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Saturday, August 05, 2023

POOL PROJECT - Scuff Coat the Walls - Round the Corners


Rounding the bottom corners

This is where the steps will be

Lots of mixing mud

The pool is moving along slowly but surely. We dodge weather problems and labor problems. It is hard to line up things depending on others. 

Thursday - they scruff coated the walls. This will give the marcite finish something to grab onto. 

Friday - they rounded off the corners between the walls and bottom. This will make it nice and smooth for the wireless vacuum to climb around. It also eliminates corners for dirt to gather. 

Next - they will do a stucco coat on the floor - again giving the marcite some teeth to stick on. 

Sunday - we are doing trenching and laying pipes from the pool to the garage. We are also trenching and putting a new 100 amp power line from the meter to the garage. This will provide plenty of power for the pool heat pump - pool water pump - the salter - and our electric car. 

Next - we must dig and contour the land for the pool deck and drainage. The pool deck will slant away from the pool on all 4 sides. Rain water will run away from the pool - not into the swim water. 

Finally - they will trowel on the marcite plaster. Along the perimeter will be blue tile - on top of the walls will be a travertine coping with round nose. 

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