimidate Sony and stop them from showing this funny movie about a plot to kill their dictator. Sometimes I think the whole political mess was just a gimmick to boost movie sale - who knows. 

You can watch it at home using YouTube. For $6 - you can view it over your computer or TV. 

It was to be released nationwide today - but many of the theatre chains ran scared and cancelled the show. 600 independent theaters did show it today - but honestly - I liked seeing it better at home. 

Leticia Romero - Will Play Her First Game For FSU This Monday

Will Play Monday for FSU - Leticia Riomero

Romero's Trophy Case• All-Big 12 Second Team 
• Unanimous selection to the All-Big 12 Freshman Team 
• Waco Tribune Big 12 All-Freshman Team 
• Four-time Big 12 Freshman of the Week selection (11/11, 1/20, 2/3, 3/3) 
• 2013 Surf N' Slam Classic All-Tournament Team 
• Fall 2013 Big 12 Commissioner's Honor Roll.

FRESHMAN (2013-14)
First player in school history to win four Big 12 Freshman of the Week honors... Played in and started all 30 games and was the only

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Wet Christmas Eve In Tallahassee

Yesterday - December 23rd - we had 7 inches of rain in Tallahassee. If it would have been snow - that would be 70 inches! We expect more today.

There were a couple tornadoes reported in the area - and some flooding in the low areas.

Next month it will be the anniversary of us moving into our new home. The year went so fast. The home survived famously. We have had a few creaky hardwood floor boards and a small crack in the tile that needed re-grouting.

Our roofs were designed with no breaks for vents or ridge valleys. With the one foot of foam insulation - you can barely hear the rain on the roof. There are no gutters to clog or overflow - the ground is contoured for gentle runoff.

Christmas is supposed to be dry with temperatures in the 70s - just in time for our guests.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Fun With Dick and Jan - On The Way To Wales

Dick and Jan are having fun. The glasses of orange juice are code. They are in a plane (traveling first class) to Wales.  You can't have glass in coach - you might hurt someone. 

We have guest coming in January. Yesterday they sent this picture from their plane on the way to Wales. They will be spending their first Christmas in Wales with brother Jack Davis. Jack has a home in San Francisco and one in Wales.

In January - Dick and Jan Davis - and  Marylou and Carl Zimmerman will be spending a few days with us in Tallahassee. We are are old friends from Tamaqua PA. Jan an dDick now live in Arizona. The Zimmermans still have their home in Hometown PA but also have a winter home near Tampa FL.

FSU versus Stetson - not bad seats for $4.22 each

The Seminoles had a strange 2 PM Monday start time. It was a very sparse crowd. We bought tickets on Stubhub at 1:30 - right before we left home. We drove the Leaf over to the Civic Center - and parked in the law school faculty lot. We had some snacks at the game and almost paid more for the snacks than the tickets.

FSU won by about 7 - but the game was close to the end. That does not bode well for the Noles.  Stetson is supposed to be a weak sister cupcake from Winter Park FL.

The new home boys game is Florida on December 30th. Our family will be here for that game.

Just Sold My iMac On Craigslist

I bought this iMac about two years ago - I liked it for the big screen to read the newspapers. Since my eye operation in August - I no longer need the big screen. 

I listed it on Craigslist about 5 days ago at $800. It cost $1000 brand new.  After reducing it a little bit every day - a gentlemen came by today to buy it for $680. It is a Christmas gift to his daughter - she is a musician. Someone is going to have a very Merry Christmas.

It always pays to save the boxes of sellable items. For some reason when you haveth original box - things sell faster. 

I am now reduced to a MacBook Air - an iPad - and an iPhone. When we travel I usually take 2 out of 3 with me. 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Jameis Cleared - Never A Doubt - You Have Been Scammed by ESPN All In The Name of Ratings

Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston will not face any discipline from the school after his Code of Conduct hearing following allegations of sexual assault.
Winston's attorney, David Cornwell, tweeted the conclusion of the case on Sunday afternoon.
“In sum, the preponderance of the evidence has not shown that you are responsible for ANY of the charged violations of the Code," tweeted Cornwell.
Had Winston been found in violation of the school's Code of Conduct he would have faced discipline that could have included expulsion from the school. It is possible, however, that Winstcon could face legal trouble in a civil case.
But that won't have any affect on his eligibility as Florida State's quarterback as the Seminoles prepare to face Oregon in the College Football Playoff on New Year's Day. 

