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Sunday, May 31, 2020

My Vespa Scooter Odometer Turned 1000 Miles Today

1000 miles - 2017 Vespa
Our fleet
Honda - Vespa - Nissan Electric - Roadtrek Camper
I just got back from McDonald's getting some takeout sandwiches for lunch. Life is really bland when you must write about getting sandwiches on your scooter. Anyway - to my surprise - my 2017 Vespa Scooter just turned over to 1000 miles. 

In 2018 - I saw this really nice scooter on Facebook for sale. It was one year old with only 500 miles on it. A new one would cost $6500 - but this one was only $3500. It was up in the boonies in Georgia. I drove up with the trailer to take a look. It was really nice - so I bought it and brought it home. I had to go to the seller's bank to get the title which was encumbered.

The Vespa Scooter is the only one with an all-steel monocoque body. The nicest features of this one are fuel-injection and ABS brakes. It is very smooth and can go 70 MPH - but I seldom go over 30 on it. It get 100 MPG. Since we have been overseas so much in the last two years - we do not put lots of miles on it. Lulu likes to take it to campus for parking - but right now campus is closed. 

I hope you are enjoying the plague and now the protests.

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