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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sony RX100 - Camera Died Again

Sony RX100 Camera - failed for the 4th time

I absolutely loved the pictures that came out of my Sony RX100 Camera. 3 years ago Lulu got it for me for Christmas - and it easily surpasses anything I had for pictures. It also took HD quality video.

But it has not been dependable. For a camera that cost $600 - I expected better service. What is nice about the camera besides the high quality pictures - is that it easily fit into my pants pocket. I used to walk around with the camera in the left pocket and my cellphone in the right. Some would say that is my problem - putting it in my pocket. Since my cellphone has a pouch on the back - I can carry my cards and money with the phone in one swoop.

This is the 4th time the camera failed. It is usually the same thing - the lens comes out and will not go in - and the viewer screen is just static. The first time Sony fixed it for free. Then I bought an extended warranty  - but the second time they refused to fix it because they said I damaged it. After buying a new sensor - my son Drew fixed it for me taking it all part following directions from the Net.  Now - 1/3 thru our German trip it fails.

I have pretty well given up on it.

I would buy a big SLR that takes great pictures - but alas I would never carry it around - it would be a waste. I am going to try to use my iPhone for the rest of this trip. See if you can notice the poorer quality pictures. When I get home - I plan to buy a new iPhone 6S Plus that has a better camera - then I will only have one thing in my pocket.

The picture above is taken with my iPhone 5S.

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