If Hitler Were An FSU Seminole

Our Visit With Ji Hei and Claire

We had our first Christmas visitors on Friday night. Ji Hei and Claire came over for dinner and then we went to an FSU girls basketball game. 

Ji Hei is one of Lulu' doctoral students. She is from Korea. Her daughter Claire is 6 years old and very smart. Last week we went to a concert where she played the violin. 

We exchanged presents. 

In the background you can see tow of Lulu's new chairs. We also had a fire going in the fireplace. 

The name is pronounced GEE Hay. 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Tamaqua - Santa Rides Into Town In Steam Train

This Don Serfass photo shows Santa visiting Tamaqua PA today. The train has been booked solid for 3 excursions today. The trip travels north from town - across the famous high bridge - and then back again. It is a highly popular annual event. 

Monday, December 15, 2014

We Had A Little Visit to Tamaqua and the Panther Valley

On Friday we left London at 5 PM on our flight home to Tallahassee. About 7 PM- we passed over Eastern Pennsylvania. I took this picture of the GPS at my seat on our jet. Our flight went directly over the Valley - and I could still see the Rosinola's Christmas lights.

It always amazes me the places you pass over on a flight from place to place. Our trip from London to Tallahassee covered 4500 miles.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Safely Home in Tallahassee

We had a nice trip home - no bumps - but a long delay.

We left the apartment around 11 AM and took a black cab to Paddington Station. Lulu and I each had a roller bag and backpack. At Paddington Station we caught the Heathrow Express to the airport. It got us there in 13 minutes.

At the airport we spent time at the gold card lounge. We had plenty to eat - drink - and even had wifi. They had game rooms - showers - even bedrooms in that lounge.

We got in our plane to Atlanta at 3 PM - but there was a big delay. The airport computer would not allow anyone to take off - so we sat in the plane two hours. Finally we lifted off around 5 PM London time - it was already pitch black. We felt like Peter Pan looking back and seeing London in lights.

Our flight home was supposed to be 9 hours - but we were aided by a 60 MPH tailwind and a pilot with a hot foot. We landed in Atlanta at 9 PM - they have a very fast customs system - and we were able to catch our regular flight to Tallahassee. Delta Airlines had already sent us a new reservation to fly home in the morning - but we rushed to our gate hoping to catch our regular plane. We were the last ones into the ramp. We had a quiet 37 minute ride to Tallahassee.

We only had carry-on bags. We caught a cab - and were in our own bed by 11 PM. It is hard to believe we were in our apartment in London at 11 AM - and in our own bed in Tallahassee at 11 PM - even with that long delay. The trip home was 4400 miles.

We had a wonderful trip to London - Oxford - Gibraltar - and Morocco. Next is Hawaii in January - no - we are not going to the Rose Bowl on the way.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Leaving Our London Apartment For Our Florida Home

The bedrooms have all new furniture and fixtures - lots of lights. The building is older than the USA.

Today is going to be a long day for us - 5 hours longer in fact. We woke up in London about 9 AM - it rained hard during the night. Lulu heard it but I slept through it. Lulu made breakfast in the kitchen and then she ran off to shop for a bit of last minute things. 

Lulu got the FSU apartment because of the price and location. Hotels in the area want 200 and 300 pounds a night. Multiply that by 1.57  for dollars. When she saw the apartment price for 67 pounds - she jumped on it. We had three rooms - a modern new kitchen - 3 beds - and it was on the first floor - no steps or elevators. Outside the front door are three old red cast iron phone booths. 

Postcards from Lulu

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thursday - Exploring Downtown London - Just Lulu and I

Merry Christmas from London.

Merry Christmas from Somerset House. At one time every newspaper in London had to be sent here and stamped before it could be distributed.

We got up around 9 AM - started by walking south. Lulu wanted to see an art exhibit at the Somerset House. There were two - the first one was photos of young disabled vets by Bryan Adams - the second one was a history of Deborah Harry - the punk rocker Blondie. Outside - there was a skating rink full of skaters. Not bad for a school day.

