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Monday, July 08, 2019

So many kinds of tea in England. Waitrose store brand for 80 bags for 1 pound - about a penny a tea bag. I bought Yorkshire Tea for about 3 pennies a bag.

Last night we watched the USA Women's Soccer Team win the World Cup. We were really tried so we went to bed at 6 PM and slept right through to 8 AM. That is 14 hours without even getting up for the bathroom. A few of those hours we listened to Sirius Radio on our iPhone. But to me - it counts for 14 hours of sleep.

After having breakfast - we walked 4 blocks to Waitrose - our favorite local grocery store. We must walk right thru Russell Square and also by the Russell Square Station. It seems like yesterday we met Marylou and Jean Freed there with their bags. This is the station the terrorist bombed back around 9/11.

We bought 52 pounds of groceries ($62). We loaded it into a rolling suitcase for the walk home. It is 71 degrees outside - partly sunny - breezy. It was an easy walk home pulling the bag - no carrying.

I bought 80 teas bags for 3 pounds - I could have paid 1 pound for the Waitress brand - but my friend Simon is from Yorkshire and he would be proud of me.

Lulu was up early and she ironed all her clothes. We had breakfast of cereal and milk- coffee - and tea.

At Waitrose we bought - Penn State  pretzels - sugar - yellow custard - cereal - bananas - sausages - oranges - strawberries - scones - baked beans - eggs - custard tarts - cheese - coffee - pizza - windex - towels - milk - steak pie - yogurt - orange jelly - strawberry jelly - bean soup - choc milk - cream - and chips. We wheeled it all home in a suit case.

We paid with our American Express card.

Lulu is packing the suit case for the 4 block walk home.

It is now noon in London. We are all cleaned up - our sleep batteries are charged - we have groceries in the house. We are ready to go.

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