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Monday, August 26, 2019

China Day 6 - American Embassy Orientation

Nancy with 2 students at the USA Embassy

Monday from 8 to 5 - we were at the American Embassy. We meet with other Fulbright Scholars and had lessons on what was expected. We talked about politics - customs - government - colleges. The above two students told the class what China students liked about visiting professors. 

It was made clear that Fulbright Scholars did not have any kind of immunity. The laws of the land are paramount. 

There were about 10 Fulbright Scholars. Most of them are here for a year or more - they were traveling without family in many cases. Harvard and Yale were represented but so was FSU :-)  We were very impressed with the support of FSU for the Fulbright Scholar compared to the Big Boys. 

I am typing this in a rush after breakfast before we go back to the Embassy to meet the Ambassador. 

After 5 PM - we went right back to the hotel and bed. We skipped supper. We slept much better last night - and are ready for another 8 to 5 session at your American Embassy.

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