Next we walked to the Imperial War Museum. The main attraction was a new display explaining the First World War. I am always impressed with the captured rockets from World War II - the V-1 and the V-2. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wednesday - Took The Train To London - Saw The Book of Mormon Show

This is Lulu in front of our Book of Mormon Theatre. 

Today Lulu finished her conference at Oxford at 1 PM. At 2:01 - our train left the Oxford Station for Paddington Station in London. It only made two stops along the way in Reading and Slough. It cost 24 pounds for a one way ticker. one pound = $1.57. At Paddington we caught a quick subway to our FSU apartment. At 4:30 - we were freshening up to go out for the night. 

We caught a double decker bus to the theatre district - about 2 miles away. We went to the theatre to see Book of Mormon - on Piccadilly Circus (I could not find any circus). We got two nice tickets in about the 10th row - center stage for 45 pounds each. We walked up the street to Ed's American Diner for supper. The show was at 7:30 - so we walked to Trafalgar Square to see the carolers - the decorations and the tree.

The Book of Mormon is a very popular play. The crowd loved it. Maybe I was tired - maybe I could not hear well - maybe I miss innuendo as I get older - but I guess I am panning the show. I am not a big fan of religions - but it is easy to pick on a religion that is peaceful. If they had any guts they would take on a religion that is more militant. Cowards like shooting at people that won't shoot back. I am not a religious guy - but I do like people that believe in something. Rant over. 

FSU put us in a very nice apartment. It is not our old 12 Bedford Place - that is rented out for the semester. This apartment is at Byng Place - it is an old stand alone building - but inside it is all recently renovated. The apartments are quite beautiful - we may stay here this summer when we come for the month of July. 

We have all day Thursday to do anything we want in the city. Lulu has some plans to do some shopping. I will probably want a couple hours in a museum. 

Friday - we come home at 4 PM. So we can explore some more on the way to the airport. As always - we are hoping to be bumped off our plane - and we would get a free round trip ticket that we could use in July. 

The weather is mild here - no rain - 45 to 50 - but it does get dark at 3:50 PM. You can sleep in late because the sun does not rise before 8 AM.

The Ashmolian Museum is the oldest one in England. It is free and Lulu was checking out china.

The National Portrait Museum on Trafalgar Square was lit up and had carolers.

Lulu has taken tons of pictures of those Lions - the symbol of England.

At the M&M Store - they were portraying the Abbey Road Album Cover.

M&M people

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Monday - Day One in Oxford

Breakfast before the big presentation

An early cab got Lulu to the conference on time

Monday mornings are my favorite. Working people go back to work after a busy weekend - leaving the world for me to explore.

Lulu was up at 6 AM. It was still dark as we had breakfast downstairs at our Remont Hotel. The conference started at 8 AM - and she was scheduled to present right after the keynote speaker. Since our hotel is 3 miles north of downtown - we called a cab - and off she went. We would meet again at 5 PM - but she would tell me all about her presentation via email. 

It was 45 degrees and sunny as I left our hotel. I walked around town - took in a few sights - but soon I escaped to the refuge of a couple of busses. I am not used to 45 degrees - even with sun. 

I visited an army surplus store that had some very tempting long coats for 30 pounds - all wool. 

Monday, December 08, 2014

John and Yoko were married in Gibraltar - he was killed 34 years ago today. He was 40.

Gibraltar and Morocco Were Fantastic - Now On To Oxford and London - Lulu's turn To Shine

Video 1 - Our plane landing in Gibraltar crossing the highway as we watched. It is fun watching the plane pass right in front of you at about 150 MPH. See the cars and pedestrians waiting at the gates.

Video 2 - I took this video from the plane as we did a complete circle around The Rock on the way to London - stay with the video to the end.

It is Sunday afternoon - we are on the jet from Gibraltar to London. We left Tallahassee Wednesday - it sure has been busy since then.

Wednesday night was spent in the plane from Atlanta to London. Usually Lulu finds us seats in an exit row which gives you some leg room to stretch. This time we were stuck in regular seats - I did not sleep the whole night.

