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Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Pool Construction Project - coming Along Slow and Steady

Pool site is a mess and OCD untidy. 

The pool project is progressing slowly and surely. We are behind schedule due to weather - labor - scheduling. But the work is top notch - and it is going to be lovely when done. Right now the site is so messy - I do not like taking pictures. You all know I am OCD and hate disorder. 

Today they poured the foundation for the retaining wall along the west and north side of the pool deck. It will be a bench seat wall along that perimeter. The wall will serve as a smooth seat - prevent runoff going onto the pool deck - and keep the pool area clean. they also poured the steps walking down into the pool. they also installed the perimeter tiles around the rim of the pool. The pool walls will be capped by a course of Travertine Limestone making a smooth seat on the pool edge. The lines in the pool will also be made of matching tile. 

Tomorrow they will build that retaining wall. The next day they will shape the ground around the pool. Next week they will pour the pool deck. Then it will start looking decent.

The pipes and the wires are underground going to the hardware in the garage. The pool will have its own separate heat pump to heat the water. 

I am guessing we have 3 more weeks of work left. 

Will weaving the rebar

Northwest corner


Henry the hammer

Steel rebar for wall

The filter is in the garage far away

Clay soil is really messy

Steps in southeast corner

This is the west retaining wall

The retaining wall footer has steel in it

The tent keeps them cool here in Florida

Henry and Bill lay the tiles

Lulu chose these Tamaqua Blue tiles

The steps are poured concrete


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