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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Our Weekend in Washington - and A $600 Bump on the Way Home

We had a wonderful weekend in Washington with the kids and grandkids.  Lulu just can't stand holidays away from the kids. So we had a two for one coupon with Delta and used it to fly north. Due to the weather we ended up flying on Saturday instead of Friday - but the Saturday flight was on time. It took from 6 AM to 10 AM to get here because we had to stop in Atlanta. Our two for one flights cost a total of $400. 

We stayed at the Hilton across the street from my son's house. Lulu is a VIP member and she got us a very nice room at a discount. The room was a little over $200 for the weekend.

We had three days of touring - playgrounds - parks - kids - Easter Egg Hunts - and cooking. 

I met a former student and her husband by the White House - Regina Butrie Kromer and her husband Leroy. We all gabbed for an hour or so. Just the perfect touch for the weekend.

On the way home - our flight left a very busy Washington Reagan Airport at 5 PM. The sky was clear and I got some nice pictures as we cruised over the monuments. We had a short layover in Atlanta - and went quickly to the gate for Tallahassee. It was very busy - and I asked the gate agent if he needed volunteers. He said maybe one or two. We volunteered. I bid $400 - and the agent said okay. They only needed one seat - so Lulu was happy to go home. She wanted to get home and to bed because she had a class to teach Tuesday morning. So it was a school night for her but I stayed. 

After the plane left - the agent said because I was such a patient volunteer - he would give me $600! I would fly 2 hours later. I got to Tallahassee two hours after Lulu. I got a cab and told him my story. He was happy about my joy - and I just had to pass if forward a bit. The cab was $20 - and I gave him a $20 tip! Too bad Lulu was not there to verify it. 

The $600 will easily cover our plane tickets and the Hilton Hotel. Monday morning my grandson came over to the hotel to have breakfast with us. That was a hoot. A perfect Monday morning.  

Wednesday morning - we fly to Montana. Lulu has a presentation there - we will extend it to a 10 day vagabond tour. We have a car booked - but no hotels after the conference. Three flights to Montana - three flights on the way back. Six chances to get a bump!

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