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Friday, February 12, 2016

Berlin - Friday Looking For Phone SIM Chips and Flat Bed Sheets

This is our local train station. We can go anywhere
 in the country from here.
Ikea is right along the train track.
We tried to find flat bed sheets here.
People ride bikes here all year - I liked this
 2300 euro electric bike. The coat is a navy blue
London Fog that Lulu got me for xmas. 
Today we got up at a decent hour - 9 AM. Yesterday we bought a monthly train - bus - trolley - subway pass - and today we took it to the Ikea store. We got on and off the train and trolley without ever showing our pass. We have not seen anyone having to show their passes - but the fine is heavy if you are caught without a current pass. We did not want to play that Russian Roulette game.

Ikea is right along the train track. We had lunch in the Ikea cafeteria after searching in vain for flat bed sheets. Our beds have fitted bottom sheets - and the top sheets are duvet covers. They are just too heavy for me. I never thought I was some kind of bed sheet snob. So we went home unfulfilled.

We also stopped at a few phone stores to get phone chips for our iPhones. I have to tell you - the language barrier made it difficult to seal the deal. I walked until I could get a better explanation.

Along the train track - there was a mall with a Kaisers grocery store. They are owned by A & P. We stopped and took home a big bag of groceries on the train. Prices seem reasonable - and the selections were great.

Weather has been good - sunny today - no rain - 40s. There was no wind. Again - it gets dark early - like 5 PM.

It is 10 PM tonight - we plan to get to sleep earlier. Right now we are watching ABC News on the Apple TV app.

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