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Monday, January 26, 2015

We Watched The FSU Women Clobber Wake Forest 110-80 With Marge and Tom Jones

Our neighbors Tom and Marge Jones

Marge and Tom Jones live down the street from us on Santa Rosa Drive. Tom graduated from the FSU Law School that is across the street from the Civic Center. Yesterday we took them to a FSU girls basketball game. The Seminoles made every effort to please them - scoring 110 points - raising their record to 19-2 this year. 

The girls scored 12 three point goals - getting us each a coupon for a free Circle K grilled item.

Of course we sat with George and Joel Dawson - two regular season ticket holders. 

One of the greatest bargains in town is a senior citizen season pass for the girls. It comes out to like $2 a game to see Division One champs like - North Carolina - Duke - etc - play a little over a mile from our front door. The Tucker Center recently received new garnet colored leather seats and new scoreboards. Although I hate all the flashing ribbon boards - I guess it is better than having permanent advertising displays of sponsors that no longer sponsor our teams. Now if you do not pay for your ads - they come off the ribbon boards. 

The girls seldom sell more than 3000 tickets - and since there is general festival seating - you can sit wherever you want - except for the row of seats on the court. 

One nice feature - the players greet the VIP fans on the court - after the game. See the video. 

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