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Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Lithium Battery Chainsaw for Fathers Day

Lulu bought me a lithium battery chain saw for Fathers Day. It is really nice. It is very powerful - lots of torque. It is super quiet - not smelly - push button start - and does 
not vibrate. It is good for my little prissy hands with the plastic joints :-)

It cost $199 at Lowes. It comes with a 40 volts battery and charger - 2.5 amp hours if you care. I have another battery and charger form my Kobalt storing trimmer. 

It is rated at 90 cuts of a 4 x 4 treated log. I have 2 batteries so twice that. You can cut down up to a 20 inch tree. It has a 12 inch bar. It has automatic bar oil injector. 

I have a Stihl chain saw that works fine - but it is smelly - loud - and really vibrates. 
You must pull start it with a rope. I will sell it on Marketplace. 

Lulu says I cannot use it until Fathers Day. I will post a video comparing it to my Stihl chain saw. I will cut the same log with both saws.

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