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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Notre Dame Cathedral And Lulu's Course in London

The west entrance of Notre Dame at sunset

Lulu and her class usually ended the day at the cathedral
For the last 10 years - Lulu has taught a course for Florida State University at their London campus. Usually we spend the month of July in London. One of the highlights of those sessions is a trip to Paris. Lulu would buy round trip ticket on the Eurostar - a train that goes from London to Paris thorugh the English Channel Tunnel. You get on the train in the center of London and get out on the streets of Paris a couple hours later. 

On some of these trips - we would stay a couple nights - but most of them were over and back on the same day. It was a lot of walking but the students got to go up the Eiffel Tower - walk thru the Louvre Museum - go down into the Catacombs - river cruise the Seine - and tour the Notre Dame Cathedral. After all that walking - many students slept the entire trip home on the train thru the tunnel - exhausted. 

It was so shocking to see the Notre Dame Cathedral burn. It built in the 1100's  - and it is surprising that such a giant stone clad wooden structure survived this long. There are older cathedrals - but this one along with the Eiffel Tower - symbolizes the City of Paris and the Country of France.

The east side of the Notre Dame Cathedral  

The cathedral is on the island at the right. The Eiffel Tower is on the green on the far left.  

The bridge connects the island to the Left Bank.

Construction on the main doors.
The view before getting on the train home

This portion of the cathedral was saved.

The view from the tour boat.

The west side
Lulu led several groups on tours of Paris

And I carried her bags.

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