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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Berlin - Today We Toured The German Technical Museum

Museum Logo
Lulu in a box car used to carry Jews to concentration camps

Today we saw snow for the first time on our trip. We have been here for a week now - and the temperature has been in the 40s most of the time. Today started out sunny - but by 2 PM the snow started to fly. I rushed to the mall to buy a ski cap for 1 euro. You can get anywhere you want on the train - tram - or bus - but usually you have to walks the last leg like we did to the Technical Museum. 

German are not to proud of the Nazis - they call the Nationalist Socialists. They have very little Nazi stuff in their museums - and usually the stuff there is not in good shape. Nothing is restored. 

The Technical Museum is in an old railroad yard with displays set up in the old round houses. Admission was 8 euros - but Lulu was allowed in free by showing her teacher's card. We were there from 12 to 5. 

This is a Stuka - a Nazi terror dive bomber

What arrogance about the war!

A one man concrete bunker

German early jet

Nazi planes in bad shape

V-1 guided missile made in Nordhausen

Some Nazi awards

American DC-3 used to break the Berlin blockade in 1948


1931 Flying Boat with 12 motors

Early German passenger plane with corrugated sides

Luftwaffe - German air force

Concrete swastika

In 1930s - Germans got around Versailles Treaty by
training youth in gliders

Stuka shot down in Russia

Museum in old round house

Brewery in museum
Nazi electric train
Inside old box car that transported Jews
Boat/car manufactured in Germany in 1960s
Cool little Gubrod Atlas van

1930s camper - plywood covered with vinyl

French Citroen 2CV - 1950s.
2 cylinder - air cooled - front drive

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