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Sunday, February 28, 2016

My Favorite Germany Food - So Far

They are called Mini-nachers

They go down way too easily

I love the pretzels - I like the beer - but the sausages really make me smile.

I found the above sausages at the Pennys Grocery Store - about 2 blocks from our apartment. A package of 10 weighs about a 1/2 pound and costs 1.29$. That is about 13 cents each.

They remind you of summer sausage. They taste like pepperoni but they are milder. They are like slim sims except they are thicker and longer. They are hooked together like old hot dogs. At any rate - I have eaten way too many of them. What is nice is they do not bother my belly :-)

To my sons - they remind me of that smokehouse pepperoni form New Hampshire - the strong odor - but they have a milder flavor. They might even be good for you.

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