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Saturday, April 27, 2019

Leaving Our Hotel In Bozeman

For the last 4 days we have been staying at The Element Hotel by Westin in Downtown Bozeman. While Lulu taught at Montana State University a few blocks away - I toured around town. The hotel has been outstanding. For $95 a night and $5 parking - they offer cute little suites - with kitchens. In the lobby they have a free extensive breakfast every day. Some days - I extended it to include lunch :-)  From 5 PM to 8 PM - they have happy hour - with free beer and wine - plus entres. It is right downtown a block off Main Street. I am trying to not be racist when I say it was certainly different being served by white young people. In many of the hotels we stay - they exist on immigrant workers. 

For the next 8 days we are on our own. We have a black Chevy Malibu - and will be touring all over the area - Montanta - Wyoming - Idaho. Canada is like 7 hours away. Distances are big up here and the speed limit is 80 MPH on the "autobahn."

It is sunny - 41 degrees - and clear blue skies. There was a little ice on our car this morning. 

We visited a museum yesterday during the rain. On campus - there is a fantastic Computer Museum - one of the nicest free museums I have seen.

This is Univac - the computer we used to power the mission to the moon. It had 32k memory and weighed 1100 pounds. The little musical chip in a birthday card has more memory now.

In 1984 - the first Mac Computer - we had one.

That plywood box is the Apple I computer. It sold as a computer board you assembled.

The Apple II - with disk drives - we had that too.

The famous Nazi ENIGMA coder and decoder. Little did they know Alan Turing broke the code and we could read all their messages.

This was a Merchant Marine Recruitment poster from Philadelphia. My grandfather - Roy Everhart - probably saw this and went to his death in 1942 on a Merchant Marine ship.

Here a Nazi soldier is using ENIGMA to decode a message.

Alan Turing was the father of modern computers. He devised the machine to break the ENIGMA code. Later - England prosecuted him for being gay. He committed suicide when they castrated him. Yep - we really did that stuff.

Montana Hall. This was the first building on the 1890 Montana State Campus. It is still the president's office.

About a block away from our hotel is Ted Turner's Montana Grill. We have one in Tallahasee and love ot eat there. Wholesome American. Buffalo - Trout - mashed potatoes - etc.

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