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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Germany Bound

We are at Tallahassee Airport - leaving for Miami in a few minutes. Then we have a 9 hour flight to Dusseldorf - and finally a short flight to Berlin.

Our apartment is a 7 mile cab ride from Berlin Tegel Airport. It is 3 Lettestrable (Letter Street) in Prenzlauer Berg - Berlin.

We will be there from Feb 9th to April 28th. Above is our address and phone number while in Berlin.

We will probable be going to London - Venice - Kuwait - along with a few other side trips.

We are having 4 sets of guest coming to stay with us.

Lulu we be doing library research as a guest of Germany - she was awarded a DAAD Fellowship.

You can keep updated with this web page - Our regular emails will work too. We will be putting German SIMM chips in our iPhones - which will give us different phone numbers.

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