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Ready To Lift Off From Aircraft Carrier Gibraltar

We are at the airport - that is our plane - we leave for London in an hour. They have a nice outdoor area where you can sit and be on line. We just checked in at the airport and they tried to get us for charge of 65 pounds each for our carry on luggage! I felt like Cinderella's step sisters trying to stuff my bag into the slot. Lulu's bag was twice as thick as mine. After quite bit of of begging - they let us go. The plane has few passengers - what  a racket! 

I got a great video of our plane landing and crossing the highway.

We were up in the tunnels in The Rock - we walked all the way down to the airport with our bags. We each have 2 bags.

Our next three nights are in Oxford - where I can relax.

Our 12 Hours in Morocco With Majdolina Idrissi

Majdolina Idrissi was our guide the whole day - 40 years of experience

Like beach boys riding horses in the sand - Lulu insisted on riding along the Atlantic

Yesterday we woke up early at 6 AM. We did not want to miss the ferry across the Mediterranean Sea to Tangiers. We were going to touch our toes on the African continent if only for a day. Lulu had arranged a guided tour to get the most out of the day. We were not disappointed. 

Lulu found Majdolina Idrissi - - on the Trip Advisor on the Internet. They wrote back and forth to arrange everything. Our guide is a young 56 years old - he has 40 years of experience taking guests on extensive tours. We did not pay a penny up front - everything was perfect - and he held our hands all the way back to our ferry.

We left our Elliot Hotel in Gibraltar at 7 AM after breakfast. We took one cab to the Gibraltar/Spain border for 5 pounds. Then we caught a cab to Tarifa in the dark. That ride was about an hours and 65 Euros - right to our ferry. Our guide had already paid for our ferry tickets - round trip about 60 Euros each. 

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Greeting From The Casbah

Lulu and I are taking a break in the lobby of the Hotel Rembrandt on the Kasbah. We have wifi here so we are checking on the news back home. 

It is sunny and 60s all day. Our guide is wonderful. He has been doing this for 40 years. 

We just found out that FSU girls beat Stanford to advance to the championship game in soccer. Volleyball beat Alabama in 3 sets and is in the sweet 16. 

Tonight is will be 2am here when FSU football play GT for the ACC championship. 

I will post a full story on morocco with pictures when we get back to Gibraltar. We are very happy we came here. The people have been great. 

We left the hotel at 6 am. We walked across the border into Spain without being checked. We took a cab to ferry at Tarifa. Our guide met us on the pier in Tangiers. More later. Feet are tired from walking. Oh yes. Great pictures of us riding camels along Atlantic Ocean. 

Friday, December 05, 2014

Friday in Gabraltar

At one time - Gibraltar was one of the top 3 most strategic locations on the earth. If one owned The Rock - their cannons could control the 12 mile wide Strait of Gibraltar. This narrow passage serves all the ships that were going from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean Sea. Any ship that went through the Suez Canal in Egypt had to pass under the guns off this peninsula.

Manifest Destiny would have this tiny tumor be part of the state of Spain. When England beat Spain and France in the Battle of Trafalgar - off the coast here - they claimed Gibraltar as a colony of the crown. Since 1805 - Britain kept a large fleet here until around 1965 - almost 300 years.

Lots of Spanish people work here - the enclave has 28,000 citizens. They recently voted 98% in favor of not joining Spain. The streets are full of the same stores that we shopped in last night in London.

Our 4 star Irish Hotel gives us a great view of the The Rock from our room. We have a rooftop pool on the 8th floor - they also serve our breakfast up there every morning. Weather is sunny - and temperature is in the 60s. The sky was clear today and we could see Africa across the water.

Gibraltar and another mountain in Africa - make up the Pillars of Hercules that guard the Mediterranean Sea from the outside world.

Tomorrow we are taking a ferry and crossing over to Tangiers - Morocco - Africa. We have a tour arranged to show us some highlights. No Ebola!

