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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Selling The Seminole Experience

Harry - Lulu - Jan - Dick - at Doak Campbell Stadium

Jan and Dick live near Phoenix. So maroon and gold mean Arizona State to them. But yesterday we enjoyed lunch in Doak Campbell Stadium. It is not the same without Jameis anymore - but we hope we have created two more members of the Seminole Nation. Lulu bought a James jersey for me for $6 - glory is fleeting. 

Today Marylou and Carl Zimmerman - two more Coal Crackers are arriving for the reunion. 

Long ago - Lulu - Jan - and Marylou met at the La Leche League (the breast feeders union). Then they formed a play group for all of our kids to socialize. Honestly - I think it was an excuse to have a glass of wine together - in those days you needed an excuse. 

We are having a fantastic time together. 

As I type - J Richard Dickie Davis is preparing the main meal for this evening. 

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