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Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Oak Tree Nearly Hits The Knott House

Knott House - Tallahassee

We had 4 days of really heavy rain thanks to a Tropical Storm that hit New Orleans. Usually storms do a lot of damage to Tallahassee trees because the soft ground gets soaked and wind pushes the trees over.  Although we had lots of rain - it was mostly straight down rain because of little wind. We can use the rain because we are well behind this year in rainfall amount.

Yesterday a giant oak fell and nearly hit the famous Knott House. What is surprising is the root ball was not ripped out of the ground. The tree was probably rotted and just broke off at ground level from the weight of the water. The ground is virtually undisturbed.

The Knott House is famous because after the Civil War it was the headquarters of the Union Army. On May 20th 1865 - the Emancipation Proclamation was read on the front porch steps. 80% of the people in  Leon Country were black slaves. With this law - they were declared free.

I parked my electric Leaf  near the trunk to show size.

Oak tree broke off at ground level

Historic marker at the Knott House

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