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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Ich Bin Ein Berliner

Presidents Kennedy and Reagan made two wonderful and famous speeches at the Berlin Wall. The wall has been gone 25 years now. It seems unreal that this marvelous city was one time divided by such a monstrosity - just to keep communists in their country. Already the country of Germany has evolved to one magnificent country. The eastern side of the city is not as advanced as the west - but it is coming. Germans are a country of people who loved freedom - but do remember that past. They lost 9 million people in World War II - also.

Kennedy - Go to the 2:50 mark

Reagan - Go to the 1:50 mark.

Ironically - in President Kennedy's speech - he called the people - Berliners. Check the label on the doughnuts I bought for breakfast. They roared with pride and humor.

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