The airport in Gibraltar is close enough to our hotel to walk

We are in the Angry Friar pub in Gibraltar. Getting ready to take the cable car to the top

Jameis Winston's statement to Florida State hearing

John Clune, an attorney representing the woman who accused Jameis Winston of sexually assaulting her in December 2012 released this statement in response to the comments Winston made (see below) at his student conduct code hearing this week:

"It apparently took about one hour for Mr. Winston and his lawyer to violate Justice Harding's confidentiality instructions by emailing out one of the exhibits to the media," Clune wrote. "Jameis Winston's crude new recollection of events is as disgusting as it is implausible. He just keeps digging himself deeper. For now we will trust in the strength of our client's repeated and consistent interviews. The time for Winston, Casher, and Darby to fully explain this new story will come.
Earlier update:
The following is the statement Jameis Winston provided former Florida Supreme Court justice Major Harding as part of a Florida State State code of conduct hearing that concluded Tuesday. The statement was obtained by USA TODAY Sports, and the name of the woman who has accused Winston of sexually assaulting her has been redacted. It includes graphic sexual descriptions.
This statement contains my best recollection of my involvement with (NAME REDACTED). I apologize for the graphic nature of the matters I describe, but given the false accusations against me it is important to describe fully and accurately my interaction with (NAME REDACTED) to demonstrate that she willingly engaged in multiple consensual sexual acts with me with her full knowledge and consent. (NAME REDACTED) is lying about me. I have no choice but to tell the truth about her.
I did not rape or sexually assault (NAME REDACTED). I did not create a hostile, intimidating or offensive environment in the short period of time that we were together. (NAME REDACTED) had the capacity to consent to having sex with me and she repeatedly did so by her conduct and her verbal expressions. I never used physical violence, threats, or other coercive means towards (NAME REDACTED). Finally, I never endangered (NAME REDACTED) health, safety, or well-being.
In the late evening of December 6, 2012 or the early morning of December 7, 2012, Chris Casher, Ron Darby, and I arrived at Potbelly's. Many of my teammates were also at Potbelly's. At some point, I noticed an attractive girl dancing on the dance floor. A few teammates and I started dancing as well and I worked my way over to this girl and made small talk with her as we started dancing together. I asked her for her name and she asked me for mine. I told her my name. She said her name was "(NAME REDACTED)." To the best of my recollection, (NAME REDACTED) and I danced together for approximately 10 minutes. When we finished dancing, we continued to talk and I asked (NAME REDACTED) for her telephone number. It was loud in Potbelly's, so, rather than yelling her telephone number at me, (NAME REDACTED) took my cellular phone and entered her telephone number into my phone.
After (NAME REDACTED) entered her telephone number into my cell phone, we talked some more. I mentioned something about staying in touch or getting together later and then I went to mingle with my friends. Chris saw me talking to (NAME REDACTED) at the bar and told me he had already gotten (NAME REDACTED) number from (NAME REDACTED).
I did not buy (NAME REDACTED) a drink. I did not give (NAME REDACTED) a drink of any kind. I did not give her a shot of any kind. I did not give or offer to give any drugs to (NAME REDACTED).
Around the time Potbelly's was closing, Chris, Ron and I left Potbelly's and socialized in front of Potbelly's. Chris and I thought that (NAME REDACTED) was interested in both of us. I decided to send (NAME REDACTED) a text message letting her know that I was leaving and asking her whether she was ready to leave. Given our prior interaction and her response, I believe that it was clear to (NAME REDACTED) that my intent with the text was to find out whether she wanted to leave and go home with me. (NAME REDACTED) replied to my text saying in substance that she was ready to leave and was coming outside.
Chris, Ron and I were standing next to a taxi cab when (NAME REDACTED) came outside and voluntarily walked over to us. I do not recall exactly what was said, but we made it clear that we were leaving and (NAME REDACTED) made it clear that she wanted to leave with us. Since Potbelly's was closing, there were a bunch of students outside of Potbelly's, around the outside bar, and there were a bunch of taxicabs parked at the curb in front of Potbelly's.(NAME REDACTED) voluntarily left with us.
(NAME REDACTED) was not "taken," forced, or "coerced" into the taxicab. She was fully aware of what was happening; she voluntarily left Potbelly's in response to my text and she voluntarily got into the taxicab. If (NAME REDACTED) had protested, then I would have left her at Potbelly's. Additionally, if she had protested, the students and taxi cab drivers in front of Potbelly's would have heard her. (NAME REDACTED) was fully aware of her actions and she did not protest at all. (NAME REDACTED) left with us voluntarily.
