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Monday, September 30, 2019

Happy 70th Birthday China

Photo by Lulu

October 1st is the day they celebrate the new government of Chairman Mao. Of course civilization has been here 4500 years - but it is just 70 years as the People's Republic. In school - we used to call it Red China and Beijing is draped with red and gold all week. It is 9am as I type this on my iPhone - the parade occurs at 10 am. It will be a one hour show of force. The parade is in Tiananmen Square about 2 miles from us. See the map. Only high Communist Party members are allowed inside the square. The security is over the top. We will watch everything on TV with the rest of the Chinese on CCTV1. We do have cable TV in our apartment but the sound is not turned on - the picture is very clear. We intend to switch over from DSL to cable modem this week.

The blue dot is our apartment. Tiananmen Square is the green area 2 miles away. We may see some aircraft. 

We have been told they can manipulate the weather but from our window it may be the haziest day we have had. You see the sun but the white haze blocks your view. 

We were out and about last night. The decorations are outstanding. Everything from bright red lanterns on the street lights to beautiful flowers displays all over. 

The government really clamps down on internet this week. I am typing this on my iPhone using t-mobile - our computers are stymied. If it makes it out it would be a great commercial for t-mobile.

It is day 42 for us. It is the most different place we have visited. The people are fantastic. They have respect and love of Americans. We are excited to show China to our coming guests. Now I press send and hope this goes out.  

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