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Sunday, September 08, 2019

Day 19 - a Hot Weekend in Beijing - 99 Degrees

Busy intersection - side saddle - two phones - in love - mask.

I am writing on Sunday at 6 PM. We had a hot weekend in the capital city. Our day started at 5 AM - Lulu had the alarm set to get up and listen to the FSU football game versus Louisiana - Monroe. It was a terrible game by the old Seminole standards - again they jumped out to a big early lead - only to blow it - and win in overtime 45-44 - when the other team's kicker missed an extra point. As they say it is like kissing your sister - the Noles played terrible but as least barely won. 

After that - we spent a couple hours removing some foam baby bumpers. Someone stuck them all over the furniture in our apartment -  and they were terrible to get off - even with that gummy remover stuff. Lulu also removed a bunch of stickers off the glass door on the kitchen. 

After that we went out and toured a little on the 15 cent buses. We went to a few shopping places - an international movie theater - then to Lulu's campus office - and finally to Lulu's classroom. Her first class is Tuesday at 1 PM. I really like the buses. They have a driver and a host. They are very safe - and again - only 15 cents. I think when you go from one bus to another - they do not charge you again. We have cards with money on. I look at the meter and it only deducts - 1 Yuan - 15 cents. You must beep your card when you get on and off. 

We are not spending much money. Mainly just for rides - food - drinks. I do a load of clothes a day - and hang them on the rack. They dry in a couple hours - and I hang them in the closet. I have three main jobs - the laundry - the dishes - the garbage. Every night I take bag of garbage down to the ground floor. 

One thing I really like here - you will laugh - but there is a McDonald's by Lulu's office. They sell a chicken cutlet for $1.50 that I love. Yeah - I like local stuff too - but this is a favorite. They also have a pineapple pie I love. There is also a Sizzlin Steak house at the mall a mile away - pretty cool - along with about 70 places to eat in that mall. 

So we are all set for Tuesday at 1 PM - Lulu's first day of school. She is all set. 

Lulu's lovely office is behind that greenery.

 Charging scooters on 220 volts.

For $2 you can buy these neat extension cords. They are both 220 volts and 110 volts - and an on/off switch.

 This vegetable vending machine sits by our apartment main door.

 Note the kid seat on this electric scooter.

 Lots of neat LED screens in the malls.

 Checking out at Walmart - she was new - her supervisor was leaning over.

Lots of places have these energy saving doors

 This was a ballet school in the mall by our apartment.

 I love the LED screens.

They gave Lulu a beautiful office at BNU. Leather sofa. Divider. Conference table. New wood floors. All new paint.

 My favorite - Chicken Cutlet - McDonalds - $1.50 - just a nice piece of meat. It is big too.

 It looks like a library - it was the lobby of the International Movie Theater by our apartment.

Olympic Trial Basketball - Saturday at Olympic Park. 

 Lulu's campus office

 Lulu's classroom building. There were classes going on in her classroom on Sunday.

The Library Science Faculty at BNU.

 These electric trikes reminded me of the Amish Buggies in PA

They even sweep the floor on campus with electric scooters.

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