The taxi cab ride to my apartment took roughly five minutes. During the ride, everyone was cheerful and talking. We asked (NAME REDACTED) if she had any friends who might want to come to our place and join us. I recall that she was calling some friends to come to our apartment.
Chris and I lived together in an apartment on the first floor of the Legacy Suites. After we arrived, (NAME REDACTED), Chris, Ron, and I went into my apartment.
Almost immediately upon our arrival, (NAME REDACTED) and I went into my bedroom. We were standing facing each other, kissing and touching each other's bodies. I eventually asked (NAME REDACTED) if she would perform oral sex on me. She said that she would. The lights in my bedroom were on and (NAME REDACTED) willingly performed oral sex on me. While (NAME REDACTED) was performing oral sex, I was close enough to my dresser to reach over to it, open a drawer, and retrieve a condom.
(NAME REDACTED) and I also engaged in intense foreplay and heavy petting during the same period that she was performing oral sex. I was with her on the bed during foreplay and I may have ejaculated a small amount of semen onto her clothing. (NAME REDACTED) assisted me in putting on the condom. I stood on the floor with (NAME REDACTED) on the bed and we engaged in consensual sexual intercourse. After sometime in this position, we changed positions. I got on my bed on my back and (NAME REDACTED) got on top of me. (NAME REDACTED) conduct and other verbal expressions left no doubt that our sex was consensual.
I recall hearing Chris and Ron outside of my room. The door to my room was broken so the door could not close fully or be locked. At some point, Chris came into the room. (NAME REDACTED), who was still on top of me, saw Chris and told him to get out of the room.
Chris left voluntarily. Chris did not tell me to stop having sex with (NAME REDACTED). Chris did not do or say anything to try to persuade me to stop having sex with (NAME REDACTED). (NAME REDACTED) did not do or say anything to Chris to express or indicate that she was being forced to have sex with me. In fact, after Chris left the room, (NAME REDACTED) got up to close the door completely. I told her that the door was broken and did not close all of the way or lock. (NAME REDACTED) then turned the lights off and returned to me.
Thereafter, either Ron or Chris pushed the door open as a prank. (NAME REDACTED) asked me if there was any way we could have more privacy. I took her into my bathroom. While in the bathroom, we began to have consensual sex again and eventually concluded having sex. After we finished having sex, we stayed in the bathroom for a few minutes talking and she then indicated that she was ready to leave.
(NAME REDACTED) dressed herself. While she was dressing, I asked (NAME REDACTED) where she lived and she told me that her place was not far from mine. I also got dressed and we left my apartment and got on my scooter. (NAME REDACTED) sat behind me on the scooter and wrapped her arms around my waist. After a short ride, perhaps three to five minutes, we arrived at the curb in front of Salley Hall. When I stopped at the curb, (NAME REDACTED) got off the scooter, gave me a hug, and walked through the Salley Hall walkway to her dorm, Kellum Hall.
Other than asking Chris to leave the room, (NAME REDACTED) did not say or do anything to express or indicate that she was upset about anything that occurred before, during, or after consensual sexual activities. From the time I met (NAME REDACTED) at Potbelly's to the time that I dropped her off at her dormitory, (NAME REDACTED) was fully aware of her surroundings and in control of all of her faculties. She was responsive and communicative. She had a pleasant personality and was fun to be with. During our consensual sexual interactions, (NAME REDACTED) engaged in sexual talk and took other actions that made it clear that the sex was consensual and that she was enjoying having sex with me. If (NAME REDACTED) did not want to have oral sex or intercourse with me, she was fully capable of expressing it to me, the taxicab drivers, the numerous students outside of Potbelly's, Chris, and/or Ron. Had she done so, I would have stopped immediately.
Rape is a vicious crime. The only thing as vicious as rape is falsely accusing someone of rape. (NAME REDACTED) and her lawyers have falsely accused me, threatened to sue me, demanded $7,000,000 from me, engaged in a destructive media campaign against me, and manipulated this process to the point that my rights have and will continue to be severely compromised. (NAME REDACTED) and her lawyers' public campaign to vilify me guarantees that her false allegations will follow me for the rest of my life.
At some point they will be held accountable, so I have determined that it is in my best interests to exercise my right pursuant to Rule 6C2R-3.004 (6)(d)of the Florida State University Student Code of Conduct and answer questions when experienced lawyers and other experts can assist me in confronting (NAME REDACTED) false accusation and when (NAME REDACTED) is subject to the penalty of perjury and other claims for (NAME REDACTED) falsely accusing me of rape.

