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Monday, July 29, 2019

A Summer Sunday - Tour de France - Touring With Our Son

We spent Sunday touring Paris with our son and then caught our 6 PM train back to London. It was still light when we arrived back at our apartment in London.

Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte I is the number one French hero. In the early 1800's - he won many battles and they were the super power of their time. He is buried here in St Jeromes Catherdral - connected to the National Army Museum.

Near the end of the day we posed on the bridge over the Seine River near Keith's home.

Napoleon is in the stone box. He was exiled to Saint Helen - and island in the South Atlantic for 7 years. He died and they buried him there. Finally in 1840 - they brought him home - carried him through the Arch of Triumph - and to this spot. He has been here for 180 years.

 We were touring the American Church in Paris. To our surprised an orchestra from Reading PA was giving a concert. We listened and felt like home. There is a wonderful Franch-American Montesori School in this community center. It is just a couple blocks from my son's home. Grerat place for American kids.

 Nice community center

Ice cream shaped like flowers. You pick the flavors - they make the flowers - you eat them

 Notre Dame Cathedral under construction. Many super rich have donated millions to restore it.

 Nancy used to take  her classes to tour this church on a day trip from London.

 National Army Museum - Napoleon tomb behind it.

 We stumbled on the Reading PA Music Concert Tour.

This school is close to son's home

 Notre Dame is on an island in the middle of the Seine River. Water flows from right to left.

I took these pictures form the Left Bank

Lulu's students used to board a boat from this bridge in the old days.

So many colorful markets - cafes - etc - on the Left Bank.

We toured the Cluny Museum - we did not see George anywhere. 

Religous paintings in the Cluny Musuem. 

This traveling altar was made of ivory. 

This tapestry was 10 feet high.

Buying Tour de France clothes.

Louis Vuitton on the Champs a Elysee.

It was Tour de France Day.

70s and sunny on Sunday for the race.

The Arch of Triumph was built by Napoleon in 1806. It is on the Naitonal Etoile or Star. 12 streets come together like numbers on a clock. Normally you can go up on the top. Today there is a flame for an unknown soldier from WWI in the middle. When Hitler captured Paris in 1940 - his troops marched to the Arch - but did not march thru out in respect to the grave - now who said Hitler was a bad guy. Sarcasm.

These were really nice rental electric bikes. 

This electric scooter was also a rental. They are similar to a Vespa but electric. 

This is the torch from the Statue of Liberty.  It has turned into a monument to Princess Diana. In the tunnel underneath - she was killed in a car wreck. Many people here think it was intentional. See the tower in the background. See Lulu in all black.

How about some Napoleon Cognac. Ironically this national hero was thrown out of his country for 7 years until he died. Then 20 years later they brought his body back.

Sunday  6 PM - time to catch the train to England. This is the Gard du Nord. Eurostar train goes back and forth to London several times a day - almost every hour. If you buy your tickets early they are 49 euros one way. We bought late and paid 99 euros each way. It takes a little over 2 hours - you do not go straight - you go almost to Brussels - then turn left to London. We each had one carry on bag. We stayed 3 nights.

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