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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Wednesday Lilting Around London

Lulu taught her first class Wednesday morning from 9 to 12.  After that we went roaming.  I love the scooters in London. With $7 a gallon gasoline - people conserve. The big red L means you have a learners permit. It lasts a year.

I love to sit in the top of a double decker bus and take pictures out front. this is Shaftsbury Street - the theatre district. 

The yellow buildings on the left are the FSU Study Centre. The British Museum is up the street by the trees.

99 Great Russell  Street is the FSU address. Taken from the top of the bus.

We went to St Paul's Cathedral for Evening Song.

We saw Wimbledom on the big screen at St Pauls. Great place to sit and have a beer. 

 Lulu's favorite is the Bagel Bakery. I just love these Salt Beef Sandwiches.

You are going to get sick of pictures of these new electric cabs. This was in front of Buckingham Palace - right before some guy tried to break in and meet the queen.

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