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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Lulu Makes A Surprise Visit To Tamaqua

Frost on the rental car in Tamaqua PA
Sunday morning Lulu decided she wanted to fly north to see some friends and family before we go to Germany next Tuesday. Maybe she wanted a taste of winter to get adjusted to Berlin's 52 degrees north latitude. She is staying with her cousin Georgeann Knowles and will be back home Thursday.

Usually buying a plane ticket the day before a flight - you have to pay a premium price. Since we have quite a few frequent flyer miles on Delta - she was able to get a roundtrip ticket from Tallahassee to Allentown for 30000 miles. Luckily - the jet into Allentown was not too full - they upgraded Lulu to first class. You may re-call this is one of the reasons we traveled to Texas in December - to get Lulu gold medallion status.

I think she saw her shadow and we have 3 more months of winter coming.

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