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Sunday, August 25, 2019

China Day 5 - Intro Dinner

Peking Ducks

This year's China Scholars

Day 5 was Sunday. Our main goal is to defeat this jet lag. I have been awake since midnight and now it is 8 PM. No naps - no drowsing.

First we went swimming in the hotel pool and hot tub. They are indoors. Then we decided to take a local bus to a local park/shopping mall. It was only about 2 miles and the bus was 15 cents. You are able to use your subway metro card or WeChat if you have money in your account. We will fill our WeChat account soon.

Then we came back and dressed for dinner. They walked us all to a place that specialized in Peking duck. They also put 20 other bowls of food on the table. I tried about 10 of them. It was fun meeting all the other scholars - they will spread out all over the country. Lulu gets to stay in Beijing.

The food was good - I thought I really killed it with the chopsticks. It also kept us awake. Being outside today in the sun really helped for jet lag. The Internet says it takes you a day to adjust to jet lag - for every times zones you cross. They make 12 days for us. Since we have orientation tomorrow at 8 AM - I think we will adjust nicely.

This morning we watched Miami and Florida play football. We saw it on our slingbox from home. We will be watching a lot of football that way this season.

Lulu loved the dinner - the people that are scholars and the people that run the program are very nice. This is going to be an eye opening experience for us here.

Censorship - we were watching the news on the China channels today - and when any news about Hong Kong or the trade war came on - China simply blacks it out. After the story is over - they come back on. The people are used to that.

So for the first time - we go to bed at a normal hour -we should be sleeping by 9 PM.

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