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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

I Recorded A Motorcycle Wreck

My rear view camera
Our Roadtrek camper
On Christmas - Lulu bought me a rear view camera. I wanted it mainly for seeing all three lanes of traffic behind our camper. It is also great for backing up.

Today I was running errands in the camper. It was a beautiful sunny day of about 80 degrees in Tallahassee. Just a wonderful quiet day.

Then bam! Right in front of me a motorcycle went down. It appears the driver was tailgating a vehicle and hit his front brake too hard and lost control. It was not pretty - more like pretty scary. As they say - it happened so fast.

All the traffic behind him stopped and people were getting out to help. In a few minutes I saw the ambulance coming.

As I was heading home I remembered my rear view camera records everything.

Front View - check out the 2:30 mark

Rear view - check out the 2:30 mark.

So my new rear view camera has other uses I never imagined.

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