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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Day 7 - Lunch With Ambassador Terry Branstad

Ambassador Terry Branstad welcomes Lulu to China

Tuesday - is our 7th day on the road. Thursday orientation ends and we move into our apartment.

Today - we had sessions at the embassy from 8 to 4. But the best part was lunch with our Chinese USA Ambassador Terry Branstad. Of course - the ambassadorship is a political appointment - but they picked a nice guy to serve here. His claim to fame is he was the governor for 22 years of Iowa. He is the longest serving governor in the USA ever. He was also president of the Iowa State Medical School for several years.

We walked about 1/4 mile from the embassy to a French Restaurant close by. We were at a table of about 10 people and sat directly across from the ambassador.

We met the Shadow Puppets from Hungary.  They won America Got Talent - and were on world tour.

Lunch with the Ambassador

The USA Embassy - our orientation here

Beautiful sunny day in Beijing - Tuesday 6 PM
We met the Shadow Puppets at breakfast.  

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