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Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Had My Third Finger Joint In Today

New joint in finger
I have arthritis in my fingers. They hurt from time to time. The doctor has been giving me cortisone shots that last a while. They have replaced my two index fingers.

Today I was scheduled for an operation at noon. I got a call that happily moved it up to 9 AM. We drove in - they prepared me - and I was home for 1 PM.

This time they replaced my right ring finger. I am on oxycodone - and feeling no pain. I am typing now using all my fingers.

What miracles science has provided for us!

Update 24 hours later -

My finger feels very good. I slept great last night - no pain - no drugs.The wounds dry - no discoloration. I keep a splint and pad on it. I have little hands like Donald. I look like Herman Munster.

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