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Sunday, August 27, 2023

The Fountainhead Hotel in Miami Beach - Honeymoon Site

In the summer of 1971 - Lulu and I eloped from our homes in Pennsylvania to Miami Beach FL. At the time South Beach was not the tourist hot spot it is today. The hotels were seedy places mostly occupied by senior citizens. We even answered a newspaper ad for a room for $69 a month - right on the beach - but we were turned away for being too young. 

We drove up the beach and finally came across the Fountainhead - with a sign in the lobby window - saying $8 a night. By our standards it was a really nice motel right on the beach. We did go back there a few times - each time it was progressively worn down. Eventually it was torn down. 

I typed the address into Google Maps. To my surprise - this is what turned up. 


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