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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Berlin - First 4 Hour Day

Reichstag - Hitler's Capital

Lulu fell asleep around midnight and slept to 7 AM. I fell asleep at 4 AM and slept to 1 PM. I had 9 hours of sleep. When I awoke - Lulu had the apartment all tidied up - and she was ready to go. 

We bought one month train passes for $81 each. That is about $2.70 a day. We can go anywhere in Berlin on train - bus - subway - light rail. We used the pass to go to the Brandenburg Gate and also the Reichstag - Germany's Capitol. It was a mild drizzle off and on - enough to tell me I have to buy a hat. Even though it was drizzle and 40s - people rode bikes and scooters - no big deal. 

It was dark at 5 PM - we are home for a break - then out to a big beer garten.

The camper sits in front of our apartment

This Volvo wagen is at our place too.

3 Littestrasse

You can get on and off the train without a pass.
No one collects tickets. If caught without pass -
big fine. We rode to station and bought passes.

The posts are where the wall was.

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Lulu at Brandenburg Gate in drizzle

Bradenberg Gate built by Prussia

I need a hat

Us Embassy next to Gate

Rechstag - will tour it later

At little wind stands the flags out

Glass dome over Reichstag

This is for Josh - a 4WD Mercedes

Nancy and the German Steiff Bears

This tower in middle of Berlin
is for TV and Cellphones

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