Thursday Night In London

London - Lulu at the Hyde Park Christmas Festival

Our plane flew down through the heavy overcast clouds of London at around noon Thursday. Underneath - it was dark and misty. I cannot imagine what it was like in the 1950s - when all those brown coal fireplaces were cooking up a storm. This is the first time we have been in England in winter. 

By 4 PM - night had already fallen. All of these pictures were taken between 4 PM and 8 PM. We cleaned up in our Sheraton Hotel by the airport. We took the tube into downtown London getting off at Hyde Park. Last time we were at Hyde Park - we were at a Rolling Stones concert in the summer of 2013. Now the grounds were covered by a Christmas Village Festival. The ground was covered with large metal runway plates bolted together. It was a cross between the Bavarian Festival - a block party - a Christmas Park - and a county fair. There were great rides and food and crafts. 

Next we went to the area around FSU campus - Oxford and Regents Street. We walked and walked - can you believe I walked right by the Apple Store and did not go in? We found a new restaurant - the Kama Haina Sandwich Shop. It is a place that we love to eat in Hawaii. Well they opened one here near the Goodge Street Station - the station closest to FSU campus. We had supper there - and then caught the tube home. 

In the winter over here - you function at night. You are much farther north than Tamaqua or Florida.

Roasted Chestnuts

In the festival they had a portable London Eye. Lulu thought that building looked like your Tamaqua home

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Safely in London

We had a good flight. Staying at Sheraton at heat grow tonight. Then two nights Gibraltar. Three nights Oxford. Finally two night I downtown London at FSU's byng place. Then we come home. 

Already tried our sling box and we can watch the fsu game live or delay on directv or DVR. 

It is now 3 pm and we are taking the tube downtown to see the lights. It is very dark here and misty. 

Great hotel with indoor pool with Christmas sunroom around it. 

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

At Tallahassee Airport - Heading to London - OxFord - Gibraltar - Morocco

Our friend George Dawson just dropped us off at the Tallahassee Airport. We are on our way to Europe - Lulu is doing a presentation at Oxford - yeah that Oxford. We will extend the trip to see the London Christmas Decorations  - get to explore Gibraltar on the Mediterranean Sea - and take a ferry across to Tangier in Morocco.

The Tallahassee Airport is very quiet. Above Lulu is admiring George's artwork in the airport museum. Note the pretty Christmas tree and lack of people.

We are traveling light - with only carry-on bags. We both could take two free checked bags - I was trying to figure out a way to make money with that. No luck.

Monday, December 01, 2014

FSU versus Nebraska Basketball Monday. We Found $5 Tickets On Stubhub

Added later. We went to the game. We were down by 16 points - got to within 1 - then lost by 5. Look at that crowd. FSU claimed there were 6400 fans - sure if you count all 10 toes.

Right now our record is 3-4. 

Earl and Jean Eidem - And Kids - Came For The Boston College Weekend

The Earl and Jean (Santore) Eidem Family at the volleyball game

One of the nice things about living in Florida - and Tallahassee in particular - is that people come to visit. Florida State University is currently on a 28 game football winning streak. The volleyball and soccer teams are also ranked in the top 10 and heading into the NCAA playoffs.

Earl and Jean were my 7th grade students 30 years ago. We lost touch - but thanks to Facebook - we are found. They have 3 kids that are pretty grown - and now have adopted 3 siblings. They have lived in Crestview - about 100 miles west of us for a few years. Now they are considering a move back to the Valley. They want the little ones to experience life in the hills of Pennsylvania.