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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rolling Stones - 50th Anniversary Photo Collection Book Released

We went to the Rolling Stones photo exhibit today.

Lulu did her best rocker imitation.

Here are Charlie Watts - Keith Richards - Ronnie Wood - Mick Jagger on July 12th at the exhibit. They are selling a photo book for $45. Brian Jones is dead. Mick Taylor left the group and Bill Wyman does not tour anymore. Ronnie Woods "the new stone" has been with them 42 years.

Today - Lulu and I visited the Rolling Stones photo exhibit at Somerset House on the campus of Kings College - down the street. It is promoting a 2 inch thick book they released honoring 50 years of the Rolling Stones. The book sells for 30 pounds ($45). I do not want it - I can download any pictures I want for free.

It was July 12th 1962 when the Rolling Stones first played London on Oxford Street in our neighborhood. Back then most kids loved them and all parents hated them. That gave kids like me even more reason to like them. We would buy fan magazines that would show their pictures and we would buy clothes - cut our hair - wear jewelry just like the Stones. Some kids attempted to even speak like them - and do the drugs they did :-) Others just set their watch to London time.

I remember one time Mick Jagger got a real emerald embedded into his front tooth. Even then I thought it looked like a piece of spinach.

When we were kids - the Stones were such rebels. Later on we found out Jagger met Richards on the train on the way to the London School of Economics. Most of the hype was publicity - but the music was real - still is.

The Stones visited the exhibit on July 12th - Lulu's birthday.

We are all 50 years older. At the time Jagger said he could not imagine singing "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" when he was 40 years old. Well guess what - he is 70 now. He was on Saturday Night Live the other night - and he can still rock it with the best of them - he is as skinny as ever.

When we walked into the front door of the free exhibit - the attendant said we could not take pictures. For about 50 minutes - I was a good boy and complied. But when we walked out the front door - I asked Lulu to wait a minute. I went back in there and snapped a few pictures just to be "like a Rolling Stone." Mick would have liked it that way. I got a little satisfaction.
I sneaked a few photos - here is Mick and Keith outside magistrate court. They were arrest for having drugs - it was later thrown out on appeal.

Here is a photo of Mick's Aston Martin and his wreck. In court he was fined 16 pounds ($24) for the wreck.

The two inch thick book documents 50 years of Rolling Stone concerts. It is like an all-hit album for pictures - another collection - nothing new.

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